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isn't it 4 days? Or is it down from last year?

Yeap 4 days, my bad from 6 July to 9th July


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I can't tell how much it is - what is the price for ticket and camping?

Tickets arent on sale yet from what I can tell on their web page. Looking at last years prices camping was 1000 Din per person, thats about


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The Exit festival is awesome from what I hear. The cheapest way of getting there is to fly with Easyjet to Budapest and catching the train or a bus from Budapest to Novi Sad which will take you about 4 hours. I think return tickets to Budapest are EUR50 and the train about another EUR20. the only hasstle is the border crossing, its just a bit wait if your going by train as the guards check through the carriages.

Everything is cheap out there. Smokes are less than a quid for a pack of Malboro lights, beers dirt cheap too. But the best thing is that people out there know how to PARTY hard. Im not sure how many DJ's have played there who have said that their best gigs were at Exit.


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Im just remortgaging with the Halifax at fixed 4.29% for two years and can overpay 10% value of the house per year. They may have pulled the offer now though

Will rates go up down or whatever? To be honest who knows in the medium to long term. You can look at yield curves and the interest rate market reckons a downward slopping curve, effectively expecting the economy to slow down and rates to fall (as Jay said a lot of people think next couple of months another -25bp but then thats priced into the deals your being offered).

Advice is to go for the cheapest you can find sign the papers and repay it off as quickly as you can for your own happyness.

Evening all,

Following on from our first party in December with Shem Slacker McCauley, the 2nd Shift crew are proud to present Barry Gilbey owner of Choo Choo records and one half of Mara Soundsytem.

Joining Barry will be friend DJ Rose from club Lifka Serbia who will be making his second visit to London and our indestructible resident and all round top boy Dan Strachan whom some of you may know from his Bedrock office days.

2nd Shift parties are held at the intimate venue of the Epicurean Lounge 10 Clerkenwell Green, EC1 0DP a map can be found on our web page www.2ndShift.net which has details of future guests, pictures from past parties and contact info in case you are a budding DJ and would like to have a do at warming up for a guest.

Party starts at 9pm finishes at 3am and door tax is