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damn, that was close!

excellent release from at!
i'm diggin that shlomi's twisted dub. tune!

Venture37 wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

01. Humate - 3.1 (Bedrock Remix) [Platipus]

My favourite Bedrock rmx of all time!
Awesome tune.

same here. i love this tune!

sasha's mix is a dope. wow! i'm very impressed..

trentemoller, lindstrom, booka shade - all of them totally on point

i'm not getting this...

i got this about a year ago.. good, chilled tunes..

very nice. downloading now..


he played crobar nyc with josh wink a while ago...


http://www.filter27.com/archives/2006/0 … cation.php


dede that's even better than part 1  :shock:  lol  lol  lol  lol


i love it! definitely one of the best compilations of 2006 so far  :shock:

http://www.filter27.com/archives/2006/0 … van_m.html


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yeah that was subclub (former u-club) - http://www.subclub.sk

there's some cool clubs in bratislava: unique, subclub, elam, trafo etc. scene is growing very fast but it's definitely not there yet. expect either good techno, d'n'b or shitty trance.

well.. he played on the terrace so i'm sure the music fitted in perfectly..

not working what?  roll

d/l: http://www.xpander.sk/?p=50

yeah that's a debut ra podcast. i don't like minimal but this one really stands out. definitely worth checking..

yeah and don't forget to post a link!  wink

it's an unofficial podcast.

yup tracklist looks pretty interesting..

wow looks very very nice...

at crobar however, the ban seems not have been considered, everyone smokes inside.

that's correct. crobar & smoking ban don't get along lol