Fair play to the clarets.  Got to love the premiership, it's all going off already!


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Moreno and Firmino look like right gobshites.

They had a venue change?

Have to say, Bedrock @ MoS was class.

I will be missing it though, sprog numero deux will have arrived by that point.

Sneaking in the social fest though!


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I quite enjoyed our goals, especially the Coutinho free kick and the Mane special.

Mane looks like quite a good buy, never really taken much notice, other than when Southampton came back to beat us 3-2.


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smashdad wrote:

Brendan Foster.

Fuck off mate.  You talk shit.  Almost all the time.

Totally agree.

I love his so called accolade, 'won bronze medal at the junior commonwealth games ' or something as woeful ad that!


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Yes we are thinking of using the attire for the day activities as we do plan on at least having a chance of getting into places for the evening sesh.

Should be interesting though, how things like fancy dress get classed as offensive is crazy. It's a stag do, yes we are going to stitch him up for a laugh.

Leicester off to a howler, who would have thought it!


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Where does everyone's thoughts lie on 'offensive ' fancy dress?

I'm sorting my brothers stag do out and have kitted him out with the finest Jimmy Savile attire, however I have had it mentioned it doesn't go down well in public. All the better if you ask me!


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He is class act Wiggo.

Definitely will miss watching him race.

From the tone of the poster it seemed to me Bedrock is just in Brighton this year.


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Grant wrote:

No-one attacked because they couldn't. Sky controlled the race and the kept the pace high enough in likely periods of attack so that no-one even attempted it. Great, aggressive, tactics and show the strength in depth of Team Sky.

Money talks.

You are right though, the sheer pace of their team neutralised the rest of the pack.


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So just me who thought the tour was a bit boring this year in terms of GC?

Hardly any decent attacks mounted from the GC contenders, no real spice at all bar the odd crash.

Sky dominated and no-one really mustered any sort of challenge.

How long will it take for the other teams to catch up?

Even though I don't like Sky, I have to hand it to them, fair play.


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La Nausee wrote:

I haven't watched athletics in years as they're all drug-addled loons pumping themselves full of monkey's blood. And there is something sinister about the whole thing - in a sexually deviant kind of way.
I think it's the shorts that the female athletes wear. I would imagine most athletics trainers - similar to swimming trainers and Catholic priests - are massive paedos. Oh the gym crowd, all that bollocks - I'd say they're the worst. Sporting a massive bugle whilst "Helping" those 3 stone young girls onto the parallel bars and watching them gyrate on the carpet with a beach ball or rubbing a ribbon suggestively across their bodies.
Filthy fucking animals,the lot of them.

Sounds like you know too much mate!


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Nothing much going on today, everyone seemed happy with their position.

3 shooters, one shopping mall. I dread to think.


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Another snoozefest today, maybe we will see someone beat Froome tomorrow but I doubt it.


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What I didn't realise with the ban is that it currently only involves the track and field team, not other Olympic disciplines.

To be fair though, they should ban all countries as everyone is at it.


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303 abuser wrote:
Odo wrote:
303 abuser wrote:

are sky/froome just that strong or does everyone else just not have the legs to challenge?  the mountain stages have all been a bit anti-climactic so far.

Should kick off from tomorrow but unless Froome has a bad day, I don't see anyone taking him on.

well it looks like froome has it wrapped up with no one able to put a move in today.

Bored already with it. Really pisses me off no one can challenge sky. They need to sort themselves out.

Big Sam to be new England boss.

That's it for me in terms of supporting my national team, I gave it one last chance with the Euros but it's a waste of time.

Roll on the prem kick off when we can get back to watching football as it's supposed to be played.

kiz wrote:

Mos last Friday was damn good. They pulling me back there but only just. The venue is smart and they have the new Dolby Atmos system.

Though I would love to see Bedrock at Fabric..it's a small nudge but gives a bit of intimacy.

I'm pretty sure they didn't use the atmos for Bedrock and it was still quality.I thought.

La Nausee wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

The thought of Big Sam managing England depresses me beyond belief.

Get him in so!


I've no doubt they probably will, the FA are a bunch of fucking muppets!


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Carnage at the tour! Great vids of Froome getting a jog on, fair play.

Looking forward to seeing what the TT throws up tomorrow.

Is the big German Tony Martin out of shape this year, or will he turn up tomorrow?

Hope it's at MoS again, what a top drawer venue that was.

But unlikely to make it, doing the social fest instead.