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Anyhow, great to see Everton giving City a pasting.


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Boring wrote:

Rooney's going to get subbed here if he's not careful. He's been woeful.

Fair result all round from what I saw.

Mingolet deffo getting better these days. Bringing Karius in has really made him pick up his game.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Caught Diggers there quite a few times over the years. And all were brilliant nights. Best night was the one where Sasha didn't turn up. Zabiela warmed up and finished and was absolutely amazing. And was even on hand to fix John's cabling situation which got out of hand with his sampler and was looking like the back of my telly.

So, great club on the night. Even if you were searched for chewy on the way in.

That was my first night out proper clubbing, I was blown away. Luckily I had an older brother who introduced me to proper DJ's!

Had a few more top nights there, mainly in the 2000s though, Sasha, Dave Clarke etc.

Nice one Diggers and nice one Sbando!

Saints definitely better than us and deserved more goals. Big improvement needed for the return leg.

Looking forward to the utd game now!

I'm going to give OpenBox a go when my sky is up.

I use kodi for footy etc, but the free streams are unpredictable at best.

Films and tv series are fine on Exodus though.


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Happy new year all.

2016 was pretty decent I just say.

Highlight being Easter Bedrock, probably my favourite night clubbing full stop. To have an already belting night taken to another level by the unexpected arrival of Sasha is a moment I'll never forget, especially the reaction of the crowd.

Also enjoyed the Social festival set which was just a rawkus mullering  from what I remember!

2017 has a lot to live up to,  but I doubt it will beat its predecessor.


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Maybe a card game then bed. Larging it up for sure.


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If the run/ride isn't on strava,  it didn't happen.

Thems the rules.


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smallman1 wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I don't use any apps.

Suck the joy out of everything.

I'm old school, grit, desire and minerals.

How the fuck are you tracking distance?  Just guessing?

Map the distance of my run before doing it.

Too ashamed to use Strava more like, when you find out how slow you are compared to the race whippets!

World War 3 kicking off

Dermatron wrote:

No one cares who wins it Hursty. As long as its not the dippers.

Haha, that is true for a lot of people. We are too weak at the back,  like pretty much every recent season.

Makes for enjoyable games to watch though I must say.

smallman1 wrote:

Delighted to see we'll be top of the pile heading into 2017, onwards!

Well deserved, your guys are on a serious roll!

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

I think the news is roughly 50% obituaries of so-called celebs these days.

Does anyone actually give a shit?

I do.   A lot of these people have had a profound impact on my life... and I am very sad to see them go.

Fair one. As you can probably guess I don't care mainly as I literally have zero connection to these 'stars'.

I think the news is roughly 50% obituaries of so-called celebs these days.

Does anyone actually give a shit?


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mr rossi wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

How the hell is Fat head allowed back in English football after being caught fucking red handed in corruption and bringing the game into disrepute? The FA are a fucking disgrace.

Agree,I can't believe his arrogance.Thinks he's so much better than he actually is.Fat Prick

I really do hope this fat corrupt piece of lard fails at Palace.

It just highlights the disarray at the FA.

monostereo wrote:
Presto wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Spends all day every day monitoring social media for loonies. Now this may become of no surprise but its a branch on Military intelligence and he can peer into your profile even if you are set to private! Shock horror. Well i was shock horrored anyway.

Hmmmmm. Not buying it. Unless Facebook have granted them some sort of super login (like a god mode thing) then I don't see how they would achieve that.
Given that most of Silicon Valley are telling governments to do one, when it comes to stuff like this, I don't think they would.

But there's some shady shit going on lately. May's Snooper's Charter is dodgy as fuck.

One of my colleagues (who is much smarter then me) gave a talk on this subject recently.  As far as we know* the latest and greatest TLS protocol + ciphers aren't broken yet.   That's not to say the NSA hasn't got access to the private keys of facebook etc, which isn't beyond the realms of possibility.

*at least in the public domain

Thr NSA has just dropped support for elliptical curve cryptography, which is supposed to be stronger than  RSA.

Read into that what you want,  but from my perspective, it means they can't crack it. The UK government still support it at the minute.

That said, you would need some serious computing power to crack a large RSA key.

Going get get this smashed out on the motorway driving home in a bit.

Only an hours drive normally but with the horrendous traffic, this 2 hour mix should cover it! Cheers diggers

Has anyone not seen or noticed the 'Snoopers Charter' was passed into law in November 2016 here?

We are all fucked.

You're right Dermo, it has been happening for years, it is now legal in the UK however, which is even more controversial.

simonr wrote:

Cleary been on those craft IPAs. Bless

He's adorable. A bit like a ranting grandparent, a lot of noise and nonsense, but everyone still loves him.


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They did threaten this exact attack. Awful they have managed to carry it out.

Brendan fucking Foster has won it.

Career highlight being Bronze medal @ the Olympics.

Complete joke of an award.

I was convinced it was going to be a woman this year seen as they hardly ever win it,  last time being 10 years ago, just because of the BBC.


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At home only,  not out in public. Grade A gobshites.


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Road running.... Ouch.


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That save from Henderson's strike was amazing!