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Only saying it's worth a watch really. It's obviously bias, but name something that isn't.

Anyone else seen this film?

Definitely worth a watch.

I always knew the governments were in bed with pharmaceutical and food companies, but not to this extent.

The biggest give away for me was when the MayBot came to power and watered down the bill to clamp down on the food industry to combat obesity levels.

Fact is, fat unhealthy people make lots of cash for the big players, who in turn give money to the government's.


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I've just read the email.

Quite simple really.

Go to the Social website ticket section.

Select 'Weekend Competition Winner Ticket'

At the bottom, enter promotional code 'WEEKENDEXCLUSIVE'

And your done! Weekend ticket without camping for £10 Booking Fee.


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Dermatron wrote:

Nowt wrong with marriage as long as you dont recognise any part of it at all you can carry on just as before.

I'm married but insisted I had no ring as I don't like any form of jewellery, watches included.

I know some blokes who's Mrs's would never let them not wear a wedding ring.

Wreaks of insecurity imo.


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Anyone else getting emails from them offering free tickets?

If not, I can forward mine to anyone.

I would hazard a guess I'm not the only 'winner' of free tickets though.


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There are quite a few golf wankers at work.

They even wear golf attire to work.

Horrendous group of individuals.

It never ceases to amaze me how people believe in a particular religion, when there literally thousands of different ones.

Parents weren't religious however I was christened for school purposes.

Christianity is fucking brilliant, a virgin who became pregnant?
!  They actually believe she was artificially inseminated by a 'higher being' ffs!


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Valencia's goal was top drawer yesterday.

Decent interview.

He has certainly been smashing out some great records recently, and having witnessed the informal reunion at Bedrock last year I can die happy in the knowledge I was present at the best night in the clubbing calendar which included the unannounced back2back mayhem of S&D.


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What a pile of fucking shite.


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He claimed it was due to going all out on the TT. Like every other rider that day...

Sky are making me lose interest in watching. They have done for years now. All I want is to see them fail, which doesn't seem to be that often.


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Felch Aid wrote:

Seems quiet and I've no doubt Diggers will be back at Fabric in December.

Baby number 2 arrives in March so I need my fix.

Definitely get it in now, after no 2 you can forget it! I did a festival, bedrock and the Social last year, but then no 2 arrived and nothing since!

Maybe next year :-)


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I would never drive again if I was that rich.

Use a fucking chauffeur you daft twat.


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Still enjoyed it. Glad to see littlefinger get bumped off.

That ice dragon looks even more badass than the living versions.

I want to see dragon v dragon in thr next series.

Arya to take out the night King with that dagger.

Danny and Jons kid to be born half man half dragon too.

Homegrove wrote:

677 is again great, he's been on a hell of a row this month. the Shane Watcha-tune is one to look out for tomorrow when it hits the stores.

Rowe - rushing through the mind is a fucking beast!

steelydan wrote:

Just heard Danny Mills 5 live Statement.

"Liverpool fans have to realise they are not one of the biggest clubs in the world anymore."

We haven't been big for donkeys years. The odd cup here and there is about it. Until we consistently win cups/leagues again, which is a tall order,  we will be a club aspiring to be big again.

dutchy101 wrote:

Why? 4 clean sheets in a row at Anfield. Lol. The only rrason Arsenal didn't score is because they never had a shot on goal.

Why? Did you see the goals Watford scored?

It is the area we have been the weakest for years mate.

steelydan wrote:

We're experiencing trouble at the moment, but it could be worse....I could be a Dipper.

Yes mate terrible having a new manager invigorating life into a club rather than relic who should have retired.

dutchy101 wrote:


Keita deal done. £48m for 2018. Bye bye Couts

Buy a keeper and defender for fucks sake Mr. Klopp


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Well that was a formality then? Just up for my early morning ride and this catastrophe is just finishing. Well done Floyd, enjoy the money

What a complete joke all this warm up tripe that is going on.

I've never seen anything so staged and pathetic in my life.

Horror show.


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Loved the latest episode!

Properly kicked off with the white walkers.

That white walker dragon is going to take some beating!

Interesting point when john killed the leader in the first foray, the rest of them died...

Yep enjoyed it, even though I was 2 when it all kicked off in 88!