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smallman1 wrote:

Chrome is defo the browser of winners.

If you want everything you do online to be logged and tracked, then yes, you win!

Gutted I missed it, sounded like a cracking night!

Looks like Gorilla will be Digweed's venue of choice now for Manc nights as he isn't playing the WHP again this year.

Was it 2011 his last set there?

She is from a German family, right?

Ncable wrote:

Live at the Warehouse Project?

The year after the EM in 07, he did 3 hours at the warehouse, they were the best 3 hours I've heard Digweed play.

Not heard a snippet of it released since, even though I have asked...a few times! :-)


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Big Fella wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

City must have paid over the odds for quite a few players since the Sheik takeover, but with their capital I bet they don't even care.

Hey i am no City fan but coming from a Liverpool fan that is rich.

Liverpool have signed about FIVE decent players in the last 15 years - Suarez, Alonso, Torres, Mascherano, errm i am starting to run out of names.

We have paid over the odds too, but I would wager, city have spent more.

But alas, it is pointless trying to have a a debate with a petulant Utd fan.


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£49m was worth holding out for it seems.

City must have paid over the odds for quite a few players since the Sheik takeover, but with their capital I bet they don't even care.

Fair play and good luck Sterling.


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Cheers for taking the time and caring.

Much appreciated.

Let's hope the board survives another year smile


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They should leave, they lied about their debt to enter after initially being refused entry to the EU, then after being allowed in, they increased their debt exponentially due to ridiculous wages for public sector workers and a crazy pension scheme for retirees instead of reducing their debt.

No sympathy.


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The non overlapping channels for 2.4Ghz are 1,6,11.

You can download wifi sniffing software to determine what other routers are transmitting.

If your on Apple, AirPort can do it for you.

Definitely worth checking what the speed of your wireless NIC is, but yes, your concrete wall will affect the speed.

Try having the laptop next to the router and connected to wifi, see what the speed is.

The router looks pretty good.


I want pacman to win but think mayweather will take it.

Why do people find it necessary to plant placards in their gardens/driveways etc, displaying who they are voting for? As if people are going to base their decisions on what they see as they go past?

I find it pretty obscene to be fair.

Class warm up mix by Danny Howells at Bedrock on 544.

Sounded like it was set up perfectly.

Which hour of his mix has he released?

poirot wrote:

I think you need to shoehorn that you were in Miami this week just once more, just to make sure no one misses it.

Or, you could stop making snide comments all the time, you pathetic creature.

Homegrove wrote:

Nick Warren's guest mix this week is stellar.

Enjoyed a few tracks on it!

Still loving Digweed's 551 mix especially this:

Pbr Street Gang & X Press 2 – Cosine [Futureboogie]

What a tune!


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That producer does have a very punchable face.

551 is top drawer.

This is the sort of mix I've been after for years!

I understand he has to be careful when it comes to airing some of the monster tunes, I don't fully understand the script with them, are most never released or only made for him?

Anyway, cheers again for this release!

The holy grail for me would be the 3 hours from the WHP in 2008, simply the most powerful, mesmeric set I've heard!

Yes! Can't make London due to new baby parenting duties, but Manc is definitely doable!

Nice one!

When are tickets out?

Does Digweed have kids?

Awesome remix! Can see that getting spun at bedrock in April!

Sbando wrote:

It's private, I've had problems before with Sasha's camp.

Ah fair one, cheers for the link anyway!

Pretty decent mix so far!

Sbando wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Anyone got a link to soundcloud for it? Mixcloud is fucking horrendous.

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/s … 16/s-gQcod

Cheers for that!

Is this mix on your public feed, because I didn't see it pop up over the last few days?