Big Skrts taking the piss at city.


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Boring wrote:

Anyone else scared that SteelyDan and UKhursty are au fait with the reliability of a Kalashnikov? That's not normal.

There are jobs in the UK that allow you to come into contact with such items, it doesn't take a genius to work it out.


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steelydan wrote:

thank God for those two women he either ran of rounds or it jammed.  Kalashnikov's are normally very reliable weapons.

Depends on how they are maintained.

They can jam very easily, which luckily that one did for those 2 people.


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Dan Harwood wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Agree with the fact the US Government have fuelled these groups to be created by what they have done to these countries for decades, but you are getting a lot of hippies stating that the US government have directly created ISIS to keep world order and shit like that! A lot of illuminati bullshit.

This is a great piece on the situation in Syria and the subsequent mess: … il-war.php

A good read, and makes a lot of sense.

It will be very interesting to see how it pans out.

fletcher wrote:
ukhursty wrote:
benson wrote:

I hope not mate. The beautiful shire town of Abingdon could be taken out. That might include my local.

Brize is a transport hub, just mundane personnel movements, so you won't catch much warmongering round there.

Ok so we wont see jets scrambling or hot-shots style polishing of missiles, but you can tell when things are getting exciting somewhere abroad due to increased activity on the runway and the numbers of plane spotters that sit huddled under blankets at the fence

Be interesting to see if anything yanky turns up at Fairford.

I don't think it's quite as simple as that. There are no ground troops (other than SF) being deployed and our bombers are already in Cyprus dropping bombs in Iraq, as well documented.

Why would the yanks start turning up in the UK too? They have multiple bases throughout Europe and Asia with their assets spread around those quite thickly.

benson wrote:
fletcher wrote:

I'm currently sitting about 20m from the perimeter fence of RAF Brize.

Will keep an eye out for any obvious signs of impending warmongery and report back. Doubled up the armed guards on the gate but that's the only difference I've seen so far.

I've always figured this place would be one of the first to go in a nuke strike.

I hope not mate. The beautiful shire town of Abingdon could be taken out. That might include my local.

Brize is a transport hub, just mundane personnel movements, so you won't catch much warmongering round there.

BedRob wrote:

I deactivated my facebook account about a year ago,

I now get all the news i need from this board

I did 18 months out, but had to create a new one to organise my brothers stag do. No other way of easily sorting it.

On the war thing though, I reckon it is edging closer to absolute chaos.


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Homegrove wrote:

Any kind of beer culture is relatively new in Finland. We've been drinking shit beers just to get drunk for two generations, craft ale pubs are a huge step forward.

If you have crap beer then I guess it is better than that, but properly brewed live or real ale is far superior to this keg conditioned crap, which seems to have the scarf brigade in tow.

Beijing Dave wrote:

It was an absolute massacre.

But enough about the France-Germany game, back to Spain-England etc etc

I watched the video with the guys playing and you can clearly hear the explosions, must of been pretty scary, but they just carried on playing, fair one!


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Homegrove wrote:

Haven't had these in awhile...

Tonight going to check out Brewdog's own pub in Turku, which opened yesterday. Going straight after work, because it should get busy.

Tomorrow got a mate's housewarming party (still no idea of a gift), followed by Marcel Fengler in the local techno club. Biggest techno name to stop by here since Octave One two years ago. Should be good.

Went into Brewdog in Leeds last Friday, wasn't impressed at all, over-priced crap in my opinion.

City centres seem to be full of this expensive 'craft ale' rubbish now. I am a massive real ale fan, and I just don't get this craft business, its miles more expensive and tastes like shite.


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liquitech1 wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Hardcore along with UK/Speed Garage is the worst music to endure. I'm sure Larry Levan turns in his grave when people mention the words UK/Speed Garage.

Hardcore Techno put hairs on my chest, Dan. Think I was fascinated more by the actual rave and the characters at them than the music itself... I wasnt clubbing yet at the time

I still love a set from the Baron - Dave Clarke. His essential mix the other week was the classic clarky, brilliant stuff.

For some reason there is a lack of sympathy for this individual.


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millsy23 wrote:

Good to see a long haired John Bishop giving it the seagull at 8.30 in that Cream clip lol

Haha, that definitely looks like him!

It will end in tears if he pulls out, which is always going to be on the table.

What happened to Portsmouth when the investment fucked off?


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Still on a 2007 iMac, and its been seamless. People slate them, and they are expensive, but definitely worth it.

It is falling behind in performance now, but I've had 7-8 years of solid use out of it.

smallman1 wrote:

Never forget that if it wasn't for Chelsea Football Club, both Brendan and Stevie G would have a league title under their belt.

Definitely had a part to play, just like Chelsea did in the semi finals of the champs league 2005...cheers lads!

steelydan wrote:

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's interest free-loan to Chelsea has topped £1billion for the first time, according to the latest accounts for Fordstam – the company through which the Russian billionaire owns the west London club.
According to Fordstam's accounts, Abramovich's loan now stands at £1,041,243,000 up until June 2014 and has risen by almost £60million from £984m in the previous year.
The loan is repayable at 18 months' notice, but there is no indication that the Russian owner is looking to for a repayment soon.


So basically, if he has enough of Chelsea and decides to wash his hands of it, the club will fold into a black hole forever?

International break, what a massive nuisance it is.

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

Tickets must be released soon, got the train ticket at least. Can't wait for this - the best soundsystem I ever heard was at Matter (sister club to fabric?) water from a spilt glass was bouncing off the floor, the clarity of the sound was amazing and no ringing ears.

The body kinetic dance floor was pretty special.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
steelydan wrote:

got a MacBook Pro in the end. Just got Logic, so hold tight for some half arsed non melodic house tracks!!

seriously tempted for an early xmas to myself

Wait till after Xmas if you can, 2016 versions will be out early in the year hence the heavy discounting on Airs and Pros at the mk.


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smallman1 wrote:

Liverpool are to blame for everything basically.

The downfall of your pitiful club too, how nice ;-)


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poirot wrote:

Has Klopp won a game at home in the prem yet?

Not yet. But he has only had 2 games in the prem there. Saints and Palace.

City away next then Swansea at home.


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erik.b wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
erik.b wrote:

not sore your rabble lost then Strudders?

yep - see other thread - lol

yeah i did just after i wrote that smile

Poor defending for Palace goals, and choice of ball in the final third wasn't the best hence the defeat.

Plenty of positives and things to work next! Should be interesting.

7 defeats...ouch


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Another word for the ever expanding dictionary of English.