Fair play to Utd, they did what we couldn't in the Europa last season.

I had the game on, and it seemed a fairly straight forward victory in the end.

Hopefully we will meet up in the CL, if we pass the qualification round!

No messing about on 664!

Cheers for the heads up.

dutchy101 wrote:

Big Fat Sam resigns from Palace. Wonder if he's eyeing up Leeds

We can only hope he will go to such sewer dwellers, the fat, useless twat.

Dermatron wrote:

Do you not think digging a thread up from 2005 is a bit unusual?

I just searched for a motorsport thread, and this one was right near the top.


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Incredibly sad.

Dermatron wrote:

So ukiphursty is Martin? Hmmmm.

That is actually my name funnily enough.

Ironically it was the self propelled 2 wheeled version that has taken the life of Nicky Hayden. RIP.

All those years in MotoGP and now superbikes, hurtling round the track at unbelievable speed, only to be taken out by a car or  your bike.


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Dermatron wrote:

How the internet is full of dippers saying they are in the champions league before they've even fucking qualified?

Well Klopp isn't saying it, a tricky qualification game in August is far from a formality.

For me,  it's her record on childhood obesity and driving the Investigatory Powers bill into law that means she won't be getting my vote.


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Well, 4th place it is. Happy with that considering our inconsistency across the season.

Arsenal out of the top 4 for the first time in a very long time, is the story of the day though.

All that is needed is Ajax to do one on Utd and the 16/17 season will be considered a success in my eyes.


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Boring wrote:

I thought you'd want all British teams to ditch the European Cup so that they could be in control of their own fixtures and the BT money could be re-invested at home.

Seriously though, why am I not surprised at a Liverpool fan wanting Champions League play-offs?

Yeah  for sure, we'd have a slightly better chance of getting in every season. Winner!


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Boring wrote:

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh teams should have a play-off for the final Champions League spot and UEFA Cup spot.

If this was in place Southampton, West Brom and Bournemouth would all have something to play for today. (Eighth spot would get into the play-offs if any of the 4th to 7th teams won the UEFA Cup the following week)

The play-offs should be played on neutral grounds in the US and Asia just to annoy season ticket holders. Sky should setup up a dedicated tv channel for the playoffs just like they do for the golf and darts and start advertising it two months in advance just to ensure there is enough hype.

Quite like that idea Boring. All of those teams have probably deserved the shot at a CL spot over the season.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Had we have had Mane fit and with us all season, who knows where we would have finished.

Probably not much higher as the team is weak in a few areas.

Well see next season though when it all starts again, no doubt more of the same :-)

Looking forward to Sunday, come what may.

I read that if we win and finish with 76 points, that will be a 16 point improvement than last year. I'll take that considering how inconsistent we've been up front and at the back.

Happy to see retrospective bans being brought in for diving next season, it is about time.

The footballing demi-god, Big Sam thinks otherwise however.

So, anyone got any bets going on the outcome?

Always an interesting one over the last few years as the polls have been wrong more times than right. Who's going to back the opposite of the polls?

Dermatron wrote:

How beautiful would it be if Boro were to scrape a draw and Arsenal win?

I have been practicing my erection.

Its definitely on the cards Dermo, I'm still amazed how we are even in contention for 4th after the fuck up at the start of the year.


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Grant wrote:

Anyone watch this yesterday and see the crash that wiped out Team Sky?

The commentators would only blame the Police bike being on the side of the road - it's not ideal, but the riders should be looking at what's in front of them and warning others behind them - how the fuck a pro rider can cause a crash like that is beyond me.

Geraint Thomas is a really fucking unlucky rider.

Quintana looks really strong - I reckon he'll do well in the TdF - there are only a couple of short TTs.  In fact, I've just stuck £25 on him to win at 7/2

I hope Nairo does the job at both tours, he is the only GC rider that gets me excited at the minute.

Congrats to Chelski, pretty much bossed it all season and we're the most consistent.

Conte has done a decent job there.

Legalise cannabis thrown in by the Lib Dems, definitely forward thinking but unlikely to get much support nationally, which is a shame.


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Punjana, tea bag left in, dash of semi skimmed milk.


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Juve are absolutely bossing the CL.


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My mate just did the 312 last week, loves it, think he's done it 4 times now.
13 hours in the sade though, ball sack must be completely mullered by then.