poirot wrote:

I think you need to shoehorn that you were in Miami this week just once more, just to make sure no one misses it.

Or, you could stop making snide comments all the time, you pathetic creature.

Homegrove wrote:

Nick Warren's guest mix this week is stellar.

Enjoyed a few tracks on it!

Still loving Digweed's 551 mix especially this:

Pbr Street Gang & X Press 2 – Cosine [Futureboogie]

What a tune!


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That producer does have a very punchable face.

551 is top drawer.

This is the sort of mix I've been after for years!

I understand he has to be careful when it comes to airing some of the monster tunes, I don't fully understand the script with them, are most never released or only made for him?

Anyway, cheers again for this release!

The holy grail for me would be the 3 hours from the WHP in 2008, simply the most powerful, mesmeric set I've heard!

Yes! Can't make London due to new baby parenting duties, but Manc is definitely doable!

Nice one!

When are tickets out?

Does Digweed have kids?

Awesome remix! Can see that getting spun at bedrock in April!

Sbando wrote:

It's private, I've had problems before with Sasha's camp.

Ah fair one, cheers for the link anyway!

Pretty decent mix so far!

Sbando wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Anyone got a link to soundcloud for it? Mixcloud is fucking horrendous.

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/s … 16/s-gQcod

Cheers for that!

Is this mix on your public feed, because I didn't see it pop up over the last few days?

Anyone got a link to soundcloud for it? Mixcloud is fucking horrendous.

Seen. Looks pretty good!


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Is Sasha turning into David Cameron, or is it just me that sees this?!


I've been inadvertently listening to Part 2 only by the looks of it!

Top drawer stuff!

Where can I find it?

Not sure if it's the same mix, but his 2hrs 2014 review mix is quality.

Top notch stuff all the way through.

Vid 4 for me

This weeks 540 is a cracker, basically digweed banging out his fave tunes of last year.


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That is fookin luscious!

Definitely needs an ID.


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Where has Everyonewantstobethedj gone on here?

He's gone really quiet for a few weeks now!

Big Fella wrote:

ukhursty is a Liverpool fan btw.

Yes, and I can give credit where it's due, which Utd deserved, but the domination is over now and it's enjoyable to watch! :-)

They are only going one way, and that is down.

Appreciative of their dominance over the last couple of decades but that is it now, time to languish and wallow.

Their transfers have been a joke, meaning not strengthening where they need it the most.

I really enjoy watching them struggle, truly refreshing for the boot to be on the other foot.

That last tune sounded fantastic when he dropped it at the zoo project fest on Friday.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Yant wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Hearthis just need to get an app on the go now and we'll be back in business.


they have an app

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … p;hl=en_GB

nothing amazing but it works

I'm fooked as I'm on IOS on for phone and kindle for tablet so no apps for me!

loopdokter wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Where has he gone off soundcloud?

Pretty much got all my transitions mixes off there.

Lorenzo, AKA Sbando on here got wiped off the map by the (ahem) kind people over at Soundcloud due to copyright claims, but he's moved his stuff over to hearthis.at as mentioned.

Wankers! Soundcloud is no more for me now. They even took my feeble attempt at a mix down due to copyright!

Absolutely sterling effort Lorenzo, your work is hugely appreciated.

Hearthis just need to get an app on the go now and we'll be back in business.