What are peoples views on this case then?

I can't help thinking there is another side to this story.

I'm not keen on the story we are being spun, that one minute she was sunbathing by the pool, the next she is detained indefinitely on suspicion of spying.

I know the Iranians can be ruthless, but this is a relatively civilised country compared to others in the region.

Feel for the hammers. They've hired a right knob jockey in Moyes.


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I saw a flying knee yesterday from a ufc fight.

Very brutal. Too brutal for me.

Is that Bisping finished now?

Just caught the end of the Everton game, what the fuck is going on there. Total shambles.


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Just realised I'm also rocking gold cable outers on my bike, so have no room to talk.


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roberto wrote:

just spent 70 quid on some brake and gear cables... I'm turning into one of you lot - FML


Flash fucker.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Wagner beating United, then rolling over for his mate Klopp.

He's a top chap Wagner!

Similar to when Brucey used to roll over for Fergie... Every time.

We got a clean sheet! What were the odds on that?


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Yep, turned to Android and never looked back.

Homegrove wrote:

Plane tickets bought. Ditto XOYO. Only thing missing is a hotel. Any decent ones you can recommend near XOYO, remembering I'm not rich like Fadass?

There is a holiday Inn express close by. Not amazing but does the job.


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smallman1 wrote:

The running shoes will help you shift the timber Hursty.

I have no timber really, just carry an extra few kilos to be super quick uphill!


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Grant wrote:

How much do you weigh?

80kg unfortunately. I'm 6ft 5 though, so naturally carry more weight. 75kg would be nice


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303watts here.

Just done my first ftp of the winter turbo season. Lots of work to do!

Hour 4 is brilliant stuff, proper in the groove Digweed style!


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smallman1 wrote:

Lovren and Mignolet should be put down.

Laughable defence as always!

Big win at the John Smiths stadium, I was shocked to be honest.

Sounds like the hammers fans were really getting behind their team and manager!

Love Henry usually, turned this mix off after 5 mins.


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steelydan wrote:

40+ and two young nippers to look after.

Cap doffed, Dermo.

I was thinking the same, it's hard enough at 30!


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Grant wrote:

I'll come back to the route, I've not read much about it - the Etape looks proper hard this year, might give that a go.

I'll guess we'll find out on that new training thing - training around an FTP based on a test of 20mins -5% is a massive thing of the past now anyway - my training is around weaknesses in my power duration curve - when I test each month, I do three tests in a month and all in the same week after my recovery week.  One day a series of sprint-based stuff, one day a series of 30-60sec hard efforts and then a final day where it's longer - usually between 30-60mins around or above my FTP (357W at the minute).

Interesting stuff, I'm not really into any training aids yet, I'm too lazy to be honest. I rarely put the HRM on for a start!

I want to get into it and am considering at power meter when funds allow. I do find it fascinating how all the data goes together though to tailor your training plan. There is so much data available, it can only be beneficial if you know what it means.

I've done ftps on my turbo, but I'm not sure how accurate they are. Just need zwift to sort out android compatibility, apparently it is going into beta soon. Until then, it is Bkool.


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2 things.

Thoughts on next year's TdF route.

Is this just commercial bollox or is there something in it?

http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/f … ign=buffer

Amps wrote:

Just sorting out a few bits for this, actually getting quite a buzz on for it, and defo buzzing for Dusky in the other room. 

smallman1 wrote:

Swapping the S&D night for The Chemical Brothers one.

Would have had a slice of this if I'd known about it.

On that note, how the fuck has the night after Sasha and John not sold out? Garnier, Orbison, Midland, Janson, Richards, Christophe? I would have thought all the cool kids would have been all over it? Garnier makes me do a sex wee.

Price of tickets. It's a lot of money up north!

Warehouse project is a joke now for ticket prices.


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fadass wrote:

Missed the opportunity to say I'll judge if he's a big game player when we play a big club.

I'm losing my edge.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome is when you play city soon.

Probably chuck everyone behind thr ball, as city look rampant at the minute.

Dermatron wrote:

Haha also they said we will be touring the country. Then announced more London dates and one in Manchester. Some tour.

I get the feeling you really want to be at this gig Dermo.

Get a flight booked and get involved.

It's just one of those nights you have to attend. I was dubious when the initial nights were announced but you can't argue with the reviews, it looked and sounded stunning.

No excuses.