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joeyp wrote:

if another cunt asks me where OT is when I step out of the blaze il plant him, and his Norwegian kid.

What a cunts pub that Blaze is Joey, was Boyle in there on the snooker table singing?


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Yeh i reckon, Gerry Daly with Jimmy Nicholl's trackie bottoms on.


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Love these old photos...



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The one with the vest is a sort, fringey talks too much.

Apologies if i have upset you Shaun, i don't remember if i have though?


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Can you imagine the giddyometer on here if Arsenal or god-forbid Tottenham are in for a sniff of it come May.

Their fans have no decorum whatsoever.


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Haven't thought this one through, have i.


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Can i just add that i did not put 'Land Of Chug' as my location, i think the mods are having fun at my expense.

'generate' - i don't dj if that's what you mean, never even been interested.

smashdad wrote:

Pantani - Accidental Death Of A Cyclist

Biopic of the last man to win the GdI and TdF in the same year - doesn't break any new ground but covers the facts in a very watchable way for anybody interested in top level cycling...


Watched this last night, most memorable thing was one of the old TdF riders saying 'the Tour De France simply cannot be done on mineral water alone' when they were talking about the early days they were on Heroin and all sorts.

I don't like to pigeon hole myself to one sound.

The Kinahan Cartel has Dublin shaking in its boots.


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Not that many players who have actually stood out this season apart from Vardy really.

Aguero possibly...

I can categorical state - i do not sit back.

Am half way through Damo, most enjoyable son.

Wasn't this message board born on nice, safe 120+ progressive house?

I get the distinct impression you are looking down your nose at such beats per minute.

Fair enough, not sure i ever said i listen to 120+ bpm progressive house all the time.

Just a question Stu.

Do any of my top ten choices play BSPF (bog standard prog fodder) after your outrageous accusation in the thread here --->  http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … 10&p=2

mr rossi wrote:

You should do a Bedrock Oscars BF.Plenty of dramatic performances for sure.

You definitely see people in a different light after they throw hissy fits, Rossi.

seanc80 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

It certainly keeps us all on our toes until the real thing in December.

If I could be bothered and wasnt so busy I would do a mix and post it up it & it would be better than everyone elses.

In the world.

Yourself, Loopy and Zachiary would have been in the running had a mix been produced lately.

Might have ruffled a few feathers here but i doubt anybody can argue with my selections and standings.

Are you going to provide a tracklist and download option or is that on page 2 of this thread wink