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Still a football thread isn't it?  But hell, since you guys want to take it off topic let's roll with it!

Dermo, can I just remind you that you're "Flares Is Back", "Flares & 'Ave A Crack" and "Sasha's Hair Piece" aliases were never banned, so you can always fall on them when you're eventually perma-banned for having massive uncontrollable anger issues.  You might want to share your meds with Big_Fellaaaa who seems to be losing the plot too ...


I like his essential mix from 2000 and that Airdrawndagger launch at Sankeys was quality, other than that nite he's been shit every time I've seen him, Diggers always delivers

Space was Phazon????

It's now Funktion One???

I was there. I saw some guy collapse and get carted off. That was early though bout 11.30. The music went off at 3 and had to cue to get out. Old Bill were taking names and address of everyone leaving the club and asking if you had taken anything or seen any dealing. Gutted cos Sasha & Digweed were proper knockin it out :-(

I'm still in shock at how good he was last nite, absolute quality


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Big Fella wrote:

Greg Vickers was immense ONCE before Digweed at Sankeys Feb 2005

Saying that Vickers is probably better than Krysko

I was there that night, it was the first time Vickers used Ableton at Sankeys and it was quality. I remember thinkin Digweed would have to pull it out of the bag to better it. He came on and completely blew him away!! One of the best Digweed sets I've heard

Thought Digweed was dull as dishwater on Friday, fair enough if your feeling awful

Andy IHF wrote:

How longs John on for ???

3 hours according to Dave "i've got horrendous craic" Vincent

Junior Felix wrote:

It would be wise, we've been having to turn people away a lot recently because it's been rammed from the off, I just don't want anyone to miss out.

I've heard the new Sankeys is a right bastard to get in, I remember when we used to roll up about 11.30, straight in no messin about, even for the big names.

Looks like we'll be over early then

I'm at it. If it anything like Feb 03 or 05 it's gonna be class

Thoughts John's first two hours were pretty boring, but picked up after that. Energy Flash sounded great and the techno just kept coming.

And yes it was too busy, no room to dance


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My first time at Fabric aswell, lookin forward to this

Great upper body play from Beckham, he's got more hang time than Michael Jordan.

LA Galaxy are in the sky blue uniforms


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Audion - Mouth to Mouth

Digweed was different class last night as I've come to expect. Then Howells came on and was awful for his first hour. Venue is wicked just need a few more speakers. Beer is a fuckin rip off. Good to see Diggers and Howeller playin vinyl, skillz...


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Graham D wrote:

Can't see Sasha getting wired on a Thursday before the Warehouse..... then again?!

I can't either, but I can see him gettin wired Friday after the gig and not turning up in Newcastle on Sat tongue


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According to Sasha's website he's playing at Shindig on the 9th Dec. Still can't see him turning up. He knows too
many wrong un's round Manchester.


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I doubt he'll turn up, nite after Manc Warehouse date plus he got a lot of friends in manc who sell a lot of white

Got tickets for the Bedrock night Digweed/Howells, fancy a bit of Mills/Zabiela and I think Sasha/Spooky will be very very special....

Definately not the best Digweed set I've ever been to..........still good though, as always


Friday 6th October:
STEVE BUG (Pokerflat)
& more artists TBA
Krysko / Andro


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It's absolute gash IMO. Sasha needs to pull his head out of his arse and start mixing again and let Ableton do a few tricks i.e. BIG surprises. Second track CD1 is mint though

Morgan wrote:

Ummm, Power Prog.  smile

Maybe I'll go.

Maybe Sasha will too


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Sasha - Ibiza, San Fran
Digweed - Hong Kong
Lavelle - Barcelona


Some of my faves