20 years seems older?

I'd rather not cross that barrier.

I'm so tempted to go to this.
However, I'm a self imposed stay-in for the next 2 or 3 weekends.

It's been a expensive summer. hmm


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dutchy101 wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Fair play to him. Fair play to Gates too. Both are funding health issues. Where the fuck are Apple though? All similar self made conglomerates earning horrific amounts of money.

....Whilst dodging paying millions upon millions of tax.

Why do people see this as a problem, if they're pumping those billions into this kind of research? Surely that's better than the government putting it in new military drones?

Dermatron wrote:

was just looking back at an old thread from 2006. Found thls LOL #thefuckingirony.

benson wrote:

Sunday morning wrongness is just what i need. I'm like a duracell bunny at the moment. Too many lightweights around unable to keep the pace so this could be right up my street.

Yeah, get you, finding some thread from 2006 like it's in any way relevant today.

You show 'em, Derms.

Funnily enough people change. 10 years ago I'd have happily done an afterparty every week (and did so, in 2005). These days, I'm happy if it's once every now and then.

millsy23 wrote:

The day was all BREXITED from GU and piled on here was akin to the Syrian refugee crisis. NIMBYS like Wally decrying our presence on their soil as a declaration of war against morality. It wasn't until someone posted up pics of the Rhouses family being gunned down by border guards and a malnourished Presto staring forlornly at an empty Ginsters pasty point-of-sale display heater that views started to soften. I still sometimes feel like an outsider on here. Then I remember Hannu's life and realise things could be so much, much worse.

That brought a tear to my eye.

MattBlack wrote:

EZ board was loaded with viruses, think i only used GU board and that spin off they did

No it wasn't.

Can anyone tell me what the music is?

(That's for any old EZBoarders that may still be here)

I have a massive hole in my memory tbh. Anything after 2am has gone.

You mean you weren't there?

benson wrote:

Sadly both is not an option for aged rocker like myself

You realise Leon is older than you, right?

benson wrote:

rather mos than concorde.

Gonna save my beer tokens for ministry.

I have been told that Concorde hast been kitted out with a nice new sound system.

Naturally, I shall be doing both.

smallman1 wrote:

Has anyone off here played Fabric?

Diggers aside, natch.

Zabiela has posted on here a few times before.

However, this is a sad day for our community. Fabric will be spoken about in the same vein as Twilo, Home et al. Some truly fantastic nights in there.


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Well I still go out, so most people have met me.

Grant wrote:

What happened to Ahad's post?!

It left our physical realm. It's there, but you can't see it.

MattBlack wrote:

Tbh Helen i take very little notice of them. Just for the record though, I'm not actually black, its just my surname smile


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Sounds to me like he was just out of practice.

I'm here all week btw.


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Boring wrote:

Why did everyone think that was Thackers?

Because a) it does look like Thackers and b) he kind of went with it. The gullible believed it.

mullykid wrote:

How was SW4 etc this year? Any highlights?

Pretty much as you expect tbh. Big festival sets. Expensive food. Weather was nice though.

As said, day one was wank.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Give me a flatpack and I'm your man. Tell me to built it from scratch or repair something, I'll leave it well alone. Drives the missus mad.

Man after my own heart.

SW4. Both Days. One Good. One Bad.
Sweet FA Monday.


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Images can be switched off.

However, I do agree with Wally. It's not really something you want to have to explain should someone be looking over your shoulder. I have images off on F365 for exactly this reason.

However, since I'm at home, post more filth, Gus!

Dermatron wrote:

Presto wont like a tugging rule.

I was going to post a reply to that. Seen you already did it for me.

smashdad wrote:

Only one 'warp mode' in Intro and it's the shit one...

What's the shit one? They all have their own uses. But as long as it does Repitch what else do you ned?