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Oh. Tbf I was quite drunk at that point.


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Dan Harwood wrote:
joeyp wrote:

Max to be number 2?

With the new regs coming in and Adrian Newey at Red Bull, it might be worth Vestappen staying for a season or two.

Newey has been at Red Bull for a quite years now. If anything, his last couple of season's he's been on "gardening leave".

Vestappen is a racer and having two racers wouldnt fit at Mercedes as we have seen this last couple of years.

Despite Nico's championship he isn't, and never will be, a racer. How many times has he had the opportunity to show his mettle, only to lose his nerve and throw it away? If Hamilton hadn't had the bad reliability he did, he would easily have been this year's champion. I can't think of many times where he's really had to earn a win. We haven't seen two racers at Mercedes. We've seen one very average driver, in the bests car, and one unlucky driver.

He's too good to be Hamilton's number two. However, on the flip, he does have youth on his side and he might be prepared to do that and learn from Hamilton.

Ummm... he's 31. He's been in F1 for some 10 years or so. He was driving in F1 before Hamilton.


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We left about 3:30. Sounded good up to then.

Absolutely packed to the rafters mind. Which was far more noticeable as I was stone cold sober.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

I'll be doing a Benson, with style.

The other half is coming out as we have the Mother in Law over. But, I've got the boys swimming class at 11am so cant get too out of hand. Probably gonna have a 3am cut-off so expect me to be a dribbling mess at 12:02am.

Genuinely can't remember that last time I saw her out. Then again, it's only recently I've been seeing you out as well. wink

I am going to be mostly trying to behave. I'd say it'll about 4am when I'm dribbling nonsense to people.

Quite possibly. But back then you'd have to then create an acetate as well. That's quite a pricey cost just to have a track play slower.


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Let me get over the motion sickness and I'll get back to you on that.

The nerd in me is wondering how he got that original track's bpm down to what he has. I'm presuming he was using Technics. Even at -8% you're not going to get that kind of change.


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Of course...


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Tell me more about this Fatso's.


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Dermatron wrote:

Assassination is our only hope now.

Give a man enough rope...

shaunstrudwick wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Alex Coe

so these 2 he had no help with?

certainly looking on Discogs it would seem that way - can't find any other credits

Yeah. Sure, mate. Sasha did these all on his own.


My money's on Sasha not even showing up tbh.


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Probably have some friends over. Crack open the wine. Play Cards Against Humanity. Listen to music.

Good stuff.

Got a couple of tickets in the balcony. I'm in.

If it's Sasha on his own then I'm not sure I'd go.

If he has team of people, such as May and co, then it could be quite good.

Live isn't playing banked loops and triggering the odd noise.

So you've never enjoyed Underworld live?

Meh. I enjoyed it.

loopdokter wrote:

This is the first I've seen it.



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Cheers Rob. Thought that warm-up went quite well. Got a fair few numbers in and enjoyed it immensely.

As for Digweed, the simple fact is he was booked to play 12-3. It's the promoters people need to be moaning at. Why wasn't he booked to play later?


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djdiggers wrote:

my set starts at 12am

You popping over to our shindig first, then?


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The pizzas are good. Not tried the steak... yet.

Derms, the food is upstairs btw. Separate to the club bit.


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Got a nice little pre-party, of sorts, going for this:


Featuring your's truly, plus a host of others.

Cheers, chaps. The Sennheisers were already towards the top of the list. Might plump for those.

After some 12 years of use my Pioneer HDJ1000s are pretty much done, I think.

Soooo, I'm after a decent pair to replace them. I'm thinking about £100 max budget. Might stretch further is they have as long a life as the 1000s.


Saw him in Brighton, on Thursday night. For a man pushing 70 the stuff he played had an unbelievable amount of energy in it. A true pioneer at his best.

Oh the light show was also brilliant. Wonderfully 80s whilst still being bang up to date.