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Listened to it through. Pretty damn good, must've been something else heard at Barbican.



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Hoping for the release of Spongiform Lifeblood at long last!

Feel free to get in touch with Cox/Hawking and ask for their opinion on the theory.

The nerd in the garage could well be someone living inside a 'parent' simulation. Our simulation could be buried 1000s of layers deep.

It's certainly feasible that, at some point in the future, we create our own simulation of the universe. And if we end up being able to do it, what's to say it hasn't happened before?

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It's best just to go with science really isn't it lads? Any cunt can dream up some drug addled delusional nonsense. Could just see Hawkins coming out with some of the shite I've read in here. Haha.
In his best robotic voice " And we are all living in a giant CPU where 1 of their seconds is a millions of our years". Oh really? Time to unplug the cunt guys.

Dermatron wrote:

It's best just to go with science really isn't it lads?

And in one sentence you've shown you do not understand what I wrote at all.

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There's no why it was just a chain of events that sciences and physics pretty much explains. All the worlds cleverest people have come to pretty much the same conclusions. And surprisingly it wasnt some beardy cunt creating it all in 7 days from his fluffy cloud.

Science and physics that conform to the rules set up when the universe was created. All the greatest minds have been able to explain what happened seconds after the big bang (provided the theory is correct, of course). But not one can tell you anything about what came before it. We simply do not know.

A guy in fluffy clouds that, for some odd reason, enjoys the human race talking to him all the time, without reply, is a complete nonsense created as a form of populace control. But the idea that there is some 'creator', outside of anything we'll ever be able to measure, as they don't exist in our universe, is not a definite 0 on the probability scale.

What if the universe is a very complex program, running on some computer somewhere? All our physics and laws exist inside that program. Science is measurable because the program has defined rules. We'd never know about it. We'd never know that we are in fact a load of CPU calculations and algorithms.

But what about the universe being billions of years old? Surely the program or computer must crash?
Quite possibly. But again, for all we know this program could run a few hours on that machine. But, inside our program, it feels like an eternity.

So there could be a 'God'. And he could be some speccy nerd running his final year university project. We just don't know. And I'd rather not to be quite honest. If we found cast-iron proof of something like that it'd probably drive you mad.

Heaven could do with a fresh rebranding tbh. At the moment it sounds really fucking dull.
Spend the rest of eternity surrounded by a load of white, drinking water and playing a harp? That can fuck off.

That is sad news. Quite liked his tracks.

Those long winter nights must just fly by.

Giving me a semi, that tbh.

Fuck me, Kev. Have you really got nothing better to do?

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Seem to remember a Vicky Pickles from the old GU days (or did I make that up?)

Here we go...

Pickles was on here before GU IIRC.

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To be honest I've never seen the point of 'spinning' decks on a CDJ and/or controller - Technics tried it, Denon's CD decks had it for a while and various Serato/Traktor controllers feature spinning platters - every single one I've tried I haven't liked - they feel weird - AND I simply don't see the point when you're playing digital music - I get that some people miss the 'one-two-three-wrist-flick' thing when cueing up but seriously, spinning (digital) platters are shit.



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It's all downhill from here.

Let's be honest here. From a neutrals POV, that was an thoroughly entertaining game. Feel free to bring up another tie that comes close, on opening day (well aware opening day was Saturday, up to a few years ago. So there may be a few 3pm kicks off with similar scorelines).
As far as Friday night football goes. A great opener.

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My plan is to pimp Presto out while we're there to make some money.

Let us not forget that I am actually coordinating your efforts, this coming weekend.


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Yeah, Mooch was always going to be a huge car crash, but we wanted a bit more than him going out in the first corner.


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I'm liking it. Can it see it being one of those 5am Fabric off-your-nut type tracks, that gets the crowd going.


There we go. Haven't hooked it all up yet as I still have loads of shit to sort out, and may still have to move things around.
But that should keep me occupied for a while.

Nah. I'll put it up on my Patreon site, along with pictures of my arse.

Gone for this
https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00 … &psc=1

Will get that tomorrow, then that's me done, I think.

Mk3's can play mp3s, if that's your thing.

Tbf I probably would have gone for 900s if they weren't so fucking expensive. You can pick up used 1000s for under £200 these days. Add Serato and there's your blank CDs saved.

Dermatron wrote:

Cdj1000s are wank.

They're not though, are they?

Like saying 1210's are wank cos you've used them for Serato, and now wish they could mix digital tracks all the time. They work for the baseline requirement, which is a CD full of tunes (which I prefer to a USB stick with tracks I'll never remember).

CDJ1000s are a fucking pleasure to mix on. 800/2000s can't improve on that basic aspect. Just add additional features.

Also I know the CDJs will keep perfect pitch, 10 years down the line, as opposed to my 1210s that need a tune up. Go outside of +/-2 and they aren't as accurate as they used to be. -6 is anybody's guess as to the bpm it'll land on.

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Just to completely ignore your question Wally...


As my Technics are now fully back with me, I'm now in the enviable position of having 2 1210s and 3 CDJ1000s... and just the Ikea bookcase to house them on.

With that humblebrag out the way, the question is, does anyone know of any custom stands, for CDJs that will happily attach to said bookcase, so I can have the CDJs above the 1210s? I've got the slightly thinner Kallax version here, rather than the Expedit, if that makes any difference.