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smashdad wrote:

Anybody else ever take the platter off their Technics and adjust the little (blue?) dial that altered the overall effect of the pitch adjuster from +/-8% to somewhere around +/-15%?

When I got my decks they'd been altered up to the maximum and I had no idea - when I started playing out on other decks I couldn't understand for the life of me why I was having to adjust the pitch SO much more than I was on my decks at home - eventually found out about 'the little blue dial' and it all became clear - changed my decks at home back to 'normal' but ended up pitching them back up again 'cos I was used to small pitch adjustments rather than big ones.

Fuck me that's a tedious post.

Did it with a 1210 Mk2 I had. Never with my Mk3s. You could also use it to make the deck go backwards when you hit the stop button.

Will be a happy lad when I have my 1210s tuned up and running smoothly again. Probably all it needs is to adjust the blue dial to get the pitch accurate again. Everything else works perfectly.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

What a fantastic bunch of lads.

Wait. You can get malware and viruses from going to dodgy websites?


Any reason why they felt the need to show those bodies?


#football #chelsea #bry #considerablyricherthanyou


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Cos I'm in that sort of mood:

Underworld - Surfboy
Prodigy - Skylined
Leftfield - Inspection (Check One)
Orbital - Lush 3-1 / 3-2
Chemical Brothers - The Private Psychedelic Reel

Yant wrote:

Presto - Fantasy footy now open for next season.

Had my team and league set up on Wednesday. wink

Code for the league is 1385-784. If you don't like a bit of fun during the season then don't join.

Last season's standings:
http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … 55#p590955


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I'm going with a mate.


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Good news, Mr B. Presume you'll get on the beers tonight.

I would have to imagine Pioneer have done their research in this department.

The PLX also has a grounding post on the back, which suggests it is not earthed directly at the mains.

Torgue - 4.5kg. Probably overkill, yeah.

50% pitch. Most people won't use it but there it is. It's not really going to be used for beatmatching.

Tonearm... we'll see. As I say, I presume they've done the research on this.


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Not a missile strike.


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Homegrove wrote:

Maybe, just maybe, just spitballing here, the Russians gave the rebels a shitload of big guns and then the rebels mistook the commercial airplane for an Ukrainian troop carrier and shot it down with gheir Russian military equipment? I honestly can't see this tragedy for anything else then an accident. The Russians surely knew it to be a passanger plane, as did the Ukrainians. The rebels are the only ones who could fuck up this bad.

Yeah. No government force has ever downed a passenger jet.

dutchy101 wrote:

Lest we forget John Creamer and Stephan K

I'd rather we did.

Mogsy wrote:

I agree. I don't particularity want a CD that isn't mixed by Diggers to be honest. Instead I will probably just buy the two tracks off it I like. Surely it doesn't take long to mix it does it?

Anyhow I'm glad there was a CD in the Bedrock back catalogue that wasn't mixed by Digweed. I could whiff the sense of smug achievement Presto exuded from here.

I could add Jon Lisle, Masiello, Luke Fair, Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M, Hyper to that list too.

Itv's great and extensive coverage is being ruined by ignorant pundits.

I don't think the pundits are the main cause of the problem tbh.

Surely a petition to stop ITV showing any kind of sport altogether would be more appropriate?

Boobs at eye level. Problem?

Well at least touching them without them calling the police.

You know, I think I could live without anything else in the world. Might take a bit of getting used to but I'd adjust. But if someone told me that tits would no longer exist from tomorrow I'd just end it at midnight.

kovy71 wrote:

no USB though?

Kids today...

For you, Hannu:


smashdad wrote:
Presto wrote:

Digweed not doing the CD? Has this ever happened in Bedrock mix history before?

Name me another mix CD from the Bedrock back catalogue that isn't attributed to any DJ?

As SimonR said. Even so, why are you asking me to name a mix that isn't attributed to a DJ? That isn't what I said originally.

Digweed not doing the CD? Has this ever happened in Bedrock mix history before? Won't somebody please think of the children?!

This has really been gathering pace of late. I'm wondering who will be given up as a sacrifice to protect those higher up.

I wish I knew how to use Google.