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Be sure to tap me on the shoulder about 6am on the main floor, Hugo. You know where to find me.


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Yoon - Boundaries (Jody Wisternoff Remix)
Billy Dalessandro - Scanning Universe Gamma
Astraglide - Pickled Nickes
Alessan Main - Aiktog 20.02 (Tom Dazing remix)
JCB — Uppsala (Monaque Tribute To Oldschool Remix)

Cheers, Paul. Good to hear.

Also a soundcloud link for anyone that is allergic to Hear This.
https://soundcloud.com/thisispresto/sim … inter-2014


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Matty303 wrote:

If they've got the dogs in time for this weekend that is

Yeah, be nice of the redtape saves us this time round.


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Death by suffocation.

Get involved, boys:

Change.org - Renew Fabric's license

Genuine lolz.

Have you tried complaining to Beatport?

At what point do you think any of us are going to be listening to Radio 1?

Saving this for the long train trip to Devon for Christmas.

Thought you all should know.



I got kicked out of that.

https://hearthis.at/thisispresto/simon- … nter-2014/

A little CD length warm up before the main event next week. Didn't really plan to make a mix. It sort of just happened.

01. Mono Electric Orchestra - Uno Momento
02. Kacper Kostecki - 21st Century Symphony
03. Jody Wisternoff - Paramour (Clancy remix)
04. Guy J - Lonely Color
05. Brian Cid - Caona
06. Alex Niggeman Sorrow feat Bon Homme
07. Audio Noir - Midnight Till Morning (East Cafe remix)
08. Technaisa - Obsession (Technasia remix)
09. Lutzenkirchen - Round and Juicy (Alessan Main remix)
10. Josh Wink - Balls (Mick Finucan remix)
11. Arjuna Schiks - Complete (Jamie Stevens remix)
12. Gui Boratto - Joker
13. Gui Boratto- Take Control (Weval remix)

I imagine their higher amount of traffic come from all the downloads they have on there.

It was great back in the day. These days it appears to be the same 6 people arguing amongst themselves.

Wait a minute....

Yeah. They've pretty much given up on genres over there.

smallman1 wrote:

Glad Citeh went through.

You're probably the only person outside of Man City fans.

The postie has been. I repeat: the postie has been.

smashdad wrote:

Mildly astonished at how many people, in this technological age, still rely on the postal services to deliver physical product - whilst, admittedly, lossless downloads don't come with some Sharpie scribble on the front they can be enjoyed from the time of waking on the morning of release.

I like a collection, Kev. Downloads are forgotten about. My Vinyl and CDs aren't.

Still nothing from the Postie. sad

This is so 3 weeks ago. No longer cool so I am out.

Can anyone tell me if this is a house record or not?

Steve Lawler tune or "Steve Lawler" tune?

It's really not that big a deal, is it?

Just no need for that. Vile behaviour.

Postman has been and gone. sad