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I thought 2017 was supposed to cure death?

100% accurate MS Paint visual representation.



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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Caught Diggers there quite a few times over the years. And all were brilliant nights. Best night was the one where Sasha didn't turn up. Zabiela warmed up and finished and was absolutely amazing.

I got to enjoy Coe's hotel room, thanks to him not showing up. It was like a fucking house.


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Dan with his finger on the pulse.


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Dermatron wrote:

Im not. Im just pointing out that presto can happily 'ignore' what his country are responsible for and have a great old time. You cant fucking ignore it.

What the fuck are you yammering about, man?


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I had a damn good year, all being considered, and ignoring the madness goings on of the world.

Loads of gigs, nights out and other events I've been to. Had a couple of road trips. Started playing out again.
Was made redundant from a job I enjoyed. Had a slight hiccup with a job , immediately after, I just wasn't enjoying at all, so left after a month. But I've since found a new place where I now feel quite settled, and that's going from strength to strength.

So yeah. Hoping 2017 will be as much fun, minus the job insecurity.


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monostereo wrote:

are you pissed presto?

Not at that point I wasn't, no.


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This is democracy manifest!

Over to a mate's to drink up with some others and chat shit/watch crap until I decide I need to go to bed.

Thank god for Monday off, too. Although I have no idea how I'm going to function, back at work on Tuesday.

Sbando wrote:

mixing.dj is horrible, I wouldn't download gonorrhea from them.

Would you download gonorrhea from elsewhere?

That's a shame. I was going to ask him out, too. sad

Wally wrote:


Veronica Mustea

Liking Wally's style here.

Dermatron wrote:

Spends all day every day monitoring social media for loonies. Now this may become of no surprise but its a branch on Military intelligence and he can peer into your profile even if you are set to private! Shock horror. Well i was shock horrored anyway.

Hmmmmm. Not buying it. Unless Facebook have granted them some sort of super login (like a god mode thing) then I don't see how they would achieve that.
Given that most of Silicon Valley are telling governments to do one, when it comes to stuff like this, I don't think they would.

But there's some shady shit going on lately. May's Snooper's Charter is dodgy as fuck.


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I still refuse to call them Snickers, too.


It's a bit late now.

All this rife noncing going on in the 80s, and I still missed out.

Can't help but feel a tad disappointed really. I must have been a really ugly child. sad


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Oh. Tbf I was quite drunk at that point.


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Dan Harwood wrote:
joeyp wrote:

Max to be number 2?

With the new regs coming in and Adrian Newey at Red Bull, it might be worth Vestappen staying for a season or two.

Newey has been at Red Bull for a quite years now. If anything, his last couple of season's he's been on "gardening leave".

Vestappen is a racer and having two racers wouldnt fit at Mercedes as we have seen this last couple of years.

Despite Nico's championship he isn't, and never will be, a racer. How many times has he had the opportunity to show his mettle, only to lose his nerve and throw it away? If Hamilton hadn't had the bad reliability he did, he would easily have been this year's champion. I can't think of many times where he's really had to earn a win. We haven't seen two racers at Mercedes. We've seen one very average driver, in the bests car, and one unlucky driver.

He's too good to be Hamilton's number two. However, on the flip, he does have youth on his side and he might be prepared to do that and learn from Hamilton.

Ummm... he's 31. He's been in F1 for some 10 years or so. He was driving in F1 before Hamilton.


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We left about 3:30. Sounded good up to then.

Absolutely packed to the rafters mind. Which was far more noticeable as I was stone cold sober.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

I'll be doing a Benson, with style.

The other half is coming out as we have the Mother in Law over. But, I've got the boys swimming class at 11am so cant get too out of hand. Probably gonna have a 3am cut-off so expect me to be a dribbling mess at 12:02am.

Genuinely can't remember that last time I saw her out. Then again, it's only recently I've been seeing you out as well. wink

I am going to be mostly trying to behave. I'd say it'll about 4am when I'm dribbling nonsense to people.

Quite possibly. But back then you'd have to then create an acetate as well. That's quite a pricey cost just to have a track play slower.


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Let me get over the motion sickness and I'll get back to you on that.