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Given I spend most of my day having to use it then, yes, I do give a shit.


Not a rapey video at all.

Iffy is a top lad.


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I'm not sure why but Millsy was the first person that leapt to mind, when I read the thread title.

It's designed to protect attendances for lower league clubs. Not the game they would be showing if it were nearly sold out (by your idea).
I can understand that. You're hardly going to head down to watch Tamworth vs Kidderminster when you have Arsenal vs Liverpool on the telly.

I would say the Prem might find a way around it, such as putting the games on at times other than 3pm, and/or more Sunday games. But, whilst the money is rolling in, they don't really need to.

Are Sky still using the frankly awful SkyGo stream for Now TV?

Cos SkyGo is shit.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

is that right?!?

so Sky must taken BT's share of the prem games then?

otherwise Sky should reduce their monthly fee - no?


MattBlack wrote:

I think with the new TV deal they've only managed to keep one package, Sky got 5 so they got most of the games with BT keeping the early kick offs and some of the Saturday evening games but that only comes in in the 2016 season

Both Sky and BT have the same Prem packages as last season. BT now have the Champions League and Europa League exclusively.
They've made Sky fork out an utterly ridiculous amount of cash for the same Prem deal they had before.

Of course Sky want you to think Sky is even better now as they've stuck on another channel and have Thierry Henry.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Was only japing chief. I mean, what kind of weirdo would document amateur minges from around the globe, in an Excel spreadsheet with a dedicated worksheet for each country. And on reading that would be gutted that the Auzzie worksheet will remain blank for the time being.

Send it on when you're done, chap.

furry wrote:

So it could presumably handle anything?

Now I didn't say that. But it should do more than 20mpbs.

Those 'plug-into-the-mains-and-expand-your-wifi-all-over-your-house' devices are, in my humble but recent experience, utter shit - even when you get them working as well as they possibly can they'll at least internally halve whatever external bandwidth you're paying for.  Only remotely useful for when you want wifi in a room so remote from your router that there is literally no signal - otherwise a 'two-bars-out-of-five- signal direct from your actual wifi router will beat it all the fucking time...

Which is why you should get homeplugs with ethernet connectivity on them.

furry wrote:

I could be wrong but isn't 20 Mbps the most your laptop can handle?

If his laptop is about 8 years old... yeah, maybe.

Most have Wireless N at least, these days.

Wifi is shit. Concrete walls it hates. Most things, between the device and the router, it hates.

Either wire up your house or get homeplugs.

I have spoken.

Ncable wrote:

Are you seriously telling me that either of Adele's albums will be considered redundant in another 18 years?



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MattBlack wrote:
303 abuser wrote:

so i've just listened to it again and my memory seems to hold true.  it's decent enough, some nice tracks and some that fall flat, but there's nothing here that even touches belfunk or xpander.

Pretty much this, Sasha is at his best doing club bangers, even his Emfire stuff was better than ADD

Are we still going with the notion that Sasha was mainly responsible for those tracks then?


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MattBlack wrote:

I remember around that time he spent a fortune on studio gear and by his own admission at that time he didn't even know how to switch half the stuff on never mind do anything with it

He still doesn't.

MattBlack wrote:

A "Jihadi" bride was interviewed and she said she went over there because she thought the Isis fighters were fit and she fancied a bit of that, maybe they should start doing package tours for wannabe Jihadis

"So what is that attracted you to ISIS?"

"Well, the constant rape, mainly."


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Fucking hell, Matt.

MattBlack wrote:
Presto wrote:

That'd be me.

You look about 12 in that pic Presto

Perhaps I was...

That'd be me.


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I didn't go in the end. No review here.

I'm at almost every TA boat party. Deal maker, I'm sure.

I take it the panel is smooth?

My housemate watches Game of Thrones. I just can't be arsed to get in to it... despite the endless amount of tits.

I love Saturday Kitchen, natch.


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Vaughan is a notorious coke head. Reckon he'd be great craic at after parties.
The Big Breakfast made me late for school, every single day. Good times.