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Hannu never let's the opportunity for a photo of himself go, does he?


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Sex on pills is fantastic tbf.
Well, to the point you've been pounding at her for a good 40 minutes, she's seeing stars while you're just getting frustrated at the lack of your own end product.



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Beijing Dave wrote:

I'd do Anjum Anand and Ching He Huang in the food goddess stakes above her.

Can't argue with that.


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steelydan wrote:

Presto has swiped it and no doubt giving it the vinegar strokes

I've moved on to Rachel Khoo, these days.

That reminds me. Joeyp never did send his missus over. Can't help but feel a little hard done by.

dutchy101 wrote:

That Bonzai track on Tenaglia's Athens that he pitched down massively works a treat.

There are notable exceptions.Charlie May's GKP sounds wonderful a t-6. Doesn't sound like deep house though.

So what conclusions can we draw from this, lads?

Most records don't sound all that great when deviating too far from their original pitch, yeah?


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Has the Mandy worn off yet?


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No, but I want to.

Hope this helps.

Homegrove wrote:

"You cook like a 12 year old who's been left home alone for a year by his parents."

That's right bitch, macaroni with sliced up hot dogs and ketchup is DELICIOUS.

Jesus Christ.

"You're not bad for a bloke."

From a lesbian.

I was saying Boooooo urns.



*Obvious pole joke here*


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Is digital audio really just ones and zeros?

Yes. Yes, it is.

We don't believe so

It's irrelevant what you believe because it is.

Excellent blog. The one about the 'halo' effect when using HDD vs SSD is just amazing.

My latest mix is in the mixes forum.

Go get it before the internet runs out.

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=60277

*smiley face*

The creative juices have been flowing once more. I'm hoping this will be to some people's tastes:

Simon Preston - Spring 2015

01. Le Vinyl, Javi Bora - Momma's Tale feat (Sacha D'Flame)
02. Simos Tagias - Drunk State
03. Rodriguez Jr - Mistral
04. Patrick Chardronnet, Afrilounge - Morning Poem (feat Phetote the Poet)
05. Ozgur Ozkan and Nissim Gavriel - Lost Highway (Stanisha remix)
06. Mescis - Lately (Tim Penner remix)
07. Marc Romboy - Hypernova
08. Luca Morris - Pixel
09. JCB - Uppsala (Monaque remix)
10. Billy Dalessandro - Spacebong
11. Derek Howell and Faskil - Un Poema Cinematografico (David Granha remix)
12. Lutzenkirchen - Dyne and I
13. Dosem - Message
14. Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba - Take Control (Phunk Investigation Acidd remix)
15. Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber remix)
16. Camea - Black Sorrow (Deadbeat Dub)
17. Nick Curly - Hiya Power
18. Brian Cid - Sharp Objects (King Unique remix)
19. Daraspa - Rendro (Andre Sobota remix)

I'm trying to work out if I like it or not.

Heard it, for the first time, leaving the office the other night. My immediate reaction "I've heard this before on a previous album."
Had a listen to it tonight and it would easily drop in to the last 2 albums, if they wanted it to. I guess that suggests a lack of evolution on Howlett's behalf.

On the same token, I'd much rather listen to this than most of the shite the charts tells us we need to care about.
Problem is it still seems forgettable, for the most part.

I hope Howlett throws in some narcotic suite-esque tracks on the next album. If just to remind us he knows how to do it. Fat of the Land had them too but that was what, some 18 years ago?

Darwin Award early contender.

Well I will certainly be there.

I really don't have the inclination to do 2 nights on the bounce, these days. Bedrock will be good enough for me.

Unless that double involved Brighton, of course. wink