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MattBlack wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Yep, that has proven to be false.  I'm sure he was thinking that though

Its believable as its the sort of thing he'd say

Well that validates your sharing of bullshit just great.


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Fuck sake.

That website looks fucking hideous.


It's back! League code is 79444-26769 should you not auto-renew.

Listened to this 3 times already. Outstanding.



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Awful final. Awful tournament.

Nice to see Ronaldo still making it about him.

Absolutely quality night btw. Got in about 11:45 and didn't stop dancing until 6am.

smashdad - Today 03:58:58 wrote:

Are you sat, counting the moon, somewhere Kiz?

Kev, do you ever go to sleep?


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Unbroken1 wrote:

That got a hearty laugh.

Sbando wrote:

Simon, my new Win10 laptop keeps asking for a network user/password when I try to connect to it with my other computers (XP and 7). I removed McAfee, disabled Win Firewall and Windows Defender. No luck. Folders are properly shared and permissions look ok.

If you've got the same user/password on both machines, you should get access, providing the permissions are set correctly.

If you haven't got the same user/pass then there's your answer.

Alternatively, allow Everyone to have access, if you've no problem with that. Or set to read only access just in case.

As a side note, I've never set up a Live account to log in to Windows with. Always set up a local account, so I don't know if that would behave differently tbh.

It would be nice if it didn't ask me to install Office 365 every day. Also if they'd stop filling the start menu with adverts (although I've since replaced that with Classic Shell). That's the kind of shit that will see me move to Linux.

Apart from that, pretty happy with it.

Liking the look of the dark theme that will ship with the next update too. Most of my developer tools are set to dark themes and it's so much nicer on the eyes.


smallman1 wrote:

This also got dropped, was his first track -

Was his first track today, also.

I dunno. A month later and he's still playing the same old shit. I ask you...

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

and almost achieves orgasm while taking a dump.

I kinda need to know more about girls like this tbh.


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NE3 does always seem to get lost when the other two come in to the mix. Its an utterly brilliant release, in it's own right.
Maybe that's the problem, though, NE1+2 were so groundbreaking, NE3 couldn't come close. NE3 was a straight up trance comp. NE1+2 had all manner of genres going for it.

Yup. I'll be there. Probably.

Generic complimentary response, Dave.

This is because iTunes is smart enough to know to remove the gaps when playing back. Aural is correct in stating that mp3 encoding is a bit shabby in this regard.

Or you could get something that plays mp3's that does remove the gaps.

(by this I mean it is clever enough to know that the silence shouldn't be played).


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I thought the same as Dave, amazingly.

Sbando wrote:

Also, ripping a 1:1 version of the CD with EAC is a long process.

No it isn't.

New Android OS = Upgrade immediately
New iOS = Upgrade immediately
New MacOSX = Upgrade immediately

New Windows = AAAAARGH!! NO!! HOW DARE YOU!!!


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Hmmmm. That might be a good post-sesh film, tomorrow night.