Just gonna bump this, as I'm getting a new one prepped for Sasha at Fabric, at the end of the month.

Yes. It was brilliant.

Anything else?

Glen wrote:

11 hours....an 11 hour set? How do you go about when having to pee?

Back in the day, the default setting was to stick on a Deep Dish record.

Like some throwback to the early 00s. Wonderful.


Not that I want to carry this on, but the thread title is literally a date and time. Not all that descriptive.

millsy23 wrote:
303 abuser wrote:

well this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to.  smile

You woke up next to Presto?

Makes a decent fry up to be fair.

You should have tried my stir fry Full English. Felt so wrong.... but oh so right.

kiz wrote:

Stop bullying.

It's not bullying to be pointing out the flaws in your approach. Put the cotton wool away.

kiz wrote:

Digweeds music is like a fine bottle of champers. It is to be enjoyed and savoured.

But you still have to buy the fucking thing first.

Can you not just order via Paypal and have it debit your card..... you know... like normal?


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He's dead to me.

It says 1pm GMT, Hannu. That's 2pm, British time.

You'll have to hold your cock for a little while longer.


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Well I guess we all had to start fucking each other eventually. It's the only natural conclusion.

For once, Millsy can leave the rohypnol at home.

Grant wrote:

Gerrard's slip was hilarious


Are you saying that Liverpool will take the CL spot, should they win the Europa League? Not that they will finish 4th?

If so, your phrasing needs work.

Or football.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Don't really give a shit about the FA cup but this is nice.

Get the fuck out.

Also Liverpool getting 4th. Massive lolz.

Nah. Like licking a rusty tuppence, innnit?

Ain't no man going down near my sacred whole. I don't care if I can't see him or not.

I'm all for a good rimming.


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zackster wrote:

just watched purple rain the other month.


If you mod it.

I can make my toaster play mp3 files if I mod it.

I like the idea of puzzles. For the next "Live In" perhaps we could try and find Diggers "Where's Wally" style?

I've got it! It's John Digweed!

What do I win?

Pretty decent night, that. Not that I actually remember anything about it...