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Dan Harwood wrote:

Give me a flatpack and I'm your man. Tell me to built it from scratch or repair something, I'll leave it well alone. Drives the missus mad.

Man after my own heart.


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SW4. Both Days. One Good. One Bad.
Sweet FA Monday.


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Images can be switched off.


However, I do agree with Wally. It's not really something you want to have to explain should someone be looking over your shoulder. I have images off on F365 for exactly this reason.

However, since I'm at home, post more filth, Gus!

Dermatron wrote:

Presto wont like a tugging rule.

I was going to post a reply to that. Seen you already did it for me.

smashdad wrote:

Only one 'warp mode' in Intro and it's the shit one...

What's the shit one? They all have their own uses. But as long as it does Repitch what else do you ned?


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A shirt Snedders would be pleased with.

monostereo wrote:

what about the cheapo version of Live?

I was about to say exactly this.

79 Euros for the intro edition.

MattBlack wrote:
La Nausee wrote:

The bloke what plays Kevin Webster in Corrie.

Saw him walking round Sale the other day

What an anecdote.

Take the tin foil hate off, Derms. All email clients send information to the email servers to tell them it's them. It's not an exclusive Microsoft thing.
Same way as any web browser, that visits a website, leaves information about the browser viewing the page.

Windows Defender is perfectly adequate. I've been using it, or MSE on Windows 7, for years now with no problem at all.

As long as you're not an idiot you'll be fine. But idiots will find a way regardless of what AV they are using.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Did someone say Rio?

What a fucking hero.

Dermatron wrote:

Boyle used to be funny but even he's run out of material now and his shock value is old. He's taken to trying to be far too political and digs at the English.

He was good in small doses. Mock The Week was perfect for that.
His live routine got boring very, VERY quickly. That Tramadol Nights thing was absolutely atrocious.

Izzard gets a pass for all his older stuff.

Wiggy's sharp exit from this forum after that thread, ffs.

Homegrove wrote:

Anniversary update now available.



Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

Is is still going? When Louthy switched to the new format I never went back.

That's basically it. He killed it by trying to turn it in to Facebook. Everybody left.

Although, just like this place, it was only a matter of time before it was down to the same few posters.

benson wrote:

Bedrock double header???

Any news on London for 18th birthday??

Well that'll either be on the 6th or the 8th, won't it?

I've always hated the idea of fame, fortune, all that nonsense.

I'd hate being in the spotlight.

I'm not drawn to 'special people' much either. I've never been one to treat well known people, or celebs, any differently than I do anyone else. We all eat, piss and shit.

Bought my tickets the moment I heard about it.


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MattBlack wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Yep, that has proven to be false.  I'm sure he was thinking that though

Its believable as its the sort of thing he'd say

Well that validates your sharing of bullshit just great.


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Fuck sake.

That website looks fucking hideous.


It's back! League code is 79444-26769 should you not auto-renew.

Listened to this 3 times already. Outstanding.