smallman1 wrote:

This also got dropped, was his first track -

Was his first track today, also.

I dunno. A month later and he's still playing the same old shit. I ask you...

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

and almost achieves orgasm while taking a dump.

I kinda need to know more about girls like this tbh.


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NE3 does always seem to get lost when the other two come in to the mix. Its an utterly brilliant release, in it's own right.
Maybe that's the problem, though, NE1+2 were so groundbreaking, NE3 couldn't come close. NE3 was a straight up trance comp. NE1+2 had all manner of genres going for it.

Yup. I'll be there. Probably.

Generic complimentary response, Dave.

This is because iTunes is smart enough to know to remove the gaps when playing back. Aural is correct in stating that mp3 encoding is a bit shabby in this regard.

Or you could get something that plays mp3's that does remove the gaps.

(by this I mean it is clever enough to know that the silence shouldn't be played).


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I thought the same as Dave, amazingly.

Sbando wrote:

Also, ripping a 1:1 version of the CD with EAC is a long process.

No it isn't.

New Android OS = Upgrade immediately
New iOS = Upgrade immediately
New MacOSX = Upgrade immediately

New Windows = AAAAARGH!! NO!! HOW DARE YOU!!!


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Hmmmm. That might be a good post-sesh film, tomorrow night.

Not that I like to split hairs, but CD is very much 'digital'.

djdiggers wrote:

Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions from the major labels the Chemical Brothers and Sunscreem will not feature on the digital release of Montreal Finale.
The CD took months to sort out and was quite a headache so this is an oversight by us for not making it clearer before the release date.


Meaning? They are still on the TL for the CD release. Arrived today. Not played this out yet, but I'm assuming they still feature on that?

Sasha at Fabric and then that's me done until end of June.
Started a new job, this week, cash reserves are depleted and first payday is over a month away. So I'm brassic for a while.

Btw, if this turns in to the 'Best mixes of boards members Part 2' I'll be requesting it be deleted.


Count me in.

When is this event happening?

Spackermong is still a favourite, after all these years. Never heard it on the forums, but bringing it over was worth it.

That it does. I got my ticket for a fiver. I really can't argue with that.

This one was always a personal favourite: … e-11-2002/

Just one of those mixes where everything seemed to go right. The progression, from start to finish, seemed to work and it just flowed perfectly. It's one of those rare mixes where I can listen back to it and enjoy almost every second (I am very nitpicky about my own mixes).
Sure, the beats went astray a bit, but I was mixing on Citronic PD-1s, back then.

Nearly 14 years old too.... blimey.

01) Way Out West - The Secret
02) Lexicon Avenue - West On 27th (Sander Kleinenbergs Audio Paranoid mix)
03) Landa - Music and Control (Shmuel Flash remix)
04) Mara - Coming Down (Original Mix)
05) Switchshift - Head Pressure (Zero Wait State remix)
06) Hybrid - Visible Noize (Original Mix)
07) John Creamer and Stephan K - I Love You (Hybrid mix)
08) Austin Leeds - Nutmeg (The Light vs PFN Breakbeat mix)
09) Proper Filthy Naughty - Put Your Earphones On (Original Mix)
10) Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Bedrock Vocal mix)
11) Yunus Guvenen - Red Pilot (Original Mix)
12) Josh Gabriel - Wave 3 (Charlie May Undertow Mix)
13) James Holden - One For You (Original Mix)
14) Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Hybrids Super Collider Mix)

Plus, as Jon Lisle would say, it was a mix that had a middle. Notably the section that was Hybrid - Visible Noize in to the Hybrid remix of "I Love You" to PFN - Put Your Earphones On. Before unleashing the end tracks...

If last weekend's mix was one for sunny afternoons and a laid back vibe, this is most definitely one for 4am, dark rooms, heads down nonsense.
Once again, it's a big event at Fabric, next weekend, so I threw out another mix for that.

Simon Preston - Prefab (Vol 2)

Barry Jamieson - Stars (Charlie May Low-g remix)
Quivver - Takin Over (Reprise)
Blond:ish - Nada Brahma (Persuader Mix)
Rodriguez Jr - Lila (Rodriguez Jr Bamako Mix)
Dario D'Attis and Reto Ardour - Shape
Derek Howell and Peter Martin - Ode To That Long Night
Huminal - Road To Transmission
Miss Melera - Faith (Einmusik remix)
Donatello - The System (Vocal mix)
Sascha Kloeber - You See (Dousk remix)
Noir - Bataille
Coloursound - Fly With Me (Nicole Moudaber remix)
Monkey Safari - Walls (Guy Gerber remix)
Daso - Rolling For The Mix
Jay Lumen and Wade - Dirty Groove
Tube and Berger - Imprint Of Pleasure (Adam Beyer remix)
Marc Romboy - Hypernova (Stephan Bodzin remix)
Tiger Stripes - Runaways (Alex Dimou remix)
Dusty Kid - The Arsonist (Part 3)
Chymera - Canavan Calling
Monoloc - Gipson (Slam remix)
Blaues Licht - Subsoil (Microtrauma remix)
Sian - Diamond Shore
Kiko - Slopper Boat (Nicole Moudaber remix)
Fiord - The Tribe Has Spoken
Artur Reimer - Don't Be Afraid
Omid 16B - The Game (Beat Tribe remix, Omid 16B edit)
Mat Joe - Nighthawk (Dosem remix)
Olafur Arnalds feat Arnór Dan - So Far (Guy Mantzur Sleepless mix)

smallman1 wrote:

I've never listened to a Presto mix but I shall be giving his blue waters one the proverbial whirl.

I'm not sure whether to feel hurt or not.

However, got another mix waiting to go. Probably publish it today tbh. Will that see me in to the top 5 then?