CD version is on its way, courtesy of Amazon. In the meantime I have stuck on the free MP3 download they provide. Swish.


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Welcome to the attention span of the Youtube generation.

namistai wrote:

A few new additions

It should be known that I have used this setup more in one day then Tom has since he got them.

liquitech1 wrote:
Presto wrote:

This sounded utterly beautiful in that room.

Love that you reckon it might have been recorded for TV, Presto?

I did hear they had camera's about for it. No idea how true that is mind. Even so, due to it being in the bit before they actually got on stage, it might not be included anyway.

I do have a Samsung Galaxy S3 crapposound recording of it. But it's no where near the same. This was definitely something that needed to be heard in that space.

Since I've had a few years to chew on it... AFTER Paul McGrath,of course, it's clearly Henry. Perhaps Bergkamp or Cantona. Shearer isn't fit to lace any of those three's boots.

Agree with BF, with regards to Schmeichel, as well. Just an absolute beast between the sticks. A pleasure to have him at Villa Park, if just for the one season. Watching him in action every other weekend was incredible.


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Big Fella wrote:

Clicking on the link is just a depressing reminder that i am still spraffing the same auld shite ten years later.

Pretty sure we're all guilty of that tbh.

This sounded utterly beautiful in that room.

smashdad wrote:

Entered the ticket ballot for this - gutted to have missed out - glad you enjoyed it.

Same. Although I was less likely to get it, not being in London and that.

Seeing them tonight though, so all good.

Ooooh, hold on while I pull up a chair.

Got your link the other day, fella. Have downloaded for the commute.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

is it archived anywhere I wonder? …

Knock yerself out.

Family are trying to organise a meal in Brum on this evening.


MattBlack wrote:

One way to stop him winning the Ballon D'or i suppose...

Barca will just pay it.

Or the Catalan authorities will pay it. Either way.


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spinnerlg wrote:

You'd never catch Presto in one of those nights on a boat or club ever. He was only 12 when those monsters came about.

I dont see the harm though tbh. What's your beef with them Dog?

You, sir, are treading on VERY thin ice. tongue


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Listening to older prog tracks that I absolutely love?

Not for me, thank you.

Which reminds me, I need to get going on the 3rd part of the classics somethingology...

benson wrote:

It was pretty good for tearing apart some old furniture. But that might not be exactly the review John and Nick were hoping for!!

We've all had afterparties that have gotten out of hand...

loopdokter wrote:

I've always wanted to remix it to modern production standards.

Big Fella wrote:

Nothing beats the opening of the boxes of new electrical goods imo.

Unless it's a vibrator.


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There's no real evidence for this.

When can I hear it?

If I never heard this on the Movie Killers album CD there's a good chance I would not be on this forum now.

A sound that me absolutely hooked from the word go... and never let go.

loopdokter wrote:

Ferry Corsten on a comedown from hell

I think Corsten might be getting an unfairly balanced review here tbh.