Moved in to a new place, this week. This seems the perfect way to warm the speakers up.

Big Fella wrote:

aye, the joker and his crew convert all the NATO heads into different coloured powder and when they convert them back they all speak different languages.

More realistic than recent ones.

Got that on DVD, natch. Great fun. Especially when pissed.


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House Harkonnen wrote:

Hearthis won't catch on - putting stuff there is a total waste of time imo, you're just using a beta product with no community.  A bit like Google Plus, it would be great but only a handful of mavericks actually use it - so it's not.

If Facebook had made their product so unusable that it forced users to Google Plus then your analogy might work. But it hasn't so Facebook continues strongly. HearThis may not have a massive following for now but, the more Soundcloud restrict, the more it will push people towards HearThis.... who, 34/5years down the line, may find themselves in a similar position. Plus it's a bit of chicken and the egg. If it didn't have any users at all then nobody would go. But it is getting users, and with them in place, it sows the seeds for more to come over.



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smallman1 wrote:

Presto will be along shortly to blow you all out of the water.

I had fish and chips yesterday. Boss.

millsy23 wrote:

Presto can always be counted on for turning any thread into a wanking thread.

It's my level of humour, unfortunately.

poirot wrote:

Haha sounds like a right old slapper

Was early/mid 20s.

JohnnyVegas wrote:

I can't remember who my first wank was over. Probably a banked image of our French teacher who had a butters face and was in her 40s probably, but boy - the way her tight skirt stretched over her stocky thighs....

Miss Laird. Our Business Studies teacher. Ridiculously hot (actually hot, not teenage boy definition of hot.... which is anything female). Irish accent (Northern but you can't have it all, I guess), blonde. Always wore skirts that barely covered her knickers, heels and stockings. Almost went blind over her, especially the evening after I got an epic view of her underwear, whilst she was at her desk.

Good times.

One of my very early teenage wanks was over Kate Bush.

She wasn't THE first, however. That accolade went to Jet from Gladiators. The Hang Tough round was a bit too much for me.

I hope this contributes to the discussion somehow.


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steelydan wrote:

two tickets secured for the forum June 13th

Anyone else going?

I'm there on the 12th.

Listening to the new one now. Liking it plenty.

You got me thinking then and I just realised I've had mine some 11 years now.


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loopdokter wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I like the fact that Spotify pay artists next to nothing.

You're a proper cunt if you truly believe that then. Sadly a good chunk of consumers seem to think most artists are minted when that's clearly not the case.

Enough about your woes, Jay. Get those fries salted, please.

poirot wrote:

Fuck him. Send him a mix you did on it all. Call it ,,,'Every loser wins,'.

Or send a photo of you and the decks/mixer with the caption "Celebrating 8 years strong".

poirot wrote:

Could never see the point of a 62 at home to be honest. Mate has the 42 which I've used a lot and can't fault apart from the gain sweeps compared to the 92. It's just a dressed up 42 isn't it?

Considering the 62 came out a long time before the 42 I don't see how it could be.

My 62 is still rocking and rolling and looking beautiful.

I take good care of my equipment... and my mixer.

Thank you, Gamesmaster.


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Ncable wrote:

butt-f*cking trojans par for the course with Windows rubbish.

Not had a trojan or virus on any of my machines for a very, very long time. Any malicious files that have cropped up have been swiftly dealt with. It's usually user stupidity where these sort of things get introduced.

Nice one, thank you.

Ahad Adump wrote:

I work for an airline in Hong Kong and we require a second person in the cockpit, one of the girls comes in and sits down. So no, its not just the US.

I now want a job as a pilot.

mr rossi wrote:

This Germanwings crash in France is Apparantly suicide then.

I think mass murder might be more appropriate.

Can't see Walcott accepting a demotion tbh.

jamie wrote:

A proper power line up and then some.

Why didn't I take the blue pill?

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Hopefully they’ll come in for Sam which will give us a few more weeks, plus the summer to look for a new manager – Sunderland giving us a compensation package in the process. Good business all round imo

Careful what you wish for. Could see your owners going for a manager they know....

*cough* McLeish *cough*

millsy23 wrote:

Indeed. A lot of it around this year it would seem.

See also those who start a post beginning 'Would like to wish....' yadda yadda. Usually it's their child or spouse, who is probably sitting next to them at the time. These are your serial Likes canvassers.

Okay, wish them a happy birthday or whatever. Announcing it on Facebook just makes you seem an attention seeking twat.

I've seen far too many pictures of people's mothers, today, than I care to. What's with the gushing on Facebook about? "Oh my god, I had a mother all this time!" Well done. Send her some flowers and be done with it. Why would the rest of us need to know?