Cheers fella. You should have been on the Howells boat on Saturday. Plenty of old faces all round.

And yeah, 10 years have absolutely flown by. Good memories in there though!


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Presto wrote:

Pardew will do what he does every season: Just enough to ensure safety then spend the rest of the season on holiday.

I am, of course, looking forward to another relegation scrap surviving thanks to some teams being worse.

Whoops. Sorry Geordies.

Happily wrong on the second statement too. I should be a pundit.

Ah Susanna. Hardly seen her since she defected. Fuck off am I pushing that button on the remote.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..anyone else find that wunderground site desperately unfunny?

Mostly miss than hit. Seen a couple that made me laugh but are generally shit.

So basically none of you have actually forgotten about these mixes then?

I've said my piece on Deadline Day before, so won't be going in to what a load or arse it is.

However, I'm sure I'll tune in at some point this evening for a quick shufty over whatever Natalie Sawyer is wearing. Standard.

smallman1 wrote:

Err, cheers Presto.

Wasn't on about you, Ed. But if you want....?

I got my eye on you, buddy.

Van Gaal breaking more records.

Now for the quickest title hopes dashing. Over before August is even out.

Good lad, Hodgy. Got a fair bit of promising feedback on this one.

Playing in Brighton next week. That will probably do for me.

I think I had this track stuck in my head one time.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

yeh - it's nice - bought it a month or so ago but haven't put it in a mix yet

Thanks for the info there.


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You mean you didn't check out my second classics mix, Strudders?

For shame.


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Everybody likes Jay, I thought. Always took a good ribbing on the chin (Matron!) and sends himself up often enough.


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Fire was one hell of a fucking label.

millsy23 wrote:

Great big wide world out there lads. Nice walks everywhere. Fresh air. Sunsets. The world is my console. In HD.

MattBlack wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

Matt you were even logged in at the time

I could well have had the page open on my iPad without actually being on the board at the time, it's one of the pages I usually keep open most of the time

****** BORING POST ALERT ******

Unlike Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook which keep a connection active, this forum will not show you as logged in after a certain time (somewhere around 5-10 minutes) if you haven't clicked on anything. It's not actively looking to see if you have the page open and only refreshes your log in status when you actually do something like click on a thread or go to a different part of the board.

Wow. I've cured my insomnia.

spinnerlg wrote:

Rather lose 4-0 on the day United sign Di Maria, than win 4-0 on the day United sign Felllaini!

Certainly a very unique way of looking at it. tongue


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For someone who bands about crap jokes on here it's amazing how often Matt doesn't get the joke.

You didn't actually believe that, did you?

Did you??

Lucy, 23, from Balham. 36DD.