loopdokter wrote:

Say that one fast.

Thank you, Jay. I wouldn't have got that otherwise.

Blatantly Derms.

That's what I was going to suggest. If he then says he needs to hear the start and end, send them on, in small separate samples.

Worth it for the laughs it could provide this thread tbf.

He did indeed. Think he's the only driver to have held both the F1 title and IndyCar at the same time (although not taken in the same year).

Conversely, Jacques Villeneuve won the IndyCar champ, then almost won the F1 the year after (and did on his second attempt).

loopdokter wrote:

I think a lot of it is due to the fact that they're not required to pay for a TV licence like in the UK...

Well bless you for trying all the same...

I've been flicking between the Argentina vs Tonga match and the NFL game at Wembley. Absolutely highlights the differences between the two, seemingly similar, sports. NFL was was 5 minutes of fuck all happening. In 30 seconds, the Rugby game has already had far more action.

What is with the Americans and their love for incredibly dull sports? Baseball is dull as dishwater. The Indy 500 is 500 miles of cars going round in a circle. At least F1 turns right now and then (but that really needs an overhaul too, tbf).

I'd take Fat Sam at Villa Park, right now. Sherwood has a better team than Lambert did, but had an even worse start to a season.

That's a proper 'Got, got, got, got... NEED!!!! got, got got...' list if ever I saw one.

And so the Bedrock board has reduced itself to clickbait....

erik.b wrote:
Presto wrote:

Don't have 'em. hmm


Genuinely, I don't. I feel absolutely fine after a sleep. Never had midweek blues, or a Suicide Tuesday.

Don't have 'em. hmm

loopdokter wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Ticket confirmed.

Afters back at mine, natch.

Just don't invite Benson 'round.  He'll be looking for a lie down instead of a rave up.

You know how there is always 'that' guy that ruins something by either a) over-using it or b) executing it terribly, or c) both....

Strangely had no issue, back then, of leaving Heaven at 4am, and rolling in to work about 7am.

The thought of similar scares the shit out of me.

smallman1 wrote:

Presto's NYE sounds ace.

It's the way I like it.

I echo Matt's sentiments here. Can't remember the last time I went out on New Years. Sooner stay in, with a bottle of whiskey, watch the fireworks at midnight. Once they've died down take the dog for a walk.

Haha. Ah yes.

And that is why, chaps, you never ever tell your missus the monetary value of something.

I think you know what the right thing to do is, Wally.

Get rid. Now. And I don't mean the 1210s.

Grant wrote:

Tank Top beat you to it Simon

Well he should have done it properly and posted a vid, shouldn't he?

Champions League. Pah. No-one wants to be part of that tinpot trophy.

Sky don't even want it any more.

Got to get my vinyl from my mother's soon. Considering shipping out a fair few. Mostly the cruddy BSPF that I played once or twice and never again.

My 1210s are in perfect nick. But they aren't being sold.



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I'm just going to leave this here....

Ncable wrote:
Presto wrote:

De Bruyne will probably be a major playmaker for them. But he needs time to bed in.

Any player costing over £50m that needs time to 'bed in' is an absolute shitter in my opinion. You should be primed and ready to hit the ground running at that level. It's kicking a ball about, not horticulture. Does De Bruyne need a bonding weekend away at a spa with the rest of the team? Arseholes.

Any player, regardless of cost, will need time to find their feet in a team. That's just the way it is. You can pay £100 for Ronaldo... that doesn't automatically mean he's 100% comfortable with how he slots in with the other 10 player around him, from day 1.
But you seem to think football is all about how well an individual can kick a ball about, rather than how well a team actually works together... bless ya.

Even so, De Bruyne has looked pretty handy already.