Homegrove wrote:

My friends seem to be purists in that regard, Rekordbox is too much for them, nevermind Traktor. They still all burn cdrs. big_smile

I probably already mentioned it in this thread, or elsewhere, but a CD-R with 5/6 tracks on it helps me to remember the tracks far better than a folder full of tracks.

I'm so glad I bought my 62 at a time I was happy to just spunk a shit load of cash on something I wanted. No way I could justify it these days.

Like my 1210s I can't see myself ever selling it.

Sbando wrote:

I mean, traffic here is almost irrelevant.

It really, really isn't. As mentioned, GU could afford to split Life and Music as they had enough users to do this. It also created a bit of an "Us vs them" mentality... which had plenty of brilliantly funny moments. You can afford niche splinters like the mixes section as that serves a specific purpose, and most of us will head over there from time to time to check stuff out. But that was some 5 years ago and more. Asking to have 2 separate groups of day to day chatter ain't happening here. It'll just kill the board further.

I never ate veggie bacon.

Glad you had a chuckle over something that never happened.

MarcusGraham wrote:

As for a few people in Brighton being unimpressed, how many of the UK are unimpressed with the tories, lib dems and labour?

Do you not think that's a big point though? They've had a crack at actual power and they've fucked it up to the point the residents are pissed off with them? It's not a few people; most of the city are sick of them. Not only that but Caroline Lucas, the Green MP in Brighton (you know, should be on their side, right?), also stood against them during the bin men strike. A strike that went on for over a month. A strike where rubbish began to pile up in every street. Where the city centre became an eyesore. I had to pile bin bags in my house. I didn't have a garden. I couldn't put them bags outside as the foxes would get in to them. So I had to keep the bags indoors. You know what happened then? Yup, a stinking house. Not only that but we found all sorts of insect eggs around that area, and in the kitchen. It was not a nice period at all and took ages to clear up afterwards.

Not only that but they've reduced one of the busiest roads, which was 4 lanes, to two for cars, the other two for buses. All done in an effort to reduce pollution... by forcing people to use buses, I guess. The reality is all they've done is create highly congested roads that are probably causing more pollution, since more cars are sitting stationary, whilst not increasing the bus usage at all. The buses are also more expensive than ever. Car parking around the city has become an utter joke.

Greens: Hearts in the right place but an utter fuck up at running something they actually get a stab at. For this reason they are not getting my vote at running the country.

That's exactly why I went all the way back to real bacon.

Still think those CDless whatever-ever-they-are (they're not CD players, Hannu, obviously) are a silly idea. I see no reason not to include CD provisioning, especially when it can't cost all that much to include. It's not as if they've had a radical redesign without a CD slot.

Simple answer: the traffic is far too small as it is without splitting it up further.

Longer answer:

Message boards thrive on the off-topic stuff and 'banter'. Without it they die off pretty quick, especially so in this age of Facebook which cuts out the middle man.

Imagine being at a party, which had 2 rooms. One room is full on anything goes talk. The other room you must stick to one topic and only that. How long do you think you'd last before you think 'fuck this, I'll go to the other room instead.'

Nothing wrong with a mix of the two.

steelydan wrote:


Don't tell me he was involved too. sad

I iz nut votin n ting coz Russel Brand sed not to innit.

mr rossi wrote:

Is there any truth in the rumour that a new GTA San Andreas is being made.



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I've had a low frequency rumbling in my right ear for many years now. It comes and goes. Sometimes very quiet sometimes so loud it's all I can hear when trying to sleep.

Oddly, I haven't noticed it for a little while now.

Newcastle currently at 28/1 to be relegated. Tempted to stick a tenner on that.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

What made you go back to the zippy avatar, Presto?

I haven't. Yet. He will be coming back though.

Yant wrote:

In other news.  Erm, whut?

Finger on the pulse as ever, Jase.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

You're a generous guy, Presto.

Crediting a clear cretin with the intellect to feign police seizure of his own account ...

The Metropolitan Police sure do like their football.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

Christ on a bike, what a friggin tool that Chelsea fan is, his account is seized by the met police now:

This account has been seized and is now property of the Metropolitan Police subject to conditions.

As if.

Ncable wrote:

We ought to stop romanticising our domestic cups; they're shite and get in the way of Premier League fixtures.

Yeah. Who wants to win silverware?

Aren't you an Arsenal fan?


I remember a girlfriend told me she thought she might be pregnant. I have never felt the blood drain my face as quick.

I have dogs to fill that void.

Well it doesn't answer back.