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Damn that music having different BPMs.


dj_todos wrote:

Had the pleasure of listening to this over a week ago. 'Tis a cracking mix, full of some familiar tunes. Really well put together and works as an overall, good journey. Which is hard with this genre, esp at a length like this one. Well done!

High praise indeed. The Kilchurn mixes were a huge inspiration behind this.

Cheers for the track name spot. Looks like I just looked at the file name, when writing the tracklist up.


Possibly the nicest thing you've ever said to me ever... I think.

Good to hear it's being enjoyed.

And Now For Something Completely Different

So, in an Airdrawndagger-esque sense, a chill out mix has been 'haunting' me for over the best part of a decade.
I could go on about that... but fuck it. Get this on. Either with a nice speaker setup or in the headphones.

Hammock - A Secret Hiding In The Open
Sasha - Baja
LuQus - Dear You
Tsewer Beta - Because It Makes Me
Daft Punk- Arrival (Tron Legacy)
M83 - In The Cold I'm Standing
Lana Del Ray - Gods & Monsters
Anders Ilar - Red Stones
Slate - Coloured Storm
Helios - Vargtimme
Tim Hecker - Shipyards Of La Leiba
Franz Kirmann - Liza (Charlie May Pacific Mix)
Max Richter - Infra 1
Eluvium - Reciting The Airships
Matt Dunkley - Cycle 5 (Clint Mansell mix)
Ludovico Enaudi - Petricor
The Sight Below - Shimmer
Sasha - Vapor Trails
Accadia - Blind Visions (Accadia Ambient mix)
Irukandji - Whales Street
Carbon Based Lifeform - Tensor
Global Communication - 5:23
Banco De Gaia - 887 Structure


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Love an Aus Open, 5 setter, final on a Sunday morning, me.

Fed will be aiming to win Wimbledon this year, then jack it in.

That's my birthday party sorted.

I thought 2017 was supposed to cure death?

100% accurate MS Paint visual representation.



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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Caught Diggers there quite a few times over the years. And all were brilliant nights. Best night was the one where Sasha didn't turn up. Zabiela warmed up and finished and was absolutely amazing.

I got to enjoy Coe's hotel room, thanks to him not showing up. It was like a fucking house.


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Dan with his finger on the pulse.


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Dermatron wrote:

Im not. Im just pointing out that presto can happily 'ignore' what his country are responsible for and have a great old time. You cant fucking ignore it.

What the fuck are you yammering about, man?


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I had a damn good year, all being considered, and ignoring the madness goings on of the world.

Loads of gigs, nights out and other events I've been to. Had a couple of road trips. Started playing out again.
Was made redundant from a job I enjoyed. Had a slight hiccup with a job , immediately after, I just wasn't enjoying at all, so left after a month. But I've since found a new place where I now feel quite settled, and that's going from strength to strength.

So yeah. Hoping 2017 will be as much fun, minus the job insecurity.


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monostereo wrote:

are you pissed presto?

Not at that point I wasn't, no.


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This is democracy manifest!


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Over to a mate's to drink up with some others and chat shit/watch crap until I decide I need to go to bed.

Thank god for Monday off, too. Although I have no idea how I'm going to function, back at work on Tuesday.

Sbando wrote:

mixing.dj is horrible, I wouldn't download gonorrhea from them.

Would you download gonorrhea from elsewhere?

That's a shame. I was going to ask him out, too. sad

Wally wrote:


Veronica Mustea

Liking Wally's style here.

Dermatron wrote:

Spends all day every day monitoring social media for loonies. Now this may become of no surprise but its a branch on Military intelligence and he can peer into your profile even if you are set to private! Shock horror. Well i was shock horrored anyway.

Hmmmmm. Not buying it. Unless Facebook have granted them some sort of super login (like a god mode thing) then I don't see how they would achieve that.
Given that most of Silicon Valley are telling governments to do one, when it comes to stuff like this, I don't think they would.

But there's some shady shit going on lately. May's Snooper's Charter is dodgy as fuck.


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I still refuse to call them Snickers, too.