I quickly skipped through that. What was the problem?

https://hearthis.at/thisispresto/simon- … olume-one/

I made a mix with some background to it.... isn't that something?

The annual pre-Christmas trip to see John Digweed at Fabric has become something of a tradition over the last decade. PreFab, the brainchild of my sometimes partner-in-crime, Leon Gallie, was a small get together, held in a bar near to Fabric, where friends could gather and catch up before the main event. Got to play there myself now and then.
PreFab, as a warm up event, is no longer with us. But we're hoping the spirit of it may live on with this mix.
This mix has been made in an effort to try and reflect that Fabric Room 1 vibe between 4-8:30am, whilst condensed in to a 2 hour runtime. So indeed, it is in homage to the Ginger Ninja (Digweed) himself; with my own twist on things, of course. wink


d-phrag and Napalm - Reason For Anxiety (Mindmusik and Stasik T remix)
Dan Diamond, John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto - Let It Go (Eddie M remix)
Motorcitysoul - Sirens
Spirit Catcher - Raxon (Olivier Giacomotto remix)
SYAP - Downtown
Hector Couto - Gettin Closer
DNYO - Fringe (Charlie May remix)
Junge Junge ft Kyle Pearce - Beautiful Girl (Audiofly dub)
Kobana - Freefall
Alessan Main and Toni Varga - Noisy Boy
Kirk Degiorgio and Ian O'Brien - Promenade Eleven (The Third man remix)
Spirit Catcher and Compuphonic - Mastermind
Sian - Fur
Jel Ford - Overcast
Alessan Main - Aiktog 20.02 (Tom Dazing's Break That Shit remix)
Spektre - Minds Eye (Nicole Moudaber remix)
Adam Beyer - People Understand
Rich Curtis - Deadhead (Dousk remix)
Solee - Sommerliebe
Orbital - Lush 3-1 / 3-2
Derek Howell - Interstellar Homecoming

HearThis have sorted my absurd listen count out (More than 20? As if!) so I can upload again.

Link for that here.
https://hearthis.at/thisispresto/simon- … mmer-2015/

poirot wrote:


0/10  Beyond wank. Impossible to sit through more than 10 minutes. Embarrassing for all involved.

Sort yourself out. Kingsman was absolutely excellent.


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Done in 7.


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America and it's allies bomb the likes of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc in to the stone age, murdering thousands of innocent lives. Nobody bats an eyelid. 100 people in Paris are killed and everyone changes their Facebook profile picture to a French flag.


Happy birthday, me old mucka. Have a goodun. smile

Just listened through that and felt bored tbh.

went absolutely nowhere.

I don't pay much attention to this board any more tbh.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Shame on Presto for creating this thread. BF will be slouched in his Emporium, with his feet up on the fryer soaking all of the adulation up.

So is he actually still banned or was he waiting for this thread?

Disgusting behaviour, Paul. Disgusting.

Surely he's done his time?

Plus someone has to better my postcount. He was my last hope.... well... maybe Ed....

How was the rest of it?

I'm already preparing the lube.

I don't think I've celebrated a goalless draw so much in my life.

Thought you had a driver for this shit?

Good to see Ed getting to properly air his views.

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You know something? I don't think I've actually ever listened to that.


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Boring wrote:

Tossing the cap at Rosberg - what a cunt!

Ummmm. It was Rosberg that launched the cap. Hamilton was just handing them out. Lewis can be a mardy cunt at the best of times, but it was Nico who turned that in to a deal.

Can't wait for the next manager to enter this clusterfuck of a club.

steelydan wrote:

really? I find Jose quite endearing

In his first Prem term he was. We liked it when he was winding up the likes of Fergie, and upsetting the establishment, back then. He's an absolute twat, in his second stint.

I'm not sure if it'd be different, should Chelsea be top, but it's a very different story, throwing your weight around, when things aren't going your way. Being comfortably top affords you a certain arrogance. At present he comes across as bitter, and windmilling his way in to the press conferences, each week.

Let us not forget him giving the chop to a neutral fan favourite, in Eva. It hasn't escaped attention that their problems started pretty much when she was suspended. Are the players not giving in their all, since her departure?