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erik.b wrote:

Tbf its not the original article I read on it., have seen a few things about it security problems.  A friend of mine who's head of IT for a large company told me to give it a swerve.

Couldnt find the original one so this will have to do.

Yeah, I read about it. I'm wondering how much is FUD and hysteria (a lot of this data stuff is due to them needing it to synchronise devices, in the same way Android/Apple devices do). Vista and 7 also had similar levels of "OMG Microsoft is scary!"

Still, I don't use a Microsoft account to log in. Which negates most of this. Local accounts all the way.


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Everyone owes it to themselves to watch Sci-Fighters. Amazing production.

What the hell is Tong actually doing?

Has anyone told him you can't control the instruments with CDJs?

Stick my other 2 classics mixes on in that case.

https://hearthis.at/thisispresto/simon- … cs-part-2/
https://hearthis.at/thisispresto/simon- … ssics-set/



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Ah disclose.tv



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Upgraded my laptop, this morning.

It froze on the first boot and crashed on the second boot. Good start.

Hopefully just a bedding in thing else I'll be back to 7.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

torn between this and the TA Howells boat party the week before...

can't do both

I'm very much considering just booking the entire week off. Or maybe just the Monday and Friday and do a 3 day week.

Got myself a ticket. Will be playing this one by ear, mind. 3am finish, in North London, and getting back to Brighton after??

Good man. Cheers to all enjoying it, so far. *tips hat*

It's what comes out of the speakers, which is important. I do like doing studio mixes in Ableton, as it let's me work on transitions/harmony mixes a lot more.

That said, I think it's about time I set up the CDJs and banged one out. Then do a mix.

Can I wear trainers?

poirot wrote:

Great mix chaps.

Out of interest was this done with both of you in the same room?

Ta. Unfortunately not. It's a back and forth Ableton mix, using Dropbox to keep it all synced up.

We would like to do a proper B2B, on the decks, but those opportunities are quite rare.

Harwood's credentials in tatters. It's a massacre in here!

Sometimes I have to wonder, is it just me, or is an overwhelming majority of the Earth's population just thick as shit?

I don't think it was anything that fun tbh.

Oh we are so evil. Let's do evil things. Yay or neigh?

I have no idea how I got home.

One minute I'm on some rooftop of some hotel, somewhere. Next thing I know, I'm home watching the F1 qualifying and stuffing my face with a burger.

https://soundcloud.com/loopmusicmixshow … w-24072015

Over 3 hours of bench pressing, bicep curling, anger wanking powerprog.

01. Maria Nayler - The Other Side
02. Stef, Pako and Frederick - Seaside Atmosphere (Evolution dub)
03. Eddie Fingers - Till Death Do Us Disco (Remix)
04. Robert Miles - Fable
05. BT - Remember (Sasha mix)
06. E-Magicians - Out Of Stock (Evolution dub)
07. Innate - Changes (Louis Strange remix)
08. Decepticons - Eastern Promise
09. PQM feat Cica - The Flying Song (Origin remix)
10. Pufo and Sin Plomo - I Surrender
11. Sven Vath - My Name Is Barberella
12. William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (Spooky remix)
13. Acoustic Hoods - Circles Of Time
14. Yothu Yindi - Timeless Land (Leftfield Vocal mix)
15. Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Quivver dub)
16. Orbital - Nothing Left (Pariah remix)
17. Ortz - We Don't Talk (Asle remix)
18. Breeder - Rock Stone
19. Jan Johnstone - As The Cracks Appear (Highland remix)
20. Jon Vesta - Substance
21. Humate - Love Stimulation (Oliver Lieb Softmix)
22. Saints and Sinners - Pacific High
23. Revolt - Moonlit Room (Drumland remix)
24. Trisco - Muzak (Wonderland Avenue remix)
25. Der Dritee Draum - Hale Bopp (Raumgleiter version)
26. Underworld - Dark and Long (Dark Train)
27. Cass and Slide - 3 Tyrants @ The Bonaparte
28. Andy Ling - Fixation
29. Sasha - Belfunk
30. Armin - Blue Fear

loopdokter wrote:

Benson, is your love for Faithless because their named reflects the lack of confidence the Tory government has in the NHS?


I still buy CDs. Mainly for collective purposes (although what were they before, if not that?). I'll keep getting the Live In albums on CD.  There's plenty of classic albums I want to source on CD (and likewise with vinyl). They'll be around long after my hard drives have died, and I've forgotten the passwords for my back/they've also gone.

Having your entire life condensed inside some 3.5" hard drives? Not a fan.


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For what you get, the licence fee is a bloody bargain.

zackster wrote:
aural wrote:

I always had a thing for the title track from "Reverence". Maxi Jazz's flow on it is great


idk if i know a single faithless tune, and i intend to keep it that way.

Lasted long that, didn't it? Almost like your lies.

millsy23 wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Presto regularly pulls the guts out of himself in this housemates nurse's outfit

blatantly. Bet he cooks the Sunday roast while wearing her smalls that went missing last week from the laundry pile.

She's tiny. I wouldn't fit in to it..... I did try....

Tell that to my housemate, who (being a nurse) works ridiculous shifts, including weekends. Day shifts she leaves about 7am, and comes home near 8pm. Night shifts she leaves near 7am, and will get home about 8am. Hardly ever see her. Oh and these shifts seemingly have no regular pattern, that I can work out, so she'll have to switch between nights and days quite often. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't want to do it.

Yeah, the problem with that is I just don't give a fuck.