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Big_Fella wrote:

The one with the vest is a sort,

And also enjoyed a past life as a model.


Appreciated, Paul.

Japanese servant girl.

Yeah. You'd never see a failed manager doing studio analysis.

Just the 7-0 defeat for Valencia tonight.

Not so easy without the benefit of hindsight, is it, Gary?

Totally on board with that.

The idea of José staying anywhere more than a few years is funny, let alone finishing his career there.

He'll have pissed off loads within a few years.

You're really not very good at this, Boring.

Like a phoenix from the flames.

It would appear those upstairs, at Villa Park, have completely thrown in the towel.

Actually a complete shambles.

Yant wrote:

Those are Chelsea fans, BTW.  Showing their love.

Like attracts like.

Not my usual type, but I'll go with it.

Yeah. The world number 2, recent Davis Cup winner should just retire.

Boring wrote:

I'm watching the final - how shit is Andy Murray? The game is in a sorry state if he's the second best player in the world.

He's actually brilliant, but plays like an utter twat when against Djokovic or Federer. It's quite infuriating.


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On a similar note:


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Squidgy wrote:

Did you mix them or do it Jimmy Saville style?

Like Hannu is getting a blowjob from a 13 year old, under the decks.

roberto wrote:

Quite liking this one


Ivanovic has been a fave of mine for many a year.

poirot wrote:

Fucking hell. She needs fucking right off. Cant see why anyone would want to fuck her either. Unless its with a hammer. She's a fat faced fcuking disgrace of a human.

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p … ine+boiler



Fuck off.

Remember when people we getting all suicidal, after seeing Avatar, as the real world wasn't good enough for them any more?


Avatar was balls.


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A GU classic, I think.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

...not that I think he will but it would be gas if he did get to the White House. Kanye running against him in 4 years would make savage TV. We'd most definitely be guaranteed an assassination to mull over on here at the very least..

brilliant - this needs to happen

It really, really doesn't.