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Fucking love it.

Blatter to come crashing down in the near future? Oooo, I hope so.

Gee, thanks.

I'm still going to laugh.

http://talksport.com/football/id-die-li … 0524148043

41 years old. Fucking lol.

Walkers Thai Sweet Chilli and Anri Okita. Next question?

Well it helps if you book an orchestra doing music you are interested in tbf.

Boring wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

From that performance, it looks like the players have stopped playing for the manager or are even now actively trying to get him sacked.

No way back now, best to make the change soon (even though I personally don't think Rodgers is actually a bad manager).

Throughout his time at Anfield Rodgers has tried to come across as a young Ferguson.

Like Fergie, Rodgers finished second in his second season and followed it up with a poor third season. That's where the comparison between the two ends. Fergie won the cup in his fourth season and never looked back. I don't think Rodgers should be given that chance - he doesn't have the pedigree.

Nothing like trying to compare yourself to one of the game's greatest ever managers simply after having some poor seasons.

I'd recommend going to see an orchestra do some sort of film scoring themed night. That's always a good way to get in to it and hear lots of stuff you're familiar with.
You can go see an orchestra do themes from a particular movie series/composer/director, or see an them score an entire film live, as it plays. Either way it's a great experience.

I can't wait for Rafa to return and it being utterly hilarious.

"MGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be.

Wasn't that just known as being a bloke?

It is saying that, as a man I will not surrender my will to the social expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile against masculinity."

What the fuck is this shit?

Never solely used studio monitors for solely purposes (I did sometimes use a pair of Alesis, but they were bought for production stuff. They just got plugged in to the decks now and then). Don't really see the point. Studio monitors are supposed to give a flat response, in order to try and pick up on issues with the sound. It's so a producer/engineer can spot where things are going wrong - why would you need this for DJing? The tracks have already had this done, and you can't change much anyway even if they haven't.

Secondly, studio monitors are designed to be set up in a particular way, and that you can hear them brilliantly in a pretty specific place. Outside of that you lose a lot of the benefit of monitors here. So I guess if you're at home, DJing to nobody, you can get a pretty nice sound, if you set the sweet spot up to point at you when at the decks. They're also designed to be used close by to your listening position. Using them for parties is is retarded.

Home speakers are designed to give out as pleasing a sound as possible whilst filling a room with sound. This whole idea that studio monitors sound better is basically derived from them costing more, and them being in studios. But you can get a far better sounding home speaker setup, that will also serve for house parties, for less.

The Yamaha NS10s were one of the most desired sets of studio monitors around. Why? Because they sounded so shit that, if you get something sounding good on those, they'd sound good on anything. That's why. Not because you'd get super duper amazing sound from the moment you plugged anything in to them.

namistai wrote:

As soon as I saw the thread title I knew it would be that video.

I was expecting the one where he's being interviewed and he has some pony tail down to his trousers.


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Did I miss something juicy?


Sky was absolutely horrendous. Alan Parry sounded utterly dejected when the penalty went in, merely saying 'Palace have won' with no positivity whatsoever. No Stevie Me final home game fairy tale narrative.

I still have no idea why all this nonsense over a player that isn't even retiring.

I'm hoping for a gif of that at some stage.

That's me done for today.

Reckon Heaven will get some outings via Transitions.

Where does the vinyl go on that?


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Homegrove wrote:

It has got more to do with the attitude of getting kids so they'll look after you when you're old.

You're pinning your hopes on your kids liking you, eh?


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Homegrove wrote:

Not too happy with my collection of Alex Smoke-records either. That minimal techno-phace turned out to be just a phace in my case too. I doubt I'll ever play those again.


fletcher wrote:

Currently my system is consuming 1.3gb of my 2gb of memory,

So? RAM is there to be used. It's only an issue if you have an app with a memory leak but otherwise it's not something you should be concerned about.


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Fuck me. You're right!

I'm off home to burn all my vinyl.

fletcher wrote:

I have a Nexus 5, each new update of Android seems to make it slower / buggier.

Well that's not true at all. 4.4 was an excellent release. Even tried it on a Galaxy S1 and it made that run fantastically quick. Not tried Lollipop myself, but the general opinion seems to be that it's a step backwards.

I wish i could revert to KK.

No custom rom you could do this with?