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..looks ace Dan, will check

...Warren Barton, centre-partin' all the way wink

fadass wrote:

Is she bald too, Damo?

(And yes I do mean down there)

..au contraire, like a blacksmith's apron Tom

..none taken (& yes)

Big Fella wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..Bryan Pop Robson, West Ham, Newcastle, Sun'lun

fair play, does he still have the globe?


..hah, that's brilliant! the props again, what were they thinking FFS!?

Will post some more when I get home

Yes Ed, that's her.. fattest baby you ever saw, thankfully has good sporting genes and has since run it off


bloody 'ell mate, pop!!..seen him many times on the north bank at west ham  in the seventies as kid.

great goalscorer.

..nice one Glenn, these days only fans of 'a certain age' seem to remember him

smallman1 wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..Bryan Pop Robson, West Ham, Newcastle, Sun'lun

You forgot Chelsea Damo.

..correct Ed, player/coach and only for one season I believe

..Bryan Pop Robson, West Ham, Newcastle, Sun'lun

Big Fella wrote:

Who thought it would be a good idea to take a photo with.... a Hoover and wheelbarrow etc etc.


..no idea what they were thinking with the props in some of those old 70's press pics, my missus has loads of her as a nipper with her mum and dad from Shoot or similar, some bizarre setups, dad in the kitchen with chefs hat on etc. Seem to remember there's one of her as a toddler being carried in her dad's golf bag.

There's an ace book called 'Studs' that has loads of these..

..cheers Kev, Ed & BF for the nice comments smile

Apologies for delay on the t/l.. away in the Lakes for a few days and left my HD at home and there's a few track names I can't remember, will sort tomorrow.

..actually think this one might be my fave:

..that Alexander Aurel is a brilliant track

Loving this, think it's available as a free d/l. Whole ep. is worth a listen:

..cheers Henry smile

Happy to perform a 'warmup set' in your bedroom any time; with Millsy accompanying on camcorder from the wardrobe, I'll feel like Big Omar performing one of his 'special' housecalls wink

Away with the family at the mo, will get t/l's together ASAP...


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..quite honestly, much as I used to love the best of the irreverent patter in the discussion forum, at this point in time they could pretty much scratch the rest of the board apart from those members that recommend, submit, download, enjoy & comment-on the music and it would not be any less of a place to visit

..cheers Sean, enjoy all smile


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...blatant aliassszzzzzzzz

I don't care anymore...

..uploaded two recent mixes just now

July one is 2hrs 40'ish, 26 tracks including La Fleur, Audiojack, Rodriguez Jr. and Solomun... had decided against upping this one as it was recorded just after my holiday pretty much unrehearsed, and has a couple of uncharacteristically 'big' tracks in there, but played it to a mate at the weekend who liked it and convinced me to share.

August is 1hr 45'ish, 19 tracks including Hackman, John Tejada, H.O.S.H. and Animal Trainer... this one a bit more my usual style


Please comment on SC and share as you wish smile

..re-the cyclical BPM thing, yes, things will eventually come back around to 135/140 BPM, it's inevitable, although having been through this cycle a couple of times already I know which I retrospectively prefer listening to, and despite having a fucking epic collection of prog vinyl (if I say so myself), unless I'm in a 'frame of mind' I find much of it unlistenable these days.

..YouTube> David August Boiler Room, think he's only done the one, pretty much all unreleased stuff done for the mix. Try to ignore his dancing and the usual Boiler Room frolics going on around him, audio download version available if you register on the Boiler Room site.. check out his Innervisions Groove podcast too, also v good.

..I have no problem at all with the drop in BPM's; sarky comments about his 'trendiness' aside I stand by my opinion that DA's Boiler Room is probably the most innovative set I've heard this year, certainly the one I've listened to the most (and I think I'd find it really hard to play at these BPM's). As for his over-exuberance at listening to ostensibly downtempo tracks, not a problem at all, bass-heavy tracks that are groovy as fuck to my ears, he made them, if anyone has a reason to rock-out, he does.

nitron wrote:

David August will be doing movie soundtracks before we've had time to blink. You heard it here first.

..and this is a negative how? Most producers I know would chop their own ears off for a crack at this

..he's not very well is he?


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..FFS give it a rest, this is the type of tedious shite that has killed this board

Yant wrote:

Sasha is the Tiger Woods of DJ's. Just not up to it anymore. Needs to produce a killer set to show he's still got the minerals.

Any links chaps?

..Turnberry, St Andrews, Royal St.Georges, Lytham St. Annes


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seanc80 wrote:

Yea Damo,  Ive read loads of reviews and the concensus is that they are slightly base heavy which suits me fine. I wonder is there much difference between the 5 and the 6 though?

..yes, been told the 6" are worth the extra ££

Have a look on eBay, there were some dealers doing deals on a pair and a sub...


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..when I was interested in the KRK's a while back a reliable source suggested the 6"s are generally the pick of the range.

if it's strictly for DJ'ing the Rokits are decent, if you are thinking about dabbling in production, try and stretch to the VXT's. Reviews suggest they are a little bass-heavy but I thought they sounded great.

You can add an 10/12" sub to either and they are fucking LOUD.

..sign of a good night IMO