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...oooh, is it? or isn't it??

It's all so intriguing!!

What a way for a grown man to behave... the great soppy twat (flares not Edward, before anyone else does it)

...fucking Polly/Charlie May will be tough to top in terms of messageboard melts

...it's a sad day when Presto can't take a wanking gag IMO hmm

...did you break it to mom about the bedsheets yet? wink

Big Fella wrote:

It's called Banter, Damo.

...'bosting banter moight!!'

poirot wrote:

Damo's top will be off by now id have thought.

..any opportunity mate


Presto wrote:

As for Villa 'not registering' with Newcastle fans exactly when did Newcastle register with anybody?

A team completely dining out on that time they almost won the Premier League once but absolutely bottled it.

Other honours include........

..'not registering' wasn't really intended as a diss Simon (not that bit anyway wink), we're both pretty poor, underachieving clubs with no specific beef prior to that occasion, that was my point.

Your lot taking such extreme pleasure in a team as bad as your own (admittedly, Newcastle marginally worse that particular season) going down, outside of a home and away fixture and the odd cup jolly was fucking weird, that's all.

As always, recorded on a potato..


Presto wrote:

If it wasn't us it would have been someone else.

...you think? they went to a lot of trouble for a club they couldn't give a fuck about, especially since we are supposedly preoccupied with you!!?

Still, it's Birmingham, the evenings are very long I guess wink


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Presto wrote:

This never ceases to amaze me. You Geordies are fixated with us to the point it's cute.

...ehh? yeah, we err... made banners and everything roll

Presto wrote:

Newcastle, as a town, must rank low on the banter scale.

...give over Simon, as I pointed out, Villa didn't even register with most geordies before that point, it was the fact that our potential relegation was enough to get your fans painting bedsheets and organising a full-time carnival that perhaps provoked the 'banter'. A slightly bizarre reaction from a side that had no particular axe to grind, no?

Good luck at wembley btw wink

smashdad wrote:

Quality retake on Kate Bush's 'Wow'...


This is wicked, top Oxia mix too..


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...that aside, I have nothing whatsoever against Villa smile


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poirot wrote:

Don't take it personally Presto, its not despise, its just villa are one of those clubs who just seem to exist forever doing nothing. The fans are proper wank too. They don't travel and when not doing well they don't even bother going. Never forgave them for turning Leeds wanting another 5000 in a cup clash then the whole place was empty. Proper cunt tackle that is.

Plus Wembley looked empty the other week. Always sign of a shite support and it wont have been the dippers.

...epitome of smalltime, celebrating an opposition team they have no particular rivalry/connection with going down after a spectacular 0-1 result (Duff OG)

It's Birmingham, they have about 14 teams, plus they are all fucking Brummies, they'll go home, have their tea and a shower, and still be fucking Brummies... its quite a cross to bear to be fair.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
Presto wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

Thanks for the heads up Simon – just put a fiver on that

Starting to wish I'd put my money where my mouth is. 7 losses in a row.

You didn’t put it on? I put a fiver on it, don’t think its gonna happen but should hopefully get a profit if I cash out

..you absolute fucking shithouses sad

Hey Presto, your lot would take immense pleasure no doubt, we've never forgotten this:


Never really had a problem with Villa until that point... really, really fucking hope it comes back to bite them in the arse one day.


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..great track

...it's the pausing-and-coming-back-to-it part that's tricky, Traktor/serato and most other DJ software effectively replicate the A/B decks & faders together workflow of a turntable/CDJ and a mixer (in different ways)

Ableton would enable you to revisit a mix project in the way you describe, but quite honestly, probably a much steeper learning curve than the other options.

Yes, something like MixMeister would work, or you could always just record a chunk of audio in Traktor (or similar) and edit/bolt it together with another chunk recorded at a later point in time using something like Audacity..?

...well done mate, congratulations, lovely news smile

..if you're talking DJ mix as opposed to mixing the component parts of a track, I'd deffo go for DJ-specific software over Ableton, (the standard version of Live costs £250'ish), Traktor, Serato DJ are the big guns, although there are loads of other lesser-known ones like Mixvibes etc. Audacity is really an audio editor and not ideal for what you want to do.

Traktor Pro 2 is a bit outside your budget, £89 from the NI website... you might want a small sound card and a controller at some point too, but you could grab the software and get familiar with that before dropping any more cash.

If you have an iPad/iPhone there is a version called Traktor DJ which works really well and is a lot of fun, £7.99... add one of these and you have a perfect afterparty setup:

http://www.native-instruments.com/en/pr … ontrol-z1/

..happy birthday mate smile


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Ncable wrote:

He deserves to be booed off the park. How much silverware did Arsenal win whilst Fabregas was playing for them? This so-called great player drove them on to nothing. He went to a top club and was found out before being quickly shipped back to England into whatever desperate outfit would take him, in this case Chelsea. You can't even point to his influence being the guiding power behind Chelsea's current success - Hazard is twice the player and would grace any of the world's top clubs, when that time eventually arrives, which it will.

..hah, fucks sake

House Harkonnen wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

...a track I'd totally forgotten about...

...since the last time you posted that clip on here you mean?

When did he last post it?

...well I sure as fuck didn't see it at the cinema

loopdokter wrote:

...a track I'd totally forgotten about...

...since the last time you posted that clip on here you mean?

simeon79 wrote:

..loving this one too