..haven't done a house mix for a couple of months so a larger than normal pile of tracks to sift through resulting in a suitably long mix. A bit over 3hrs, 32 tracks, featuring Einmusik, Piemont, Kevin Yost, Chopstick & Johnjon and John Tejada.

Hope you like smile

https://soundcloud.com/unbroken1/damien … studio-mix

..really enjoyed that Simon, great stuff, 'Mistral' is such a beauty



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...didn't we do the Hook/Bellboy thing before?

Anyhoo, two clear winners for me.. remember a Creamfields/Tribal Gathering where Sasha, Diggers, PVD all smashed-out Mind of Man, epic Leftfield sample (normally a red card offence), the other one hasn't aged quite so well but I used to fucking love it:

..got the full set of Sensory Productions/Disco Elements EP's

..can't find a link to it, but the other track 'Desake' marvellous too

simeon79 wrote:

another gem from Steyoyoke....

..agreed, that's the pick from that EP


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..coincidence? I think not


steelydan wrote:

One for the weekend

..ace, Tuff City Kids on a roll

Neko wrote:

..lovely that


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..always knew Adam Johnson was a wrongun


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..Fraser Forster smashing it out the park:

http://www.thesportbible.com/articles/s … me-wasting


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..acid on your wedding day? Christ Kev!


..HAGO Shaun

..cheers Dan, thought it might be wink

Sincere apologies for the teeth-marks in your arse Henry.. smile


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..he's no Charlie Chester

...one of my favourite house records of the last ten years, was reminded of it by the latest Native Instruments promo:


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...looks good, used to love that Oscar Goldman track

..chars smalls, JP wink

..its an absolute fucking belter, been trying to fit that on a mix for about 2 years

..glad you enjoyed it Jules, cheers smile

...me too bud, I'm long overdue a trip back sarf wink

..having this for the commute tomorrah, nice one mate wink

smashdad wrote:

From Damien Unbroken's Festive Mix Swap mix...

... oh my fucking days...


take a bow...

..well spotted mate, I wouldn't have got that

Unbroken- Slo-Mo House Mix (2014/15 Festive Mix Swap) Tracklist:

Scope “Munich” (Original Mix) [UrbanTorque]
Robert Rodriguez (Manolo) “If I Had You” (Original Mix) [Serenades]
Qtier “Set Me On” (David August Remix) [Fayer]
I:Cube “Falling” (Original Mix) [Versatile Records]
Robert Rodriguez “I Know You’re Mine” (Original Mix) [Compost Black Label]
Chromatic Filters “Slow Emotions” (Music A Dub) [Rebirth]
SHOW-B “Jammin’” (Black Label Edit) [Compost Black Label]
Marcus Marr “Pleasure Moon” (DJ Version) [DFA Records]
Daniel Avery “Simulrec” (Original Mix) [Phantasy]
Turin Brakes “Sea Change” [Cooking Vinyl]
Perseus “Seychelles” (Original Mix) [French Express]
Luvless “Be Mine” (Original Mix) [Tsuba]
Andre Lodemann “Your Choice” (Original Mix) [Room With A View]
Jay Shepheard feat. R. Davis “Here Comes” (Original Mix) [Apersonal Music]
Photek “Aviator” (Original Mix) [Photek Productions]
Giovanni Damico “Anywhere” (Original Mix) [Ragrange Records]
Tirrenia Vibe “Girlz” (Dub Mix) [Electrofly]
David August “Her Myth” (Original Mix) [Soundcloud]
Justus Kohncke “Tell Me” (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Joakim “Nothing Gold” (Todd Terje Remix) [Tigersushi]
Serj V “White Magic” (BlueAzure Remix) [Disco Soul Records]
Ray Mang “Look Into My Eyes” (Original Mix) [DFA Records]
Late Nite Tuff Guy “I’m Goin’ Outta My Head” (Original Mix) [House of Disco Records]
Prab K “I Met Her In Space” (Original Mix) [Better On Foot]
Tornado Wallace “Insect Overlords” (Original Mix) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse “Last Day” (David August Revision) [Diynamic]