Squidgy wrote:

People want quality sound and that tends to be associated with studio monitors. That is what has been spoken on music forums since I've used them and why you get people buying Genelecs for djing, when really you might get a lot more pleasing sound out of specific home 2.1 systems with a donk button when you need to pretend you're in a club havin it large.

...this is pretty much spot-on IMO, I'm thinking basically the prevalence of studio monitors is based largely on the fact they are self-contained (plug straight into a mixer) and people think 'studio quality' = 'pro'. Granted, a percentage of those are DJ/producers, and it makes sense to have kit that is capable of both, but they are not the right tool for a majority of home DJ-types

...and there is a reason behind this btw, I'm not being boring just for the sake of it wink

..I have monitors that I'm very happy with Glen, I'm not buying, just looking into what other folks are using and why they made those choices smile

Regarding your point about monitors translating well to soundsystems, I'm not so sure... studio monitors are by their nature flat-response, used for super-accurate reproduction, for mixing the separate elements of tracks into a cohesive whole, not really intended for the playback of finished/mastered tracks.

Club soundsystems are arrayed and tuned to maximise their sound for a specific space... 'coloured' into oblivion by rooms of amps and compressors. The direct opposite of what studio monitors do when you think about it.

I'm not disagreeing that studio monitors are ubiquitous for the bedroom DJ, just reflecting on whether or not they are the best tool for the job...

zackster wrote:

i mean, personally, i would be all over the concept of an affordable home/portable sound system. having something like that would make a lot more impromptu gigs possible. not sure how something like that could be affordable and of good quality tho.

...cool. Yes it's the old affordability/size/quality axis that needs consideration.

Ncable wrote:

Genelec for me too, all the way. Some of the massive Genelec monitoring systems I've been privileged to hear in some of London's finest recording studios have been the absolute nuts. Pure power.

..I'm not disagreeing, they are great, I owned a pair that far exceeded my needs/studio space for 6 years, but Genelec are extremely expensive, super flat-response monitors for a very specific purpose, I'm asking about DJ-specific use

...thanks smile

Yes Rokits are a good case in point.. I guess mainly because they are cheap and relatively loud though? still marketed as studio monitors, even if most serious studio-types would probably look down their noses at them

Mono: have owned and loved Genelecs, my 1032a's were the loudest speakers I've ever had... far too nice to really serve as 'party' speakers though

I'm not looking at buying btw, got some studio speakers quite recently, more looking into the marketing possibilities for a DJ-specific home speaker system, as opposed to buying studio monitors and using them for something other than their intended purpose, if that makes sense? smile

..just wondering what you lot look for in a domestic soundsystem? I know in recent years the trend has been for active studio monitors, but wondering if these are really the ideal set-up for DJ's...

Why studio monitors? is this because many also dabble in production (or plan to)? convenience (less wires)?

Does anyone still use passive speakers and an amp?

Any computer speakers on the market up to the task?

What sort of configuration? a stereo pair, or would you be happier with a more compact 2.1 system with separate bass unit?

Do you think there would be a market for a high-end, DJ-specific sound system? (ie. more like a tuned, houseparty/mini-club system than a recording studio setup)

Thanks in advance smile

...one of my faves back with an absolute banger:


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..take it to the gardening thread

..it was on a volume of these really good Terry Farley-compiled funk comps called Happy Days, knew I'd come across it at some point smile

...someone posted about months back, think it might have been Dermo?

Sampled to death in the 90's, a few folk posted up tracks that had sampled it but no-one could remember where it came from... GOTCHA!!

...so many controls on the D2's there's not really any need to.

At a push I guess you could use the DB4 to control Traktor on it's own, but with pretty limited functionality


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..nah, don't really use midi on the mixer at all, plenty of buttons to be getting on with wink

..Glen, mixer is good, had it for about a year now. Effects amazing, build-quality OK, feels a bit lighter than a 92 but all-digital and has the built-in soundcard which saves a massive amount of faffing about (still miss my rotary tho sad)

Derm, no problems as yet, not really doing anything above and beyond the standard mapping and not sure I'll ever need to, really only scratching the surface of their capabilities. Mains-powered = more studio spaghetti. One nice feature is that they have USB hubs at the back, so you can link them together then your sound card... so only one USB port needed on the laptop

..Technics actually just out of shot Presto


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...Jimmy Saville, live from Scarborough...


...if I was remotely sensible enough to have a plan, that would be it

..not fucking yet I don't, I'm just about sober enough to plug them in

...oooooooh, pretty lights smile



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..he's in a very similar position to Prydz a few years ago IMO (not stylistically, obv.). Popular as a producer/DJ in his own right, has a pseudonym/label for the more banging/darker stuff, and can make chart-bothering commercial monsters when he feels like it. None of this might be your bag, but blanket labelling such diverse output as 'boring' or 'underground EDM' is just fucking clueless and lazy...

I happen to think when he's at his best he's excellent. Thought the Royksopp remix was one of the best last year and a highlight from that Boiler Room set, as was 'Solitary Daze' which is in a much more underground style and also great (how anyone can argue the sounds in that are unimaginative wants their ears rinsing). 'Love Somebody Else' and his mix of Ali Love's 'Emperor' are fucking massive club tracks IMO

Having said all that, not so keen on some of his other popular releases, the 'Conjure' tracks don't do a lot for me, and some of his earlier, blokes-in-white-towelling-robes-with-lazy-lob-ons breathy vocal tracks ('Under the Sheets' etc.) are overrated.

The fact that Charlie May spends so many more weeks fannying over his envelope settings isn't remotely indicative of superior quality/talent... more likely indicative of stronger weed.


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..Charles N'somnia

..proper big room action from AtJazz, could imagine this absolutely slaying the main room at MOS or similar. Don't like everything he does, but when he gets it right he's a master...

...dub is ridiculous too:

...don't know him but wish him all the best for a speedy one

...which, in turn, led me back to this: