...new Trevino on Aus, sheer class:



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shaunstrudwick wrote:
Yant wrote:

Watched the finale of Billions season one. Superb. Really enjoyed all the dynamics and side stories going on. Weaved together nicely.

Good show.

Giamatti has been immense IMHO

...hahah, I thought Giamatti was a completely OTT hammy cheeseball in that role, but having read the reviews seem to be in the minority, didn't hugely detract from the series which despite being daft in parts was quite entertaining IMO

..if you haven't already, wrap yer lugs 'round this one Stu:

https://soundcloud.com/robot-heart/hoj- … g-man-2015

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Have given up on ADID... dull and pretentious imo.

Agreed. Floating, noodling, Burning Man nonsense. Burning Man turns everyone into a cunt. Hopefully Lee can step away before it's too late.

..that's either really lame trolling, or you genuinely have no fucking clue what you are on about. Have heard some very varied and rather excellent sets from Burning Man, most recently the Hoj one (who I'd never heard of before) which is chunky and bass-heavy, very different to this in style.

Regarding ADID/Burridge, some of the individual tracks are really well-made, there are always a couple of standout moments. As I said, thought the Emix from last year was really good, and I've enjoyed the Robot Heart sets from previous years, but there's a definite 'tippy-tappy' style evolving here which is a bit lacking IMO


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roberto wrote:

This referendum has done nothing but make the people running our country look like pricks. And those who want to run it, bigger pricks. Throw in all the toxic lies about immigration and it's been a hugely damaging occurrence.

..I agree, fucking horrible, can't wait for it to be over.

Add to your list anyone that feels compelled to shove their opinions in your face, it's brought out the absolute worst in people, social media has been a fucking horror show for the last month.

...enjoying this, one of the best producers out there IMO:

https://soundcloud.com/applescal/apples … -amsterdam

*edit* almost 5hrs actually

...listen to this a few times over the last week or so, some lovely moments but not a patch on the Burning Man Emix from last year IMO.

That seemed to have some tougher moments and was rhythmically a bit more varied (stuff like the Rodriguez Jr tracks). I actually really like some of the ADID stuff, but percussively this seems to be heading into, dare I say it, more 'minimal' territory that you probably need to be absolutely off your cake to appreciate.

Homegrove wrote:

Buy Montreal Finale on digital. It's on that.

...just downloaded this hoping that it was a cleaner copy than my vinyl rip, and it sounds..... like a vinyl rip.


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..wow! very kind Jamie, thanks smile


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...yeah, never thought of that, they are few and far between though (this mix finishes with one)


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..thanks man smile

To be honest, it can be a pain coming up with new clips/ideas, but its the best way of stopping mixes being flagged on SC.

millsy23 wrote:

Still recovering


..omg, hahaha


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..cheers Liqui, thx for listening smile

simeon79 wrote:

cracking tune from Woolfy...

..best track since 'Heirbas' IMO. Beatless version is gorge as well

...yes most enjoyable mate.

Definitely Voorn-esque in parts (without the mandatory techno-disco section) smile


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Homegrove wrote:

Apologies fellow bald man. Some moderator I am for missing it.


j.p sykes wrote:

Terrific mix, loved it

..much appreciated JP, cheers smile

...soz shaun, must have had a few when I posted as I've zero recollection of this smile

Anyhoo, picked up an A&H K2 on the 'Bay... figured it would have more longevity in terms of being able to use it for other stuff, midi-mapping VST's etc.

Party next weekend, have been checking out some basic Traktor mappings and am hoping to familiarise myself with it before then..


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...got yours on now btw wink


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...thx Rob/Liqui wink

What what?? t/l has been up for a week hmm

Homegrove wrote:

Finally I can listen to this you lazy son of a bitch.

...ooh aye, now you mention it, that ^^^ would be ace smile


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...no Asda anywhere near me, so not had a chance to check out the 'Best Wine in the World' (sub-£5), anyone?:

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/busin … 73741.html

...I bet Colin, the crate that he stands on at his gigs has some tales to tell

Kumquat wrote:

Gacha Bakradze - Restless [album] on Space Hardware. The sound of summer for me...

Full Album out digitally today.

https://boomkat.com/products/restless-9 … 508733ede7

Couple of tracks off it.

...sounds ace, look forward to hearing the rest, loved 'Drift' on Best Works


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http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/busi … 4111192645

Kumquat wrote:

Finally out, such a tune...

...loving this one too, strings are amaze