smallman1 wrote:

You don't like him because he's a Chelsea fan Damo, come on, fess up!

..doesn't help his cause tbf

..horses-for-courses I guess, always thought he was the luckiest DJ out there


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..nice one mate, the FdV mix of Tony Lionni is a beast and I love the Clarian track wasn't just technical ability he lacked though IMO, saw him a few times up North early/mid 90's (NOT Cream) and always seemed to have an ability to play the wrong tunes at the wrong time, hammering it out too early or just completely misjudging the crowd completely. I can forgive some dodgy mixing but he always seemed to get it wrong on multiple levels.

He's always had access to good tunes, Perfecto absolutely epitomised that mid-90's shiny prog/trance era, released some amazing stuff, (thanks in no small part to some quality A&R work from an ex-board member), and produced one or two belting remixes (thanks to Mr Osbourne).

I'm sure he tore the roof off the Courtyard... but really, how hard is it to turn up and crash the top 20 unreleased acetates into each other to a room full of spannered scallies at peak time for an hour or two?

Imagine those tunes at that time in the hands of someone who could actually put it together properly?

..oh wait, that was Sasha.

smallman1 wrote:

In his pomp Oakey was the best in the business.

...disagree. Good business man, but very limited as a DJ. Can honestly say I've never hear a set of his that has 'blown me away' in any fashion

..heavy track, great vid too

..yeah my kids have those SamsonyHTCWindows things, they are pretty cool, you can do Candy Crush and everything

Grant wrote:

What is a 'pro' phone?

..for professionals

millsy23 wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..not interested in a 'pro' phone then?

aren't these top of the range? I'm not touching an iPhone btw.

..that'll be a no then roll

..not interested in a 'pro' phone then?

..cracking little set this (apologies to whoever posted it first, did a search and can't find it), can anyone ID the track at 15:50? pretty sure I have it but fucked if I can remember what it is

..good man Rob, glad you enjoyed it smile

..& Maceo just released 3 of 'em! The Royksopp remix is one of my favourites of the year too and only dropped last week.

Great production as the new Conjure is, think I prefer the other one released today:

..the pick of a classy EP for me:

..seriously brilliant piece of Conforce-style techno from earlier this year that I've only just found, needs playing fucking LOUD:


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..quite like it tbh, much more interesting than his usual drummy fodder, sounds a bit like Petra & Co


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..from 4-0 to 3-2, almost unbelievable


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..hahah, gerrup ya Chelsea!

Coloccini outstanding today, what a result


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..interesting t/l Stu, don't know many of those, will give this a blast over the weekend wink

smallman1 wrote:

Zackster, thanks for posting Rez, I'd never heard that before.

What a marvellous tune.


steelydan wrote:

Always thought Rez was overrated and really long and boring.



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smallman1 wrote:

David August's Boiler Room set -

..still amaze, probably my most listened-to set this year


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...big Northern acid anthem, remember it being mixed with Blue Monday quite a lot


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..this blew my mind first time I heard it loud