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Homegrove wrote:

My question is do you have to set the cue points before on computer, or can you do it with a controller like K2?

...you can set beat-grids on the D2 but not really on the X1/K1/2. Personally I'd rather set the beat-grid on the computer, then additional cue-points/loops to the file when messing about with the controller.

aural wrote:

I have one at work that I muck around with, but to be perfectly honest, traktor is a total bore to mix with. It's like a half step above just playing shit in itunes.

...I disagree, in it's most basic form it can be a bit mechanical, but I like putting the extra effort into prepping the track and having lots of options/elements when I mix, layering beats and using EQ's/filters. Its the age-old question about how much importance you attach to the 'art' of beat matching, these days, unless I get the urge to spin some vinyl, I can live without it smile


(22 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion)

Homegrove wrote:

I want a proper mixer and a small controller to do the rest. I know Unbroken had two K1's at home and that seemed to do the trick. Voorn gets by with just one so I know it can be mapped for four tracks.

..before the D2's I had 2x NI X1 mk2's, not the K1's.

The NI are much more plug-n-play friendly, dedicated buttons etc. (*cough* shaun wink), the K2's much more customisable, and with the benefit of the built-in soundcard, so like Jamie you can map them to be used as standalone 4-channel mixers if you want an ultra-compact house party setup (or look at the cheaper K1 without the soundcard if you're not likely to use this).

Homegrove wrote:

You can get it for about 1900 € from Germany. I was meaning to save for an MP2015, then the MP2014 was announced and I was "hey, I don't need four channels."

But it's still about 300 € more than a DB4, and doesn't have the effects or the three different ways to use the EQ, or a million other things DB4 has. So made a logical decision.

MP2015/2014 is however a beautiful piece of technology to have on display in your frontroom, whereas both DB4 and now this are pretty ugly IMO. big_smile

..I offered you mine for a lot less than that!

3 different EQ's? meh... I only ever used it in Iso mode. Scarcely used the other FX either, (apart from auditioning a few when I was messing about making tracks, rarely when DJ'ing). Personally, MUCH prefer using the filter control on the Rane, reminiscent of mixing with the Hi-Pass on the V6.

If you are dead set on the DB4, hang on a while though... price will be dropping any day now IMO.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

Ost & Kjex feat. Hanne Kolstø "Down River" (Christian Löffler Remix) [Diynamic]

Oh, you fucking dancer!

...such a subtle beauty innit? Löffler turning into an excellent producer IMO

...interesting concept, would certainly seem to be squarely aimed at the techno crowd.

Design-wise, very reminiscent of the DB4.

It strikes me that the further certain DJ's get from playing track after track, and the more they move towards playing component parts of tracks/stems/whatever, the closer the DJ mixer needs to move towards having the features of a studio mixing desk. How many will actually use it the way it is clearly designed to be used is a different matter.

...looks ace, that Cocteau Twins remix is gorgeous

...yeah absolutely, (although for me it's largely in isolation these days).

The enthusiasm of the crowd I mean really, totally uncynical, leaping about and wanting the night to go on forever, everything about it all so new and fresh smile

Skydney wrote:

Dimitri - Here She Comes (Electrokid Big Dub Remix) Anyone have a decent cop of this?? Thanks in advance

...I've the Elektrokid mix Steve, not a dub tho, cracking track.

...many thanks liqui/smash/millsy, chuffed you like it smile

...great stuff, love these old rave vids, the enthusiasm is fantastic.

Always amazed me how far apart musically Harvey and Choci ended up

...love this, EP/mini album sounds amaze too:

steelydan wrote:

I don't know any of those tunes, Damo.

Cheers...will have a listen.

..nice one Dan wink

BedRob wrote:

Cracking mix Damo, as soon as it finished, i rang my mum to tell her i loved her!!

...exactly the emotion I was aiming for (I think) smile

Dermatron wrote:

Incidentally i think O'Donovans track is the best track to date. Was never a fan of all that boring prog he got his name with.

...agreed, did a track on KMS called 'Firefly' a couple of years back which I really liked (pitched right down), but other than that most of his stuff has been much too overtly 'proggy' for me. 'Skyn' is a screamer, very 90's percussion and strings, simple and rocking, 'The Step' has a proper old rave feel to it too.

Dermatron wrote:

Oh its very good too Damo. Top mix.

...very nice to hear Derm, cheers big_smile

Unbroken- April ‘16 Mix

Malbetrieb "Brecht" (Original Mix) [Chapter 24 Records]
The Black 80’s "For the Rest" (Mathias ‘SHOW-B’ Schober Remix) [Freerange]
Moosefly "Sari High" (Original Mix) [SOSO]
Queemose "Promise" (Dave Pad Remix) [Cyanide]
Fish Go Deep "Northern Reach" (Original Mix) [Local Talk]
Tony Lionni "There's No Future in the Past" (Original Mix) [Goldmin Music]
Nandu feat. Tyra "Glömde" (Love Over Entropy Remix) [OFF Recordings]
Markus Homm "Anker" (Mario Aureo Remix) [Bondage Music]
Rodriguez Jr. "Sulfuric State" (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]
Ian O'Donovan "Skyn" (Original Mix) [Exploited Ghetto]
Third Son "Enoch Sleeps" (Original Mix) [Time Has Changed Records]
&ME "Shadows" (Original Mix) [Saved Records]
Whitesquare "Something To Say" (Original Mix) [Culprit Recordings]
Shur-I-Kan & Dave Storm "Losing You" (Original Mix) [Cabrio Records]
Austrian Apparel "Forest Inside" (Original Mix) [Schoenbrunner Perlen]
Ost & Kjex feat. Hanne Kolstø "Down River" (Christian Löffler Remix) [Diynamic]
Agent! "Can't Stop" (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
Matthew Styles "Off The Grid" (Original Mix) [Tsuba]
Vinny Villbass "The Itch" (Original Mix) [Eskimo Recordings]
Kurt Baggaley "Winterland" (Petar Dundov Edition) [Chapter 24 Records]
N’to "Petite" (Einmusik Remix) [Hungry Music]
Ian O'Donovan "The Step" (Original Mix) [Exploited Ghetto]
Rebel One "One Way Or Another" (THe WHite SHadow (FR) Remix) [Stripped Off]
Patryk Molinari "Paranoid" (Schlepp Geist Remix) [Ritter Butzke Studio]
Tony V & Zazzali "Unborn" (David Durango Remix) [Intimate Project Music]
Kris Davis "Interlude" (Marc Poppcke Remix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
Tuxedo "Prisma" (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings]
Tim Engelhardt, Leonard Bywa "Trabant" (Original Mix) [Green]
Glenn Morrison "Into The Deep" (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Morrison]
Dorisburg "Cirkla" (Original Mix) [Hivern Disc]
Catz 'N Dogz "Czas Poczeka" (Chyba) (Fred Everything Remix) [Pets Recordings]
Kevin Yost "Make Love True" (Original Mix) [I Records]


Henry Rindhoops wrote:

The start of this mix is more sexual than a Steelydan wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting Slazenger spandex trunks, pressed up hard against the window of the women's Boxercise class down at David Lloyd, Kingston Upon Thames.

It's that fucking good!!!!!

...haha, glad it's doing it for you (& Dan) Henry

smallman1 wrote:

Excellent as ever Damo.

It's so good that this morning I've gone for 3 slices of Seed Sensations, rather than my usual 2.

Marmite with no butter and an absolutely knock out cup of Rosie to wash it all down.

One of those good to be alive moments.

..thanks fella, and no holding-tight necessary, I'm honoured wink

liquitech1 wrote:

..have this lined up for today. Thx for sharing, Damo, always a pleasure these mixes cool

...nice one mate, hope its up to scratch smile

jamie wrote:

first track made me think of the noises the aliens made in War of the Worlds

...hah, know exactly what you mean, that 'BLAAAAAAAAAAARPPP' drone sound, awesome

...seem to remember the precise subject of my exquisitely formatted tracklists arising on this very messageboard only recently.

Lets just say, my standards are exacting, and when they finally arrive they are worth the wait wink

BedRob wrote:

Its all about the timing Damo


roberto wrote:

any vocals? I'm not listening unless there's any vocals...


millsy23 wrote:

Tracklist Damo. Tracklist.

...this is my shortest time between recording and upload, like, EVER, will try and sort it out tonight

BedRob wrote:

The lad is a master of the "bump"

...am I? always thought I was pretty sparing with the old bumpage? hmm

...after the intro ambient-y thing you mean?

If so, thats... The Black 80's "For the Rest" (Mathias ‘SHOW-B’ Schober Remix) [Freerange]


…a nats over 3hrs, 30+ tracks featuring productions/remixes from the likes of Tony Lionni, Schlepp Geist, Ewan Pearson, Matthew Styles, Dorisburg & Fred Everything.


Hope you likey smile

...so they are both fucking criminals then wink

...*high five*

-Choose established popular track

-Warp/lower BPM/add kick-drum/side-chain compression

-Stick it up for a free download

-Bask in glory of Soundcloud comments

-Watch DJ bookings and remix offers flood-in

The bastard.

Heard the Daniel Dubb thing Dan? It actually makes me fucking angry.

I'm all for introducing a Bad Remixers Offender's Register... take the fuckers production licenses away.

...he might be a decent DJ. On the basis of those 2 remixes however, I plan to never fucking ever find out.

...aaaaaand he does it again, how the fuck can you tackle one of the best tracks in recent years and come out with something SO bad!?

http://pro.beatport.com/track/pound-for … ix/7829088