Damien Unbroken- November ’14 Live Mix

Joris Voorn “The Wild” (Original Mix) [Green]
Liquideep “Welcome Aboard” (Mario Basanov Dub) [Mentalwave]
Gorge “Noizetoy” (Original Mix) [8-Bit Recordings]
Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp “Stay Glued” (Sebo K Remix) [DFTD]
Affkt “Twice” (Original Mix) [Upon You Records]
David Durango “Call Me Whatever You Want” (Original Mix) [Irm Records]
Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen “Dem Howl” (Michael Mayer Remix) [Kompakt]
Helms “Black & White” (Einmusik Remix) [Voltage Musique Records]
Kerb Staller “Siren Song” (Thugfucker’s Lio’s Wide Shut Rework) [Leftroom Records]
Romanthony “What $ Love” (Supernova Remix) [Glasgow Underground]
Thermalbear “Just Ducky” (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
Jay Lumen “The Reason” (Original Space Shaker Mix) [Off Spin]
S-Man feat. GTO “2 Close” (Jimpster Remix) [UNDR THE RADR]
NTFO “Diagram” (Original Mix) [Objektivity]
Tim Andresen “Alone” (Original Mix) [UM Records]
Tim Andresen “It Up” (Deep Spelle Remix) [UM Records]
SHOW-B “Arps To Heaven” (Original Mix) [Pooled Music]
Metodi Hristov “Assuming Control” (Sven Tasnadi Remix) [Gruuv Recordings]
Christian Prommer “Marimba” (Jon Charnis Remix) [Compost Black Label]
Session Victim “Never Forget” (Original Mix) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Aaryon “Fairy Tales” (Animal Picnic Club Edit) [Steyoyoke]
Zo! feat. Erro & Phonte “We Are On The Move” (Shur-i-Kan Dub) [Z Records]
Pawas “Meringue” (Original Mix) [Tulipa Recordings]
Affkt feat. Thomas Gandey “Lost” (Christoph Remix) [Suara Recordings]
Jan Blomqvist “Time Again” (Animal Trainer Remix) [Soundplate]
Doomwork “Life Element” (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
Paolo Rocco feat. Wayne Tennant “Caution You” (John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto Remix) [Get Physical Music]
Sven Vath “L’esperanza” (Ame Reinterpretation) [Cocoon Recordings]
Patrick Chardronnet Vs. Afrilounge “What About Us” (Original Mix) [Audiomatique]
Mat.Joe feat. Freya “Nothing’s Left” (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) [Off Recordings]
Mario Aureo & Spieltape feat. Lazarusman “Keep Pushin’” (Instrumental Mix) [Mood Music Records]



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..that'll be Session Victim "Never Forget" smile


..cheers Ed, where in the mix ?


whats the little box called on the back of a sky dish ...'the councils'



..ok, just checked, it was 'Homeland' that I thought a bit dodge (& still not convinced!).

Oh, and just realised 'The Wild' is the track I used on this mix... yes, I agree

..hahah, not dissimilar to my SC profile pic TBF

..cool, have a bit of a plan for something a little different

When/how do you match folk up?

..Henry, oops, already following you I'm afraid, LOL. Glad you are into it wink

I love a vocal, but thought the lyrics a bit weak on first listen (one of the Dear tracks IIRC, can't remember which one), need to live with this one a little longer, but agreed, The Deep was/is terrific.

Thanks Jules, 42min is:

Kerb Staller “Siren Song” (Thugfucker’s Lio’s Wide Shut Rework) [Leftroom Records]... absolute belter.

..I've a tracklist scribbled-down but need to properly check it back against the mix, will post it ASAP.

..cheers MJ, nice to hear smile

..cheers Henry,

you won't have to go far to fin the Voorn track, it's the first one wink... one or two dodgy vocals aside, it's a good album IMO.

What's your SC name btw?

Homegrove wrote:

Didn't participate last year, will do this year. In.

..likewise smile

..it's hardly worth relinquishing my grip between mixes wink

..bit of a monster this one, 2hrs 45min, 31 tracks, featuring productions & remixes from Joris Voorn, David Durango, Session Victim & Animal Trainer.

Hope you like smile

https://soundcloud.com/unbroken1/damien … studio-mix

...the Traktor HID support is a big miss, but until Pio and NI sort things out it's kinda inevitable. Don't understand them leaving off the SD slot either, can't think that would have been a massive cost issue.

The price is RRP, so will be lower when it hits the shops, I reckon there will deffo be a couple more models at lower price points, a 900/850 or whatever, and probably an XDJ-2K, which will have even more bells & whistles.

Needs to be a chunk more affordable and play nicely with Traktor IMO.


millsy23 wrote:

May I be the first to say a lol at Potsie

..lol (2nd)


....all this while were getting our photos done for their retail mag in front of whooping high five-ing staff...

...you know what I'm gonna say Ed, right? you might not like it, but you're gonna have to do it now


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Yant wrote:


..Loopy doing his basement synthesiser tour


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..fucking hilarious how wound up folk get by this EDM lark

and when I say 'hilarious', I don't mean in a wunderground kind of way


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..well deserved IMO

..lovely little ep this:


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..back up now, how odd


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