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...not, really an intro track, more like half a track...

Its a piss-take, what are the odds there'll be a 7-minute version on the KT ep? whenever the fuck that comes along hmm


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simonr wrote:

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Jupiter Sunrise [Diynamic Music | DIYNAMICLP16]

Grant wrote:

I fucking love that Jupiter Sunrise track.

...are you talking about the 4+ minute version from the Dynamic comp? it cuts off halfway through the breakdown doesn't it?

...nice one lads, chuffed you liked it, cheers smile


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...nice one mate, loving the Aureo track and the Tim Andresen ep. is superb

...kind words Jamie, appreciated, cheers wink

...lots of options out there Micky, are you Traktor or Serato?

...doesn't do a lot wrong this fella. Lovely:

...many thanks gents smile

...soz sad

..free music and I still get digs for the mixes being too long!? wink

Thanks fellas smile


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...all 40 seconds of it wink

...had a bash at this comp. Not my usual epic thing, 1 hour(!) 21 tracks. So much music on here its sort of constantly in the mix so everything edited pretty comprehensively, but have tried to keep a melodic flow throughout.

https://soundcloud.com/unbroken1/decode … n-unbroken

For those of you that know me on there, Facebook likes and shares much appreciated smile

afeworki helen wrote:

I think north America is full of them and they also have a tendency to acquire positions of  authority over there. I encountered a particularly nasty one, almost vampiristic type, whilst working for a museum there.

Berlin is another hotspot for them, it's the reason I never stay there for too long. With awareness they become more manageable, but still, they can be a pain in the arse.

The hostile ones are hunters, they like to hunt humans.


...how the hell did you turn that one up? did you read all 453 pages??

(love how I'm being cited as fact, haha)

...oh yes, serious bit of kit that, kicks sound amazing


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...had to buy that Polar Light track, it's brill, (esp pitched-down a bit)


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...the blokes a cunt.

Sissoko too tbf.


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Yant wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..he is a fucking joke, delighted he's gone.

Made some friends at Everton in the process too

If we get the player who played for France in the Euros then we've done well.  If we get the player who played for Newcastle last season then we've been done.

...just last season?

15/16: 37 apps, 1 goal, 7 assists
14/15: 34 apps, 4 goals, 2 assists
13/14: 35 apps, 3 goals, 6 assists

He's a mercenary coward... Everton dodged a bullet.

"Arsenal is the club of my heart. The beautiful Arsenal."


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..he is a fucking joke, delighted he's gone.

Made some friends at Everton in the process too


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..Moussa Sissoko, 'dreamed' of Arsenal, woke up at Tottenham.

Good luck with that one, LOL!


Homegrove wrote:

It seems perfectly obvious what it's meant to be, an A&H-mixer that might actually get bought by a Pioneer-user. So much is pretty much set up the same as on, say DJM750. A lot of my DJ friends who hate Allen & Heath do so, because they found Xone 62 or 92 too "hard to use" and it left a stigma. IE it took them more than 5 minutes to "get" it. A&H has in the past 5 years made their cheaper mixers like the Xone 43 hell of a lot easier to use when it comes to cueing and so forth. I believe they stopped with the 4 band equ just to widen the market. The PX5 also seems to have a much easier effects-section. I know I couldn't do anything with the DB2 effects section with just 20 minutes time to check it out before the club opened it's doors.

...OK, this phenomenon of finding A&H 'hard to use' is a new one on me, maybe that's what I'm not getting! I've always thought Pio/A&H was a fairly black or white choice, and those that like A&H tend to stick with them, this is why I don't really get some of the compromises made on this mixer, it would seem to be losing some of the features that makes the 92 the best-selling mixer of the last 15 years, and they already have the DB series which caters for the more techno/loop/midi/studio FX-type DJ's... but what the hell do I know? smile

Homegrove wrote:

Not sure if XDJ1000MK2 will work with Traktor, none of the players released after the MKI (XDJ700, CDJ2000NX2) support it. I think Pioneer wants to limit their stuff to Rekordbox DJ in the future, at least for new players.

...as I understand it works brilliantly with Traktor, better than then 2kNXS in some respects. HID mode looks great and I love the way you can use the player's soundcard saving the grief of plugging in loads of shit before you play

...will reserve judgement until I have a go, but I just think the new PX5 looks a bit dull. The FX routing is v clever, OK, it's analogue but I don't quite get where it is supposed to sit in the range...  it doesn't seem to be a direct replacement for the 92 and the DB series is still doing the business for a lot of people.

It's weird that A&H seem to be the only ones who can't see what many DJ's clearly want, a 92C (or SE); same hefty build quality of the original 92, metal faceplate, familiar layout, 4-band EQ etc., no on-board effects- lots of send/return options, but with super hi-res dual soundcards/USB slots. They would sell a shitload IMO.

I think the XDJ1000mk2's look ace.. would appear to work brilliantly with Traktor too.

...ah OK, yes when DJM500/600's were ubiquitous I'd agree, definitely sounded ropey (particularly through a big system), but quite honestly, post-DJM800, sound-wise they've been OK and improving all the time.

In the wilderness years before returning to A&H, briefly owned a DJM2000 and 1000, and couldn't honestly criticise the sound quality from either... (the 1000 is particularly well-built and would make a great installation mixer).

I've no doubt the DJM900NX is a good bit of kit... still wouldn't make my list if I had that kind of cash to spend though wink