Dermatron wrote:

Thought he did a good job of steering clear of sounding horrifically dated which is pretty hard to do imo. Staying within 5 years of one another for the whole mix helped too i reckon. Could have gone all over the show. Apart from the last mix it was smooth as. I quite enjoyed that.

...agreed, particularly since I share the opinion he has expressed in the past about 'retro' sets. To be honest, didn't even feel stupidly fast considering he was playing 130bpm+ either.

Was gutted he rushed the mix to crowbar-in JX at the end, was really enjoying the sasha-esque (of old) flow up until that point.

Dermatron wrote:
Tongle wrote:
Amps wrote:

Another one that springs to mind is a track Lucien Foort was playing some time around 2001. Told me it was called 'Dongle' or something along those lines, coming out on Junior. Never did find it, emailed several labels and Lucien and never got anywhere.

Hi Amps, I have this on vinyl and when I found out about this post I got my decks out and recorded it for you.

This was a big track for me after I heard Sasha and Lucien Foort play this at Cream around 2001-02. I must of asked him what it was called as had the name 'Dongle' and nothing else. I actually just found his old guestbook on his site via the web archive which has a follow up post I made asking for more details:

See his response from the time

Lucien      22-02-2002 12:02:06

the tracks called tongle but is released under a different name (i'm still caning the tp) however rumour has it that phats and small are behind it.

I think from this a friend of mine managed to get me a copy in 2002 of the white label that I still have, it just says 'tongle' on it. We did hear though also that maybe it was called 'a small phat one' although this seems like a phats n small alias.

When I got it back on the decks I tried shazam and that id's it as 'phats n small - change' but that isn't it. There is a few words in that song that sound like could of been used in Tongle for the distorted vocal element. Maybe it was an unreleased remix they did of their own track? Seems like there are a few different 'small phat one' volumes as youtube has a vol 1 and vol 4, so maybe part of that series?

Hope it brings back some memories for you anyway and you still like it! Phats n Small not know for their muscular prog!

Don't think I can post links as new member.


cloudup . com slash  cCbQiCnhqOw

Got this too. Its a white label with big chunky printed letters in capitals 'A Small Phat one'  I got it from 3 beat., I have this one too, used to play it loads

Cheers for the up Tongle wink

...loving this, DUBWISE!


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...& one for Naus:


(53 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion) … els-210117 have one Neil?

...2.5x the price tho

Nick Sneddon wrote:

i cant stand the vinyl wankers

..haha, I think it's reasonable to differentiate between being a vinyl nazi, ('but I've got it on vinyl', laptop/sync button-hater' bores), and being someone who plays northern soul/disco which was made for the format.

wink @ Sean


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...yeah, best stick to the one-dimensional ethnic techno mate


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...yeah, he likes the Vestax decks, all upgraded, tonearms, cabling etc. Deck isolation does seem OTT, but seems to work for him, very tidy mixing all night long across loads of styles.

Fairplay to him, he's a quality control freak... vets his venues and likes plenty of time to soundcheck, visuals were great as well. We were in a big, mixed crowd (range of ages and not all househeads) and everyone enjoyed it, not many DJ's you can say that about.

Couple of highlights:


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...watched this a couple of months ago after seeing him at the Wylam Brewery in the Toon (top night BTW).

Amazing attention to detail... love the old FS mixers.

..anyone on here have a Moog Sub Phatty?

Developing a serious lust for one.


(34 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion) sweet that you download our Graham in Oz Dermo!

A mate tried to convince me to go to one of these housey/classical evenings thats coming up in the Toon... can't imagine anything fucking worse tbh.

Tong's performance doesn't top this one for me however:

...only if DJ Millsy can be my chug-warmup

...dub tech shizzle in a Burial kinda stylee:

...being facetious Shaun, too be fair, t/l looks decent. Jaap's too wink

Will check it.

...he delivered a mix, but thought it needed updating

Pitched it down a bit, fattened up the kick, stuck his name on every track... sorted.

(sorry Shaun wink)

millsy23 wrote:

missed a trick not including a Jaap Ligthart remix in there to bring it bang up to date imho.

Grant wrote:

15. Underworld – ‘Slow Slippy’

...think you find this is one of his mate, 'brought the BPM's down, fattened the kick a little' etc.

...yes, cracker.

liquitech1 wrote:

..finished this earlier. Great stuff again. Some belters in there that I missed. Cheers mate.

...cheers mate wink

Beijing Dave wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:'s not based on Porno

Er, it loosely is according to The Guardian review.

Glue and Filth are way better than Porno.

...interesting, pretty sure I read it wasn't going to be.

I'm still very dubious about the whole concept based on the trailer.. but keen to see it either way.

Agreed on Glue being the better book. Would much rather have seen Skagboys done with a new cast in a similar style to the original film.'s not based on Porno should get a bit of prog in there Shaun

...there's deffo at least 3 on here LOL