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smallman1 wrote:

BF's taking the p*ss Yant.

..is he?


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..apols for Loopy-esque posting btw


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Yant wrote:

Damo strutting around like cock of the walk this week, beating all the big boys.

...always good to see a win, but City looked v poor from the off. Ironic when if you looked at the teams before kick-off, City were blates going for the win and the Toon had a totally different line-up to the team that beat Spurs and looked ripe to be rolled-over. It was only when they saw how casually City were playing and sniffed blood that the likes of Sissoko were thrown on.

Yant wrote:

A couple of their youngsters look half decent.

..Aarons looks great, scored a hatful in pre-season too, quite a few up here frustrated he hasn't been used more. Terrific bit of scouting considering he was dropped by Bristol City right before they picked him up. Sammy has looked a bit of a headless-chicken when I've seen him, but seems to be playing much more directly and starting to use his pace well.

MattBlack wrote:

Do Newcastle fans still want Pardew out?

..he's an extremely limited manager, tactically poor, consistently plays people out of position and definitely hasn't made the best of his resources, it's arguable he's ruined quite a few of his own signings. Stupendously arrogant, hand going up and basking in the cheers when a goal goes in as if he buried it himself, and hiding in the dugout (literally), blaming everyone else, including the fans, when things go tits-up. Quoted today that it's his 'experience' that won the game...

Personally, at this stage it doesn't make a huge amount of difference, apart from the fact that sticking with what you have is arguably 'safer' than rolling the dice. The fans can bang on all they like about wanting this manager or that, but the fact is they won't land anyone decent who is prepared to be Ashley's puppet in the way that Pardew is. A good manager will inherently have ambition to win stuff, and it's clear that that's not Pardew's brief. You can criticise Chelsea/City all you like for buying this or that, but at least their ultimate aim is to win stuff regardless of how it's achieved..

Patrick Barclay wants a good fucking kicking for shite like this:

http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/patrick … 27653.html

..the fans aren't 'fools' and have absolutely no one to apologise to.

smallman1 wrote:

good to see Ryan Taylor back for them.

..absolutely, great player, unanimously popular and a proper role model.. not many you can say that about these days.


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..deffo, Fuju was some label

..I've said it before, Bagleys was where the punters who couldn't get into The Cross ended up, absolute shithole.


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...have to say, its fucking great beating Spurs

..if this fucker hasn't been Yewtree'd already, I'm phoning him in right now


..wasn't Caesar's owned/run by 'Caesar the Geezer'?

spinnerlg wrote:


"You see Paul.. mixing with a rotary mixer is not unlike making love to a beautiful woman... you need to tweak her pots till she's warm... slowly, but insistently coax-up those levels, remembering to keep a finger in the low-pass at all times... then, when her high frequencies are screaming for more... you slam that oil-damped fader home...

Then you can clean your needle, light your pipe, and stand back and admire your handiwork"

spinnerlg wrote:

I've never used one tbh. What is the great thing about them? Is the main thing being that the volume actually goes from 0-10 in equal amounts rather than on a slider it being 0-6 does nothing, then 6-10 is from nothing to blowing your speakers?

...yeah, basically the fader curve is very linear and the rotary throw is quite long compared to an upfader = lots more fine level control and no need for additional gains if they are set up properly. Plus they tend to be quite stripped-down circuit-wise, built with sound quality as the primary consideration, very little in the way of bells and whistles, effects etc. to mess-up the signal path.

Certainly not for everybody though... the original Bozak/Urei have no booth out, no EQ's.......

Amps wrote:

but lets face it, nothing beats an original Uri.

..been lucky enough to have played on an original Urei and a Bozak, both sounded unique, and fantastic in their own way, but as an all-rounder (and considering most folk won't be playing exclusively analogue sources) preferred the V6. It has these amazing oil-damped rotary faders, really stiff when you first turn it on and slacken-off as it warms-up. Also LOVE mixing with the hi-pass filters, way nicer than EQ's when you get used to them.

Plus when you're off your knackers you can pretend you're piloting the Tardis... you don't get that experience with Pio-fahking-neer.

...really fancy one of these:


..it's a nice mixer for sure, the EQ's are excellent, but the knobs let it down IMO. Not fit to lace the boots of the A&H V6.

The DB4 isn't perfect by any stretch.. totally ticks all the boxes for what I need at the moment though.

Wold love to see a rotary mixer with the build quality of the V6 or the E&S DJR400 with a built-in soundcard

Homegrove wrote:

Friend of mine had that back in the day, I was too wet behind the ears DJ wise at the time to really try it out, so to speak. Loved it nevertheless. He's now got this at home so I think's it's safe to say he's got a thing for knobs.


...I had one of them for a bit too. Contrary to their rep, I thought the build quality wasn't great


we used to sit there and invent scenario's where poor old jim was in his head at that time...perhaps in   pre war , romantic paris in a fine restruarant playing the piano to a collection of france's finest bohemian crowd ..indulging in the finest wines known to hummanity

only to wake up covered in vomit and dorito's and a crumpled errection in his hand with a bill for £120 for outstanding kibble on credit .

..haha, excellent.

Watched the Wolf of Wall Street again last night, and that Equaliser scene stood out, laughed hard when he changed his accent, completely forgot that bit

..I'm balder, but more buff by the day


...pretty much any Vestax > DJM5/600

Yeah, the Vestax knobs had a tendency to fall off over time and the faceplates were made of cheese, but those early Pioneer mixers sounded like shite on a proper soundsystem

steelydan wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Used to love 'Trouble' - seem to remember he had a night at Legends in Soho - went a good few times 20 odd years ago - always like his sound and style - still follow him on Soundcloud and listen to his stuff every now and then - proper DJ

too right smashy and dan....one of the chaps.

Last time I saw him was at Canvas@Secretsundaze/Faith Bash. He was rather good on the warm up before Trevor Fung. Colin Favour stole the show that night.

..anyone ever go to The Loft at Dingwalls? Wednesday night session, always had amazing guests, remember Jocelyn Brown, who'd just popped in for a boogie, getting dragged up from the dance floor and doing impromptu vocals while Trouble cut-up some old Salsoul dubs.

A mate of mine has a great collection of his old Kiss shows on cassettes... even though it wasn't really my style at the time, there's something very exciting and '90's' about them.

Hope he's doing OK... I know he was pretty seriously ill a couple of years back

..having learned to mix on Technics, could't get on with the Vestax TT's at all, the push/pull action on the platter was just weird

Owned a PMC-15 when it was the mixer du jour... bloody loved it:


..played on the PMC-25 with the built-in isolators a few times, really nice mixer:


...always wanted to try the R1, but never saw them installed anywhere:


strummerjones wrote:

...good shout, great memories of this one from the early days of Basics

Continuing the Aloof theme, always loved this one:

..anyone that can remember stuff like that off the top of their head needs a proper fucking shoeing

millsy23 wrote:

I like to imagine Glen in a certain way. I find it adds even more humour to his aleady humourous postings. I imagine him as a slightly plump balding man in a tweed suit and spectacles. He smells a little bit of malt vingar, like he's been pickling onions from his smallholding all weekend.

He has the air of a Mr Chips or Higgins from Magnum. He is methodical in his daily routine. He wakes, he showers, he packs two rounds of cheese and homemade pickle sandwiches into his lunchbox and listens to the Today programme. He drives his ageing Volvo to the Probation Ofice where he has a desk, piled high with papers and with 'Glen Linghorn: Probation Officer' on a small plaque atteched to the side of his cubicle. 

All the local criminals know Glen. He's the Probation officer they want. He's soft as shite and good for a chat. He cares. He makes them tea. He hugs them when they cry. He's like the father they never had.

But underneath this shallow facade is the Glen of the Bedrock Board. The beast of the Captain's Wheel, of Vi's drinks cabinet. The schemer, the debaser, the demon on a knife edge, the green man.

All it's going to take is a someone from HR to ask him why he's filled in his timesheet wrong and he's going to go postal.

...it's Clifford Blades


roberto wrote:

what time did it all finish? It felt like groundhog day going to bed and saying to the missus "they'll still be raving at Fabric"   (amongst other such middle-aged bedtime utterings such as hot water bottles, just finishing chapters, B&Q tomorrow, parents for roast etc FML)