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..hurry up and fuck off Sissoko

...mind you don't topple-over ferrying all those heavy gramophone discs about on your penny farthing grandad wink

...two absolute crackers from Quiggers, this ep. might be the best thing he's done yet:

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

Pressings were often shit. Once the record is scratched or warped it became as good as useless. No way to edit out that naff vocal or shorten that Belfunk-esque 45 minute breakdown. 85% of the people who worked in record stores were absolute cunts of the highest order. Yeah, it was fun in countless ways. But many of these vinyl enthusiasts have a bad case of rose-colored nostalgia.

...it also occurred to me while listening to that fancy, high-fidelity analogue deck (valve amp, gold-plated cables, Audeze headphones etc.) that the track I was listening to was more than likely created in an entirely digital production environment. It seems like pointless retro-tech for the sake of it really.

steelydan wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Its a wonderful concept playing vinyl still but lugging 50 ball popping records about or a 3 gram usb with 300 tunes on is a no brainer. I still buy vinyl but olny filling in holes in my collection from back then. You can stick it up your hole nowadays.
Incidentally do we class playing Traktor/Serato with 2 time coded discs as playing vinyl? I know cunts who do.

the moment Serato/Traktor leaves your house and gets used at gigs it goes wonky.

...thought you were a fan mate? Doesn't particularly appeal to me these days, but the idea of being able to switch between DVS and the odd vinyl/oldie seems pretty cool

...no idea if this is true or not, but supposedly from Klopp's biography:

"I scouted him (Georginio Wijnaldum) for Dortmund when he was at Feyenoord. I knew then he'd never make it to the very top. If I were to sign him now, it'd only be for a quick fix."

...they've been good to us in recent years tbf

Eddie wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
Eddie wrote:

That's not to say good music isn't available in digital only format, but producing vinyl is the way that those who want to rise above the rest get to separate themselves.

..if you can't rely on the quality of the track itself to do this then there's no point.

Unless you can afford to produce vinyl in which case the point is being an elite label ...

..only 'elite' in their own perception though. Just because there is a degree of investment, theres nothing necessarily better about the music

smallman1 wrote:

Decent player Wijnaldum.

...oh he can be, total goal-blindness away from home though.

Can't abide the shop window lark they get up to these days, at least wait 'til you get officially wheeled-out you ungrateful cunts


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...what a f'ing twat


...pretty sure that one is 'out there'

Dermatron wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:


Seriously though, who fucking knocked that up? Double cringe.

...and an entirely different point to the discussion at-hand.

Nice when your ability to select the 'good music coming out of the speakers' isn't dictated by what daft format they decide to release it on. I'm guessing a quick email from JD to the producer circumvents the 'vinyl only' issue..

steelydan wrote:

I've spent a bit on vinyl lately. Mostly due to the fact (for me) it's more easier to find the tracks I'm after and I'll only buy a record if I'm definitely going to use it a lot. On average I was spending £20 in downloads and prob only using a handful of the tracks. I get quite a few bits from here http://bigwax.fr/en/imacliche

...furry muff Dan, and to be fair, I'd say the 'scene' (*barfs*) that you are involved with does have a higher percentage of vinyl releases so it makes more sense to be flexible play both (vinyl and digital).

steelydan wrote:

Damo...my biggest gripe is buying a vinyl release and when opening up the sleeve it's got a card with a download code...enter this code 9870MUG

...hah! cool, so I just get you to buy 'em all first wink

Specific frustrations are artists like Quarion, Session Victim etc... remixes tend to get released digitally because they are often on other labels, but many of their original releases are on Retreat which is vinyl only. I'd have no problem if they surfaced digitally a year/18 months later, which would have zero impact on vinyl sales but some NEVER come out...

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

Marketing scheme. For whatever reason, "limited" now equates "good" or "interesting." Personally, I have no problem with labels releasing vinyl earlier than digital. Growing up with vinyl, I appreciate the culture of it all. But I'm not about to pay Phonica or Discogs prices for music anymore.

...agree w all of that.

smashdad wrote:

Number of times I've seen a 500 print-run of vinyl disappear on the morning it's released only for dozens of them to surface on Discogs within days for two or three times the release price.

...see this happen in the street art market with print releases, you end up with a load fastest-finger-first twats buying stuff they don't like as an 'investment', and the people that genuinely want something on their wall (turntable) are shut-out. Only once in a blue moon will you see any substantial return anyway...

...what's the fucking point?

Working in Soho for the first time since last Summer, wandered into Phonica at lunch, lots of memories of years spent digging and tens of thousands down the swanee. Had a listen to their fancy audiophile 'Listening Station', which sounded great and all, but... browsing through the racks and occasionally happened upon the odd track that I like/own in digital form. Couldn't help but think, thats one track, plus three others you've limited interest in... £7.99-£9.99 for a UK release, upwards of £12 for an import.. as opposed to what, £1.20 for a download?

Then it occurred to me while I was there to ask for the odd track that I've in my Soundcloud favourites that was a vinyl-only release over the past 6-months or so, not many, a couple of Retreat releases, Nous'klaer Audio edits etc. "Oh no, that's long gone, unlikely to get any more".

So, erm... I reiterate, what's the fucking point?

...thanks fella, I agree, that GF Lil' Silva mix is amazing, came across it completely by accident too smile

...thanks for listening gents smile

Unbroken June ‘16 Mix

Paul Woolford "Mother & Child Divided" (Original Mix) [Hotflush Recordings]
Martin Landsky "Echo In My Head" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Whitesquare "Stills" (Original Mix) [20:20 Vision]
Petar Dundov "The Lattice" (Frank Wiedemann Remix) [Music Man Records]
Metodi Hristov "I Love Buttons" (Original Mix) [Set About]
Pacifica "Memory Man" (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [Drumpoet Community]
Giom & Deeligent Soul "Undefined State "(Giom Remix) [Supremus Records]
Whitesquare "Folded Reality" (Original Mix) [20:20 Vision]
Palmer "Takin' Off" (Giom Dark Dub) [Supremus Records]
JOBE "Aurora" (Original Mix) [Chapter 24 Records]
ANOUKA "Carousel" (Hubert Kirchner Remix) [SOSO]
Quivver "Call" (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
Lil Silva "Lines" (George Fitzgerald Remix) [Good Years]
Aril Brikha & Chymera "Nihari" (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
Jonas Saalbach "Deep Like" (Britta Arnold & Unders & Ravelli Remix) [Einmusika Recordings]
Martin Waslewski "Getting Lonely" (Original Mix) [No Brainer Recordings]
Piemont "Shuvit" (Original Mix) [Definition:Music]
TJ Kong & Modular K feat. Art Of Tones "The Dream is Always the Same" (Original Mix) [We Play House]
Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin "Atlas" (Andre Lodemann Remix) [Systematic Recordings]
Pete Oak "Trying Not To" (Gabriel Ananda Remix) [Sincopat]
Kevin Yost "My Love" (Original Mix) [I Records]
Andre Lodemann "Last Exit" (Original Mix) [Freerange]
Lehar "Magical Realism" (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Nhan Solo "Magic Land" (Dub Mix) [Mother Recordings]
Ruede Hagelstein feat. C.A.R. "Footprints" (The Drifter Remix) [Watergate Records]
Benny Grauer "Falling" (Markus Homm Remix) [Moodmusic Records]
Olderic & Peter Pardeike "Connaisseur" (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
Nivek Tsoy "Wait" (Version One) [I Records]
Esette feat. Piper Davis "The Rise" (Giom Remix) [Supremus Records]
Soukie & Windish "Cable Gardens" (Original Mix) [URSL Recordings]
ANOUKA & Mr. Loi "Sad Alien" (Original Mix) [SOSO]
RY X "Deliverance" (Fort Romeau Remix) [Infectious Music]


smashdad wrote:

Kong & Modular...

..on my new'un wink

...bit late with this one, a shade under 3hrs, productions and mixes from Frank Weidemann, Giom, George Fitzgerald & Andre Lodemann:

https://soundcloud.com/unbroken1/damien … studio-mix

Hope you like smile


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.."What's a fuckin' mook?"


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Homegrove wrote:

Actually just read more about, it's not a stand alone thing. It still needs a laptop. Fuck that.

Pioneer knows everyone wants a 4 channel version of XDJ RX, yet they won't give them that.

...if it works with RB, why would it not work without a laptop? or is it just limited functionality?


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...yeah, dunno why the video control thing keeps resurfacing, seems extra pointless on an all-in-one controller that isn't likely to be installed in many clubs.

Screens look great though, I think the whole 'standalone' aspect of Rekordbox is a bit compromised on the controllers that have limited visual feedback... I'd quite like to have a go tbh (shame about the Pioneer mixer bit wink)