klooptheloop wrote:

..some great stuff on here, is there a t/l anywhere?


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..nice one Jamie, the KT intro pulled me in wink

Some great tracks on here I'd not heard before..


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..anyone else have a massive aversion to these 'login and follow' services before you get the download option?

Gets an immediate swerve from me every time.

...a better song IMO

..81M in the last 2 windows spent, McClaren's league record at Newcastle so far:

P: 24, W: 5, D: 6, L: 13, GF: 25, GA: 44, GD: -19, Pts: 21

You bunch of fucking useless cunts.

...Lodemann proving once again he's one of the best in the business, just fucking love his sound:

https://soundcloud.com/objektivity/hyen … t_lodemann

millsy23 wrote:

...modern classic Stu, hours of fun to mix with that one too


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MattBlack wrote:


...what a load of inflammatory, ill-informed fucking shit

...Dr Buckles R6 tribute to Bowie:

https://soundcloud.com/adam-buxton/adam … 6musicedit


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

seriously Damo stop showing off wink

...I don't own 'em Shaun, they are getting amazing reviews though, and I love the design, reminds me of my old Sony MDR's that I bought in the States in the '90's (before they started making the plastic version), best cans I ever owned.


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..Phonon SMB-02 wink



...been exploring Kollektiv Turmstrasse's back catalogue since that BPM set (and while I'm waiting for THAT track to surface), and came across this podcast set from 2010. Typical KT fare in that its all their own productions/remixes, but a lovely deep/morning vibe to this one and I love it. I've a downloaded version if anyone is interested in a link too:

https://soundcloud.com/madness/kollekti … sse-dj-set

...the version of that pic that was on the GU forum was best IMO

poirot wrote:

Here's a sample of my last extreme set. All pitched up obv.

Alek S - It's All Good
The Unhottest - For Sale
Mr. Dello - All That Matters
Viers - Hiroshi Kano
Patrick Chardronnet – Slowmo
Wayne Duggan - Experiment 1 (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix)
Recondite - Undulate (Lawrence Dub Version)
Sei A - You Can Bring
Simoncino - Dub Theory 1
Ed Ed - Monti
The Unhottest - Job Lose
Dovim - Ectoderm
Smash TV - Cascadia

*ambient interlude/'Camp argument' acapella*

The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men
Cher - Believe
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
RuPaul - Supermodel
Pet Shop Boys - Go West


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...'The Chickening', some proper ninja AfterFX skills going on here:



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..I'm imagining DJ Kotilehto has a lot of hair


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Amps wrote:


Can you have a word then, and see if next time he can do something as interesting as it used to be in the late 90s?


..haha, textbook.

poirot wrote:

Looks mint Damo. Full run down required of why its better than your DB4 sometime after youve used it a bit. (Apart from its got rotary knobs smile )

...willdo Derm, not had any quality time on it yet and like I say some issues to sort, but early impressions, about twice the weight of the DB4, sounds awesome... the high-pass filter with the resonance control is fucking wild.

poirot wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Allen & Heath are also releasing a new mixer / controller soon. Done together with Hawtin. Whether that's a good or a bad thing is up to someone else than me. Interested to see what that's going to be like in any case.

A&H must be updating the 92 at some point and the DB4 is old by today's standards too. You still see the 92 getting used week in week out though even now and thats STILL without a single USB or the facility to record on board.
Must admit to having green eyes for the Rane but ive always wanted the rotary A&H. I know where there's a brand spanker V6 for 2500 quid and an S6 for 2000 but at the mo cant bring myself to do it as it would just be for my vinyl decks really.

I know what you mean... if A&H made something with the 2015's feature set and the quality of the V6 I'd be all over it (especially since I'm a lifelong A&H fan and my earlier experience with Rane wasn't great), but unless you are a complete analogue nazi, the V6 is complete overkill for a digital setup.

I don't get the need for all the extra midi control either... especially having heard the way Hawtin plays. If he was doing the proper 'live' thing everywhere (a la Babicz), it would make sense, but he just seems to be a Traktor tweaker most of the time.

Top left is an Ableton Push 2.


...hey Shaun, mind if I ask you a technical question?


..haha, fuck no, but agreed Kev, that's the best bit big_smile


..too busy to have a proper rinse today, something up with Traktor's channel routing which is doing my fucking head in, but we'll get there smile

...only one direction to go in from here milky wink

...very interested to see the A&H thing too, have a feeling it will be very controller-esque, just because of the way he tends to like everything to be midi-tastic but am probably entirely wrong.

Interesting that it's a collab with Andy Rigby-Jones, brains behind the V6 (& DB4), thought he'd left when A&H were bought-out... lovely chap, proper audiophile and quality control freak.

Cheers Sean wink

Shaun, willdo, when I can get the fecker working!