..Miyagi remix is great, loving Einmusik's work of late


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...still a fucking brilliant mix

Big Fella wrote:

The fascinating points about whether people need top dj'in gear at home probably argued by people who have brand new top of the range tellies on their wall.

..my family huddles around an 11" black & white Binatone portable of an evening, but are no doubt cheered by my drowning it out with the subtle dynamic nuances & frequencies of quality house music delivered through a mixer that is worth more than the family car

..haha, it was Loopy bringing the negative impact of Disney films on burgeoning DJ careers that sent it south IMO

..you asking me that is almost as freaky as my missus asking it

Presto wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

My friends seem to be purists in that regard, Rekordbox is too much for them, nevermind Traktor. They still all burn cdrs. big_smile

I probably already mentioned it in this thread, or elsewhere, but a CD-R with 5/6 tracks on it helps me to remember the tracks far better than a folder full of tracks.

..make smaller folders??

liquitech1 wrote:

fair play, can't argue with personal choice...I was coming from the point of view of whether or not it was essential for somebody who might be buying a home set up for the first time, a high end mixer doesn't need to be top of the list in that case. Even if you had a decent mixer would the CDless dex be a sound investment? probably not...they seem like a bridging product between the CDJ and the controller and therefore a bit pointless imo..

..oh, OK, that wasn't clear, when starting out you're probably right, it would be difficult to see past the controller option in that instance. As for the CD-less decks, I could see some people viewing them as a good investment, if you're hung up on using Rekordbox and want something that replicates the functionality of the 2K Nexus (which whatever way you look at it is club standard at the moment) at a much lower pricepoint. Plus some folk will always prefer the flexibility of the modular setup I guess.

I've just always appreciated the ergonomics of a nice mixer, and any controller I've ever played with has felt like a compromise; I'm a bit of a nerd about them and have had loads over the years.. for me it's an impossible quest to find something that ticks all the boxes. I'm lucky enough to have a DB4, and although its amazing in many respects it does have its flaws. Loops is right about the audio difference being marginal between the brand leaders now.

It's a weird time for DJ tech IMO, we seem to have been parked at the crossroads for a while now, its a bit sad that its a technological feat for 2 DJ's using different formats to play back-to-back at a house party these days...

..as others have said, I've always seen CD's as stopgap tech for DJ's, glad to see the back of them

Yes, the Pioneer controllers are hellish spendy for what they do, but if you like a relatively hefty platter feel, and are desperate to do away with the laptop, they are a good option for some.

Agree with HG about the build-quality of controllers... there's not an all-in-one on the market that compares to separate mixer/controller setup IMO (although have to confess, not been near an S8 yet)

liquitech1 wrote:

...do you really need that standard of mixer for a home set up?

...hells yes, I do. The mixer is the most important link in the chain for me, and I can justify it because its the only place I get to play my music 98% of the time smile

...fucking hell, Phil Lynott resurrected:


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/E-S-DJR-400-R … 4d2c68ed2c


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steelydan wrote:
Klub Foot wrote:

What was your reply to Graham, Dan?

It was on a friends wall on Facebook. I thought it was a harsh statement and i'd encourage people to read Bill Brewster's 'last night a dj saved my life' rather than have a rant. The blokes 50 odd...ffs

..GG is 60

..hell yeah, looks great.

Love the long level meters, full-cut filters and a proper isolator.. dual soundcard ports too.

Interested to see the UK price, just found this:

FYI, The price for the MP2015 is wrong. The MSRP is $3499 with a street price (MAP) of about $2899


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..he's a fucking shithouse, I hope he burns in hell


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...lol at 'boring' & 'desperately unfunny', relative to you two he's a fucking comedy god.

As Millsy points out, clearly some folk on this thread still bitter from him having bent them over and shoving it up them dry


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..I went for X1's over the K2's, but like the built-in sound card idea for mucking about at house parties etc. though



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jamie wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Going S2 route and upgrading headphones with the change

have a look at the allen and heath K2 controller / mixers. no crossfader but cheap for what they are, 4 channels, completely customisable and you can map each button / pot / fader 3 times due to the level feature. it has internal headphone output and you can link a couple up together too so can end up with all sorts of options. been using mine for about 6 months and bloody love it.

the initial mapping is a bit of a ball ache (took me a couple of hours) but you can find plenty of maps saved online (more than happy to send you mine for a starter). really impressed with mine - allows 4 deck mixing with very minimal use of the trackpad.

..what are the output levels like?

..a hell of a lot less than I did in my vinyl days, probably more music to show for it too

kovy71 wrote:

was this one here before? its a good one

..yes, loving this one too


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..can't remember half the references tbh, what where the chocolate bars about? and why is Chairman Mao in there?

..never did get around to make a Best of 2014 chart, but this would be up there:


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..found it big_smile


..didn't really care for that the first couple of times I heard it but the vocal sample is majestic


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..not so much as your old pic, but still a bit:



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...Junior Felix IMO