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...umm, I know which one looks like beer, and it isn't the fucking orange one

...a couple of good'uns if I say so myself wink


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...a man's beer.


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Yant wrote:

What is it people are marching for, exactly? No one knows the cause yet.

Why are people so opposed to being housed in other available accommodation around London? This happened in Kensington. The most expensive real estate on the planet.

Typical fucking lazy, moaning benefits-minded, someone-else-pay-for-me attitude. Imo.

...tell me this was a badly judged 'joke' and that you don't really believe this Yant?


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..."Buckingham Palace to undergo 'essential' £370m refurbishment"

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/201 … urbishment

(Lifted from a friend-of-a-friend's FB profile)

It is estimated that it costs £2000 per apartment to fit fire protection sprinklers. £370 million would cover the cost of sprinklers in 185,000 apartments. There were 120 apartments in Grenfell. So £370 million would put sprinklers in 1542 tower blocks like Grenfell. There are less than 3,000 such tower blocks in the entire UK. So for the price of the refurbishment of one family home, the half the high-rise homes in the uk could be protected from fire.

...get the sense that we just need the temperature to rise a couple of degrees for perfect riot conditions in the capital


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...sounding good mate smile

...not crazy about the layout of the Isonoe tbh, I'm sure it'll sound superb and be horrifically spendy though.

Reminds me a bit of the Varia Instruments, looks like something from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop:


...along the same lines, Can Electric Taula 4:


...cue someone posting that hilarious Wunderground arti...

Oh, not you Dan roll

...yeah I saw that one, he did a decent rotary 'shoot-out' vid not that long ago too.

So many good options out there now, this, the Condesa, SuperStereo, the new 'desktop' Bozak... a few years ago you couldn't buy a new rotary, it was eBay or shipping a reconditioned one from the US for megabucks

...loving the look of this, designed by Andy Rigby-Jones (ex-A&H/PLAYdifferently), layout VERY similar to the V6:


...those knobs are the nicest I've ever used, the low-pass filter completely negates the need for per-channel EQ (and much more intuitive to mix with than frequencies on three separate knobs IMO).

Oh, and it's £750 less than a DJM900NXS2

Very neat 2-channel version too:


loopdokter wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

If you have the money and a better shelf go with the Rokits. Always.

Actually don't.  There are many better monitors for the price of the Rokits.  Rokits are absolutely horrible.  When you take a look inside of them it's laughable.

...he's talking about for DJ'ing, not production.

..many thanks gents wink

Unbroken June ‘17 Mix

Slam “Eterna” (Petrichor Remix) [Soma Records]
Facundo Mohrr "Burning" (Original Mix) [L'Enfant Terrible]
Moullinex "Love Love Love" (Larse Remix) [Discotexas]
Joakim "Samurai" (Red Axes Remix) [Because Music]
Talamanca System "Ocean Grill" (Original Mix) [International Feel Recordings]
Crazy P "Like A Fool" (Fred Everything Lazy Dub) [Lazy Days Recordings]
Matthias Tanzmann "Coffee Clouds" (Acid Pauli Remix) [Moon Harbour Germany]
Rodriguez Jr. "Radian" (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]
C. Vogt & Patrick Jeremic "Vice" (Original Mix) [Get Weird]
Pablo Bolivar "Space & Form" (Original Mix) [Moodmusic Records]
Dee Montero "Halcyon" (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Dean Demanuele "Tabula Rasa" (Original Mix) [Tenampa Recordings]
Tim Engelhardt "Azimute" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Simon Vuarambon "Ethiopian" (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]
Clavis "Circino" (Original Mix) [These Eyes]
Modd "Tuttare" (Original Mix) [Suprematic Sounds]
Luca Bacchetti "California" (Music For A Movie) [Soundcloud]
Kevin Yost "A Void" (Original Mix) [TSOY]
Sebo K "Brock Wild" (Original Mix) [Bass Culture Records]
Vincenzo "That's The Way" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Modd "Buran" (Original Mix) [Seven Villas]
Tobsen Graale "Monitoring State" (Daso Rmx) [Oh My God]
Chopstick & Johnjon "Last Night" (Original Mix) [Suol Germany]
under_score "I Say" (Original Mix) [Simma Black]
Michel De Hey "Tracklights" (Crackazat Dub) [Ovum Recordings]


...was it this thrilling Ed?


..fierce this

...can you validate me please? feeling a little undervalued this evening.

La Nausee wrote:
seanc80 wrote:
La Nausee wrote:

Do the bangers before your trivia quiz.


Loopy with his eyes closed blowing into a packet of Extra spearmint every 5 mins, shouting FOUL THROW.

Answering questions no-one else in the room has heard.



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...really fucking tragic, some player in his day, RIP.

..haha, I can't win FFS

...new mix, 2-and-a-bit hours, featuring tracks and remixes from Larse, Pablo Bolivar, Clavis, Modd & Vincenzo.

https://soundcloud.com/unbroken1/damien … studio-mix

Hope you like smile

dubman2 wrote:

New Remix from Adriatique

...original or Dikof rmx are far superior IMO.

This popped up on my Facebook feed tonight, forgot how much I loved it:


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...many thanks Grant, intro is the legendary John B McLemore, if you haven't listened to S-Town, you absolutely should:



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...LOL, it was fucking brilliant you utter shitbags.

Now you'll never know mad


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...ugh, just flagging stuff totally unnecessarily as per.

Pisses me off that you can search any chart single and there are 50 bootlegs of it, most downloadable.

I'm trying to up an excerpt of a new edit, (sub-3 minutes, massive fades in and out), no download option enabled, artists fully credited etc., and it gets bounced roll


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..can fuck right off.