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...Wagamamas had seriously gone downhill last time I went, really gone to shit. Much better Alan Yau offering is Busaba Eathai, consistently good IMO, duck massaman is killer, have been to a couple but still think Wardour Street is the best.

Itsu is my favourite lunch when I'm working in town... sushi is decent quality, the kids love the potsu's which are also pretty tasty

...Applescal x La Rêve Spodcast:

https://soundcloud.com/lareve/applescal … t-may-2016

Glen: already have Standard (with Operator), yes, mainly for Max, plus Analogue, Sampler, Tension etc. I have a few select VST's, but really want to go a bit deeper with Live's own instruments as they seem quite intuitive for building sounds from the bottom-up, if that makes sense.

Nick: only need an upgrade from Standard, £179 with discount wink

loopdokter wrote:

No doubt Tom Frederikse is very single.


..that's what I was hoping, cheers wink

...sure this has come up on here before, but just wondering who has the Suite version of Live?

I really want the additional instruments, but wondered if there is an option to download sound packs selectively once you've upgraded?

I'm sure there's some great stuff in there, but I don't particularly want to download 54GB of sounds if it includes 4GB of harpsichords, 6GB of glockenspiels etc

..yup, liking that one Simeon.

In a similar vein, this set is cracking:

https://soundcloud.com/robot-heart/hoj- … g-man-2015

...used to play on a FS mixer fairly regularly, very little in the way of bells & whistles but sounded good and built like a tank.

Believe there is a rotary option for that one too... interesting how per-channel hp/lp filters are becoming so much more common, so much prefer mixing using them than EQ's

...sure, lemme just check it on the big lads first wink

jamie wrote:

epic Jay Tripwire remix of Tim Engelhardt. one of the best tracks I have heard this year -

(can't find an upload of the whole track yet as it only came out today so this is a rip from a recent cattaneo set)

...didn't fully get this on first listen but yeah, its a beast. Loving 'Last Day' too (again, can't find a YT link).

Tim Engelhardt only 17? fuck me what a talent

...cleaned it up, warped it and put it thru Platinum Notes, actually doesn't sound half bad.

Thanks Ryan/Shaun wink

Homegrove wrote:

Power prog a'la Anthony Pappa circa 2000 certainly shares a lot of dynamics with 90's Pantera and Slayer and bands like that.

..really? maybe in dog frequencies cos I can't hear them

..any chance you could PM me a link Ryan? don't have access to the secret tunes society wink

ryangibson wrote:

The original was on Beatport, but if it's not on there anymore, then I'll upload it tonight.

..that would be terrific, cheers wink


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...been enjoying the Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast recently, check it out if you like that sort of thing, the Richard Bacon, David Mitchell and Adam Buxton ones are superb

...more Rodriguez Jr tonight, what a fucking talent, this one would work a treat off yer knackers

MattBlack wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

...Remake 'Bladerunner' anyone?

After a proper digi, not a rip if possible smile

Wouldn't mind that one myself, especially with the Till we meet again vox

..nah, just the original track if poss

Nick Sneddon wrote:

I've definitely got the C&J remix

...Chris & James? not really a fab of theirs tbh Nick

...Remake 'Bladerunner' anyone?

After a proper digi, not a rip if possible smile


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Wally wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

...fuck me that was embarrassing Spurs.

Loads to play for and turned-in one of the most abject performances of the season

On the flip side, I don't think I've ever seen such an amazing and coordinated display of players putting themselves in the shop window. Maybe if you'd played like that at any point of the season eh lads? Cunts.

...oh I agree mate, laughed my tits off when Sissoko missed that 1-on-1, ran more in that game than he has all season, lazy cunt.


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...fuck me that was embarrassing Spurs.

Loads to play for and turned-in one of the most abject performances of the season

..I love the vox big_smile

...more FR, proper poolside business:

..ugh, sorry mate how horrible, what a shitter sad

..K1? do you need the soundcard when there is one in the mixer??