aural wrote:

I quite like it. I was stuck in the doldrums of Pioneer mixers for so long, this one is a treat. Really sounds great and I like the control of the rotary over sliders. It has a ton of great connectivity options as well which makes it versatile.

I ended up swapping out my old DJM-2000 for the MP2015, the original CDJ-2000s for the mk2 version of the XDJ-1000s, and my whole monitoring setup from KRK Rokits (8" tops and a 10" sub) to Adam Audio (7" tops and 10" sub) and I couldn't be happier with the result.

...its a very good mixer for sure, I'm on a few rotary forums and it gets quite a bad rap from the purists because it isn't analogue, but I think it sounds fantastic and there still isn't another mixer on the market that has as versatile a feature set, twin soundcards etc. Guess my only criticism would be the knobs, which aren't quite as solid as the V6/Radius-style ones, and I'd like the filter knobs to be a bit more prominent as I mix pretty much exclusively with them.

Very tempted by the Mk2 XDJ's, just wish they'd sort out the advanced HID mode so I could double-up on Traktor/Rekordbox.

...nice mate, how you getting on with the Rane?

Ace wrote:

Good production it, posted a few pages back wink, love his sound, this one a big fave: … ckazat-dub


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...shame but times move on, still enjoy keeping an eye on the board freakshow, but find myself posting less and less.

It would be nice to have somewhere to continue to share great music and keep in touch with the good guys.

seanc80 wrote:

no chicken balls

...'til I WALKED IN, LOL

...well I asked for authentic and I got authentic, Beijing Hot Pot, like a fondue but you get boiling water/stock with loads of herbs etc. on the table, then plates of sliced lamb, beef, pork, shrimp, tofu, chinese leaves, spinach, served with sesame dip, pickled radish, chilli oil etc.

Once you get past the fact that texturally its quite soft, ie. in the west, cooked tends to mean incinerated, it was actually pretty good.


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...didn't we do this one already?

Anyway, Phonic MRT60 (1989), a bit shit, but good enough to get me hooked..

Beijing Dave wrote:

You will note that the adjoining street is called DAMO CHANG ST, essential that you get a pic of you by the street sign IMO... … 122628,17z

..haha, on it

Beijing Dave wrote:

Which part of town you in? idea Dave, staying in the New World Beijing, it’s pretty good.

Three cities in three days prior to this though.. I’m fucked. Beijing at the moment, food has been spectacular so far

(Still going to insist on saying ‘Szechuan’ just to piss Dave off though)

...hi-five Leon! wink


steelydan wrote:
Sbando wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Love this -


...and so it goes...


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...hey Jamie, what kit did you buy?

...hah, not far off tbh, you fuckers! the tracklist was my extra mile!

Remember badly-bootlegged C90's with rave flyer-inserts?.. hmm?.. it would take 2 years to get a track ID, before enduring bleeding cuticles from trawling the racks... then parting with £12.99 for an import double-pack just so you could get your hands on that elusive side 4/B2 track?

Up-front tracklists?... cue files!?? pfft. You lot don't know you're born! wink

smallman1 wrote:

Love this -

...nice that

Amazing how sounds go full-circle, could easily have been released in '91 on one of the Italian labels like Irma, DFC or Flying

...afraid I don't Jambo, have never used cues, would take forever on 5hrs+ of music I imagine

If you tag a track in the timeline on Soundcloud I'll be sure to ID it for you...

..hmm, not sure, possibly Jimpster “Step By Step”?

...haha, well worth waiting for that tracklist then? wink

Hmm, not sure mate, might need a bit more info than that...

millsy23 wrote:

Paddington 2 on Saturday!!


...deffo having some of that, first one was great

..amazing track, made a mashup with it years ago … roken-edit

...Tunnelvisions album is spectacular, occupying all of my listening time at the moment;

...just for Hannu;

Unbroken- Autumn '17 Mix- Part 1

Art of Tones "Koniokola" (Fred Everything Ambient Re-Do) [Lazy Days Music]
Four Tet "Planet" (Original Mix) [Four Tet]
Pablo Bolivar "All Clear" (Kevin Yost Remix) [Culprit]
Biosphere "Black Mesa" (Spieltape Edit) [Soundcloud]
Floyd Lavine "Masala" (Pablo Fierro Remix) [Rise Music]
Lauer "Tyco" (Original Mix) [Futureboogie Recordings]
Rowee "Rushing Through The Mind" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
YokoO & Retza "Tarantism" (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]
Hubert Kirchner "Eon" (Original Mix) [Manual Music]
Alejandro Mosso "Gaia" (Original Mix) [Hivern Discs]
DAVI "Kayser Soze" (Original Mix) [Kindisch]
Benjamin Fröhlich "Dream City" (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation]
Ian O'Donovan "Katla" (Original Mix) [Portals]
Finnebassen "Sanguine" (Original Mix) [Polymath]
Tlak "Cristal" (Original Mix) [These Eyes]
Lehar "The Last Track" (Original Mix) [Diynamic] "Work It Now" (Doctor Dru Remix) [Cacao Records]
Audiojack "Opposite Forces" (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]
Kaldera "Look in Me" (Original Mix) [Gartenhaus]
DAVI "Distant Memory" (Original Mix) [Kindisch]
John Tejada "Aisling" (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Bastian Bux feat. Kyla Millette "Lights" (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Suara Recordings]
Lehar "The R.E.M. Phase" (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Steve Bug & Langenberg "Chord Cluster" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Fort Romeau "Emu IV" (Digital Bonus) [Running Back]
Jose Vizcaino "Sure I Can" (Original Mix) [Seven Villas]
Jimpster “Step By Step” (Original Mix) [Suol Germany]
Lindstrøm "Tensions" (Original Mix) [Smalltown Supersound]

Unbroken- Autumn '17 Mix- Part 2

George FitzGerald “Burns” (Original Mix) [Double Six]
Kiasmos "Paused" (Stimming Remix) [Erased Tapes]
Lusine "Chatter" (Dauwd Remix) [Ghostly International]
Super Flu "Gausa" (Original Mix) [Monaberry]
Joseph Ashworth "Falling" (Original Mix) [Get Weird]
Soledrifter "Dreamy Eyed Together" (Deep Active Sound Remix) [Lisztomania Records]
Love Over Entropy "Land Before Time" (Original Mix) [Lossless]
John Tejada "Ceol" (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Dusky "LF10" (Original Mix) [17 Steps]
Leo Janeiro & Gui Boratto "Moodisco" (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) [D.O.C.]
Omer Grinker & Pellon "Personal Notes" (Pablo Bolivar Club Vision) [Seven Villas]
Ian O'Donovan "Metamorphic" (Original Mix) [Portals]
Toto Chiavetta "Nothing Really Matters" (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
Mathias Schober "That Is When" (Original Mix) [Lossless]
Lukas Bohlender "Golden Hour" (Original Mix) [Compost]
Modd "Guron" (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos "Trust" (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]
Nils Hoffmann "Moon Water" (Original Mix) [Poesie Musik]
Super Flu "K5000" (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Monaberry]
Hoj & Powel "Leap Day" (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]
Tim Engelhardt "Reality" (Original Mix) [fryhide]
Pablo Bolivar "Cold As Heaven" (Original Mix) [Culprit]
Markus Homm "Don't Let Go" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa "From Russia With Love" (Original Mix) [DV8]
Fred Everything feat. Kathy Diamond "Believe" (Giom Remix- Fredit) [Lazy Days Music]
Lehar & Musumeci feat. Ost & Kjex "Amun" (Original Mix) [Endless]
Chasing Kurt "Cloud Dancer" (Kiko Navarro Remix) [Peppermint Jam]



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...its a good comp, must admit the KT track was a bit of a disappointment though