..love Mandalay, but they never topped this tbh:

millsy23 wrote:

time to clear my ears out. This tune is liquid sexual chocolate. Mix this into some Kenny G and watch those panties drop.

Neko wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Mix this into some Kenny G and watch those panties drop

"deeper love"

..both wrong I'm afraid, by far the best song on that album:

..no worries jules, knew the piano action near the start might not be everybody's thing, hence the 'fluff' warning, cheers for listening smile


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vinnyt77 wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

10th Wedding Anniversary party for two very good friends (one of whom is GU Board legend Daisytripper who's last trip to Bedrock didnt end well!!!!) of ours. Followed by a bit of Vets football on Sunday Morning then off to a 2 year old's party with the boy.


Apart from the last two bits. Instead I'm off to Hotel Du Vin with Mrs Tim to pickle ourselves in vino....

stayed in the one in edingburgh  earlier this year when i done the trainspotting tour vinny, it was fackin great.

...the one in the Toon is one of me and the lass's favourite bolt-holes, great rooms and grub

...tough crowd IMO


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...I give it two pages before the 'when's Dermo allowed back?' starts


Anyone else? smile

...eww, no.

'Classic' in as far as Kiss FM/Dave Pearce (probably) describe it as such. Was never a proper club 'Classic' IMO, fucking dreadful vocal and the song is pure gorgonzola. Respect Gorge but there are a million tunes he should have remixed before tackling this one.

All IMO of course wink


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...and I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

Honourable mention for ETC, whose barely-coherent, gin-soaked ramblings have emerged as possibly the most sane contributions amidst the bewildering jumble of dissociative identities on this messageboard


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..power swim session with the tri club tonight, few beers indoors after

Taking my lad to SJP tomorrow, booked the tickets a while back and and can honestly say I wish we weren't going. Knew that if Ashley didn't sack him after the Southampton game the atmosphere would be fucking poisonous.. looking forward to a few of these come 5 o'clock tomorrow:


...mentioned on here a few weeks ago, (technically released on Seismic, later on Platipus), heard it only yesterday in that DJ Three Robot Heart/Burning Man set, still sounds great:


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..aahh The Pit... Paul Van Toss... Mitch Winthrop

Heady days indeed.


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..haha, great start


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Bessie Braddock: Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.

Winston Churchill: Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.

...been complaining about the compilation thing for years too, surely it wouldn't be that hard to have a search filter that removes rereleases from your feed of 'new' tracks.

Mind you, while there are good things about Beatport, the search system is not one of them... It's always been extremely poor.

...it's not Beatport who are ripping the vinyl FFS, the labels supply them like this.

I do think they should at least flag it so you can make an informed choice before buying tho


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..screengrabs FFS.

WTF has this place become?

nitron wrote:

Pretty lame comment. The point is that the phrase 'electronic dance music' was, until a few years ago, used to describe the entire spectrum, from techno to trance to abstract electronica to drum and bass. Now that term has been hijacked and appropriated specifically to the commercial synth-pop rubbish we love to hate.

..so it's the fact the label has been hijacked that irritates you?

They've given it it's own shitty acronym so we know to avoid it, fine by me


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Big Fella wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..are both King of Spins gooners then?

These two make Wiggi look like a footballing genius.

Pass my regards to the great man pls Damo.

..he is a great man, and I will wink

...2.5hrs, 26 (I think!) tracks. Starts off a bit fluffy then gets a bit more 'heeds doon' later on.

Hope you likey smile

https://soundcloud.com/unbroken1/damien … studio-mix


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..are both King of Spins gooners then?

..its fucking hilarious how narked EDM makes middle-aged ex-clubbers


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...walked past there lunchtime today a fuckin travel agent now......i know its been closed a good few years now...


...my old office was directly above there (and the keycutters where Zammo worked), had a first floor balcony that ran almost the length of St Anne's Court. Was great because it was such a narrow alleyway people tended not to look up, excellent for earwigging passing convos, and listening to the prossies plotting their next clip.

Went in there a few times, was always a little "OI OI" techno for my liking... picked up a promo of Sander's 'Sacred' in there the week after Sasha's GU came out though which was a right result, sat in a pile of unplayed mailouts, it clearly wasn't their bag at the time. We occasionally got the odd promo through our door intended for the shop, which I always returned, natch wink

Went into Choci's more frequently when it was on Old Compton St, underneath BOY (appropriately enough). Remember that shop Ed? Recall picking up a couple of early Hooj Choons in there, Restless Rockers 'Restless' etc. Place was absolutely tiny and pumping, crammed with red-faced gurners fresh from Turnmills.

Seem to have posted this loads of times but Zoom was always THE record shop for me. Initially above the leather jacket place, and latterly in the old Soul II Soul basement. Every fucker used to shop in there in those days, PVD, Oaky, Emerson etc. Billy Nasty, Rob Mello, Roots, Dom and Goldie behind the counter. Always got the Leftfield/Hard Hands white labels in first as they practically operated out of the shop. Had a button behind the counter that dimmed the main lights and a siren and police light went off whenever a new TUNE was unearthed big_smile

Moved onto Tag (Trocadero Centre, pre-alleyway shop) & Plastic (Seven Dials, pre- Drury Lane) later on...

..'tis nice


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