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Not sure how many of you would survive the legendary 'afters,' judging by some of the feedback here.

Damo and Mike Miller did a couple of years ago, both put in sensational shifts tbf.

..fahkin' love the gargle me

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Uncle Bazza wrote:

Oh talking dirty? No that is just for porn. Role Playing? ha "I would feel silly". Other toys? "No rabbit vibe is fine". I might buy her a baseball bat, ask her if she fancies that in there, when she says no club her to death with it, then leave it hanging out of her arse and flee into the night camo'd up.

Sounds to me as though she's overly self-concious and doesn't like the thought of being in her most vunerable state.

..can you fucking imagine what that must be like loopy, eh?

..might have a Duet 2 for sale if you wanna go that route


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..we've rebranded as 'Sexy Since '70'


(77 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion) really pisses-off the wife that I find it funny, which makes it even better, obv.


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Uncle Bazza wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
Uncle Bazza wrote:

3k is more our price range.

You should book Hannu, Damo and Millsy.

You'd get change out of £50 I reckon.

Never heard of them. Not really dj names. fucking WOT PAL!!?

..what an ace day, cheers fellas big_smile

..hah, it fucking worked!

Cheers pal big_smile

After Siberian Phil Jupitus & gang, that is possibly my favourite pic on the internets..


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..this is the kind of bullying JD was referring to

On my birthday too... heartless bastard.


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...yeah, Millsy attempting to fuck-up my best joke this year noted

I'll remember that you absolute shithouse..


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..why can't Stevie Wonder see his mates?

..because he's married.


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..take your point, and if you come already come from an established Serato/Traktor background can see why you couldn't see the logic of having more than one (big) display, but CDJ2K's are pretty much everywhere now, and plenty are familiar with the idea of being able to browse playlists and having waveforms on the L or R deck. If you look at a range-topping beast like that DDJ-SZ, there's no reason for it not to have this feature.

At the end of the day, these all-in-one units are an affordable emulation of a high-end club install setup, this just brings them more in line with the CDJ2k/900Nexus-type rig


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..hang on, is this about Mr Boring or Mr Boring's cat? if it's the former then excuse my flippancy and congratulations sir


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..go on then, it's been a while:

Motor City Drum Ensemble "Raw Cuts" (Recloose Remix) [MCDE Recordings]
Ali Love "Deep Into The Night" (Hackman Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Chopstick & Johnjon (Andre Lodemann Remix/Quarion Dub) [Suol Germany]
Jonas Rathsman "Skepparkrans" (Original Mix) [French Express]
Dusky "Love Taking Over" (Original Mix) [17 Steps]



(37 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion) this really a state-of-the-cat thread?


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..I think they are set on profiting from hardware for the foreseeable mate, can't see them teaming up with the likes of Pioneer/A&H again

..I must pay more attention around here


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..the separate deck displays look great, CDJ2K-style, I'm amazed it's taken so long for someone to do this

Based on past experiences with their mixers I've always been a bit sceptical about Numark as a brand, but I'm told their build quality is significantly better than it used to be. Pretty sure sean c on here has one of their controllers..

Serato users have so many options now, the top-end Pioneer stuff looks great. Wish NI would still allow other companies to develop Traktor-friendly kit, their own controllers don't excite me at all

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Unbroken1 wrote:

he totally ruined that song.

..'ruined'? he put it into a totally different context and it's a fucking great version IMO

It's not a 140bpm spazzfest, granted. Maybe this is more up your strasse?

..been 'holding tight' for over a month, but I knew he'd come through wink

..cheers Ed smile

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Unbroken1 wrote:
smashdad wrote:


(not that the G2G track isn't also terrific but I'd not heard that Stryke remix for a while and I hammered it back then)

...gorgeous track, did an edit/mashup with it a while back: … roken-edit

Damo I heard that a while ago,superb .Just like the Babak Shayan/Blaze one you did  a few years ago.What are the  chances of a copy? You gave me the Blaze one on the GU board  when I asked about it. me your email


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It's a Mahou-sive swerve from Damo.

Oi oi!