simmer down.

this is not spam. this is a flyer to a major electronic music conference in london that lots of people are obviously very interested in.

if anything is spam, it is this sort of lark

I enjoyed the boat. lots of wobbly people on there. nice to get out into the solent - southampton water is a grim industrial landscape. music was super. good times.

King Britt at Ocean Rooms on the friday (29th) if memory serves...

where the fans are from means nothing. nearly all football fans support the current top three/four teams. that liverpool fans were there from london and scotland isn't a suprise. most people who support manchester united/arsenal/liverpool/chelsea on this board as everywhere are not from these places. blaah.


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he isn't saying that they are going to do the opposite - just that it is meaningless to say you are going to do things that are so obvious. in the case of the police / tax / immigration aspects those could be legitmate stances though... you're obviously taken by some of it!


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yep yep. saw this randomly when i was living in america about 18 months ago. it actually has a story line / idea of interest. madness. better than most of the dirt that gets put out that is just an excuse to see certain faces / explosions. i like it  smile


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erlend oye's dj kicks is him djing (electro / house type things) and singing over the top of the tracks with vocals from his or other people's songs... and it is fantastic.


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yeah. hotmail has been treating my like a rabid dog for the last few weeks. saying mine and other attachments have viruses. not loading pages / sending messages etc.

seems to be getting better the last few days though...

have seen who i assume is the same tap dancer - at market street by mason/powell somewhere - covered in grease - giving it 110% - good stuff.

i like the look of that and will try to download it soon

i am still at sussex uni so let me know if anything is going on up there... thanks.


sounds like an entry for a lonley hearts column  lol

ha!  lol

i like bn1  smile

i live in brighton



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super tune. heard amalgamations of sounds play this at fabric on saturday. ooh er.


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i really enjoyed the night. hearing those northern exposure tunes was a highlight. i like the electro stuff and the sort of rock-house type stuff. overall it got a bit too tough / techno / trance for me. hmmm. people were going wild for it though...

good night had  smile


Why dont all the guys who are going on there own start a new topic to meet up so u have someone to talk to in the inevitable 3 hour Q?!  wink

this queue does not exist in my - not limited - experience.

very fair review. really good music. some acid house things at the end. enjoyed it. not a busy as i feared/suspected/hoped/

voodoo ray was nice.

in your defence, you did put the venue on yours...

might creep down to this...

too busy and too much hype...

people always hype these things up on these boards. same with bedrock.

"get there at 8 or you won't get in!!"

then you turn up as normal and walk in and it isn't even that busy. it was more busy in fabric last friday than i have ever seen it for any of these sasha / digweed nights.

that being said - i bet this is fukking good and i hope i will be there.

this was fukking class. incredibly hot and sweaty downstairs. i was dancing like a wildman all night. was open until 3 which was a nice bonus for a week night. lots of fantastic house tunes with more than a few classics thrown in.

I am going. I think it will be a hoot.

i am coming