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These payoffs do my head right in. It seems HR depts are terrified of the employment tribunal and would rather just pay the employee off than actually make a stand and fight the case. I've seen so many useless people at my place that threaten a tribunal and end up getting a settlement. Never seem to actually consider the fact that they were always on sick leave, or couldnt actually do their job etc

Looks like Haringey spent 196k fighting it before giving in and then paying out the >600k. What a racket


spinnerlg wrote:

I seriously doubt Uncle John is too worried. He's been there, done it, had loads of T-shirts printed etc. Don't lose sleep now, these things happen. Some crowds are just a tough nut. Also, this doesn't say how it finished... might have been a mass love in at the end.

Once went to an Oakey gig in '96 and the same thing happened with the crowd... was just 'one of those' nights. I'm sure the monkey man is sweating it worrying about that night right now..... then again.... perhaps he's not.

Saw JD at Es Paradis, Ibiza in June/July 1998 and it was a bit like that video, but with less people. Think he did about 4-5 hours and started playing really early in the night - seem to remember the lights being on in the club when he started? The club was barely full, but after about 2 hours the room had really filled up and by the end he was hammering the tunes out, place was going mad. Perhaps this gig ended up like that?

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

I recall reading somewhere that Diggers played the original of Bullet In The Gun at Bedrock, when he meant to play the Rabbit In The Moon mix. Can any of you older Bedrockers confirm or deny this please. If so would have loved to have been there to have seen the reaction.

Don't think that is true? I was at Bedrock @ Heaven when Digweed played the RITM mix of that track, very early on in a set, really pitched down. About 3 months later it appeared on Oakey's Another World comp.


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The Young Ones is probably my favourite comedy show, couldnt make any sense what so ever of it, but it was still brilliant.

Mayall was a genius, RIP

I know there are prob a few topics out there on this but when I checked they seemed a few years old?

Anyway, I've recently set up my Technics and vinyl after they had been in storage for years. Seems my mixer is on the way out (a Gemini PS646 I purchased about 15 years ago) so I'm looking for a new one.

All I'll use it for is to mix between two turntables, with a half-decent sound quality. I never got round to playing CDs and all I now use the vinyl for is a few hours mucking about with a few beers of an evening.

Been looking at stuff but there seems loads out there, for varying prices.

Any ideas for a mixer within the £200 range?


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Never get tired of watching Gazza's freekick versus Arsenal. Amazing moment. The goal, the celebration and the commentary.

'That....is schoolboys own stuff!'

Back when the FA cup meant something.


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LOL ETC where do you think of this stuff!


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Well done to Man City, thoroughly deserved. Pellegrini seems a decent bloke and thank god it wasn't Mourinho winning it!

Gutted that we couldnt see it out but the return of CL nights is a consolation. I do think we will struggle to maintain a strong league campaign with midweek European games to play.

The game today was by far the worst performance of the season as well, doesnt say a lot for Newcastle.

Mr Boring wrote:
GregWhelan wrote:

LOL am I missing something here - who is Tamer Hassan? British Hollywood Legend?!

FFS Greg we need to get you engaged with the cream of British cinema. If you're watching a film with Danny Dyer or the ginger bloke nobody knows the name of then you can bet Tamer won't be too far away.

There's me admiring the works of Daniel Day-Lewis when all the time I've been ignoring the works of Hassan - who according to wiki was 'Faden's limo driver' in Batman Begins and doesnt seem to star in any films where his character has a surname - always a sign of a good actor!

LOL am I missing something here - who is Tamer Hassan? British Hollywood Legend?!

ETC - I would pay to read your posts mate, always bring a smile to my face!

Few of the younger lads in my Sunday football team have been to the Sugar Hut, they love the place. They think nothing of getting these £250 tables in the vain hope of snogging some blonde Essex bird. Don't think any of them could spell mortgage let alone worry about one!


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Great goal from Rooney but Suarez did it vs Norwich last season and it wasn't mentioned nearly as much as the one yesterday. The way they go on about Rooney is embarrassing at times


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Presto wrote:

I'm sure one can forgive the rest of us for feeling a sense of glee over Manchester United's demise.

It's absolutely brilliant viewing


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Had the pleasure of going to one of those evening dinner nights with ex sportsmen. Claridge was the speaker. He had to finish up early as people were heckling him, talking on phones etc as he was that bloody boring and monotone. His talk was along the lines of ' so I bowled up at club x, managed to get 7 goals in 10 games there, then it was onto club y, where I did a bit better, bagging 12 in 15' etc etc.


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Agreed, it's a great season so far, especially for the neutral. No coincidence that Utd are way out of it.


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I would love to play against Martin Skrtel. He'd either pass the ball to you in front of an open goal, haul you down for a penalty or score you an OG.

As simon mentioned we are all over the place at the back, shambolic. Thank God we are decent going forward!

Two that spring to mind:

Steve Lawler Toronto

Anthony Pappa - Moments 2

Both sounded like it was the same bleepy loop on repeat for 70+ minutes. Shocking efforts.

Also agree on Creamer & K's Bedrock effort, utterly terrible.


Payback for the wurzels.

I'm on first name terms with The Wurzels

Is that the worst klang ever?!

He took great offence when the BBC interviewer asked if he had thought about getting a job.

'I am a freelance entrepreneur you know, but that doesnt mean I have cash'

Then he says he didnt eat the cooked food he was served in the cells as it was too salty!


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Good semi final between alan 'chuck' norris and jan 'double 'dekker and a decent final, with  skip raider steve bunting the deserved winner (who btw walks on to 'bullet from a gun'@planet perfecto).

ETC rating 5/10  overall.

cant see bobby george being alive for next years finals, my scientific analysis   is that he's basically fucked.

wheezing ,coughing and going down avenues as varied as sheep farming and the european union.

Colin murray veneer of polished performer ,with new  kraftwerk haircut ,was tarnished somewhat by his skit on the psychology of slow play with walking corpse george.
(fkn painful to watch).

presented like focault analysing the deviance theory in a  channel 4s 'after dark' backdrop. All that was missing was shami chakrabarti and thomas hitzlebummer to nod
appreciately or stoke their chins to acknowledge this showroom dummies words of wisdom.

interesting fact, or not.  Viewing figures show that More people saw the womans   BDO     final Than the PDC mens final.

RIP Phil nixon, thanks for the 2007 final mate..

Agreed on George - he's the strangest shaped person I've ever seen, he looks like the top half of Frankenstein's monster. And his suit/shirt combo tonight? Woeful.

The whole thing is brilliant viewing all in all!


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So it's all over for another year. Bunting a worthy winner IMO. On the biggest night of his life, his missus rocks up wearing a Donnay trackie top knowing the cameras will be on her!


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Love watching the BDO precisely because it's so bad. The odds on the reigning champiuon getting knocked out the following year early on must be so short every year, it seems like any old volunteer can get quite far in it.

That Adams video you posted was quality - 27 darts to finish a 501 game LOL!


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smallman1 wrote:

I'm off to Chelsea v Liverpool tomorrow.

Will give an honest insight into how both teams performed after the game.

Hold tight for feedback.

Just got my ticket through for the Liverpool end, hoping for a good result. Not been to Stamford Bridge before, hope the atmosphere is good.

I only picked it up recently and realise it's from 2012 but Guy Gerber's Fabric was awesome, one of the best cd's I've heard in years.

I also picked up Seaman's Selador comp, Francois K Renaissance, Radioslave Balance, Tiefschwarz Renaissance, Digweed Slovenia, Anjunadeep 5, Guy J Balance and Involver 3

Involver 3, Guy J and Tiefschwarz cd's were terrible; the others were ok but nothing memorable

High hopes for Argentina next week

1. Terranova - Painkiller - Michael Mayer Mix
2. Mama-Don't Stop The Beat - Tiefschwarz Remix
3. Jacob Phono & Jens Bond - I Stay
4. Jacob Phono & Jens Bond - Lick Your Brains
5. Jimpster - Brought To Bare ft. Jonatan Bäckelie - Deetron Remix
6. Fairmont - Lie To Me.
7. Mario Aureo & Manuel Moreno - Arosis - Sebo Remix
8. Dubb Disko - Please Don’t Go
9. Vinayak A - Set Her Free - Martin Buttrich Remix
10. SuSoul - Cosmic Theater - Pete Herbert Remix
11. Leave - No Doubt - Lopazz Remix
12. Paul C & Paolo Martini - The Race feat. Mousse T
13. Coma - Les Dilettantes - Roosevelt Mix

1. Le Carousel - Stick Together - Phil Kieran Remix
2. Our Loving Sun - To Disappear - Ripperton Remix
3. Paul C & Paolo Martini - Red Swan
4. Martin Buttrich & Mousse T. - Sunseeker
5. Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me - The Pachanga Boys' Jagwar Pawar Version
6. H.O.S.H. - Dancer
7. Traumer - Sofa
8. Martin Buttrich & Davide Squillace - BCN Motion
9. Oscar Barila & Sergio Parrado - Redemption
10. Deetron feat. Ben Westbeech - Rhythm - Instrumental Mix
11. Deetron feat. Ben Westbeech - Rhythm
12. Rebelski - The Rift Valley (Lee Van Dowski Binary Re-Up Mix)

1. Dan Curtin - Got Me Somethin
2. Funk D'Void - Lambo PM
3. Dia - Sights
4. Marst - Control Room
5. The Japanese Popstars - Pump Power - Marino Canal Remix
6. Nick Curly - When The Wild Horse
7. Tiga VS Audion - Let's Go Dancing
8. Satoshi Fumi - The Messenger - Ian O’Donovan Remix
9. The Japanese Popstars - Out of Nowhere - The Japanese Popstars Remix
10. Slam - Eterna - John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix
11. Daniel Dexter - Why So Serious? - Uner Remix
12. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Ian O'Donovan - Dawnbreaker
13. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Carlo Lio - Infinity Road
14. Alex Niggemann - Tangram (The Bright End)

1. Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg - You Know
2. Deetron - Character Beats
3. Breccia - Indigo
4. Amir - Katatonisch - Butch Remix
5. Sebastian Markiewicz - Fibre - Phil Kieran Remix
6. Aidan Lavelle - Issues
7. Aidan Lavelle - Direction
8. Nuno dos Santos - Mon Toy - Gregor Tresher Remix
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jamie Stevens - Prism
10. Pele & Shawnecy - Roach Hotel
11. Carlo Lio & Harvey McKay - Fuck Jack
12. The Advent - Disco Diva - Uto Karem Remix
13. Arjun Vagale - Kempai - Jon Rundell Remix
14. Harvey McKay - Push It

4 x CDs from Rosario according to the Bedrock facebook page.

Out Dec 9th