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I'm there for 3 nights in early July, and must admit I'm not looking as forward to it as I would have been 10 years ago.

The guy organising the trip has pencilled in Ushuaia and Amnesia but I might bin Amnesia off. Not sure who's playing yet

On chapter 7 of Uncharted 4 so far and it's as good as I expected it to be. Think it's a bit more like The Last of Us than the other Uncharted games. I'm still amazed at how these games get better and better, especially graphics wise. Some of the detail on the scenery is mind blowing


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Imagine Selby & Ding being around in the 90s. Hendry & White would have eaten them for breakfast I reckon. Lost count of how many times one of them is in and then can't finish the break.

Desperately hoping it's not John Virgo and/or Dennis Taylor commentating on the final session tonight

Here you go:

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=59090

(Hope that link works)

My first time watching Underworld live last night and they didnt disappoint. Superb gig, so many great tracks played. Was a bit unnerving half way through when the place got evacuated though! For a few minutes nobody knew why we were getting evacuated, but we were let back in and the gig continued (must have been a fire alarm)

As for the album, it's good IMO. Bit short but Low Burn and Nylon Strung are great tunes.

I'm 0490/1000 so not too geeky...but still geeky enough!

This was waiting for me in the postbox this evening smile

Love the packaging. The boring accountant in me is wondering how on earth this can be so cheap, what with all the tracks to licence and the cd's themselves

Anyway, looking forward to listening to this over the coming weeks


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

went quite a few times in both home and away ends with different mates when living up there 2005-2010

never seen them lose there - i think?

I'm almost the opposite. Seen them 10 times and only witnessed one win in that lot,and even then I was in the away end with other Luton fans.

Was also in the Watford end at Xmas when Bogdan threw it in the net, that was not enjoyable!

Worst one was paying £120 for fa cup final ticket when Chelsea beat us in 2012. Sickening.

Nobody will come to the games with me anymore lol!

In fairness the 'new' mixer i bought is absolutely terrible, the treble/mid/bass buttons do absolutely nothing and the sound from it is so bassy it borders on distortion.

Think the decks are due for a service anyway, I didn't realise that the option was there.I've had them 15 years and can't see myself getting rid of them


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I got Just cause 3 and Black Ops 3 for Christmas and I just cannot get into them

Black Ops is just way too confusing, I can't work out what the hell is going on, what I'm meant to be doing and what the storyline is supposed to be. I don't think I'll be getting another COD game.

Just Cause 3 is simply too big and I can't really be bothered to explore the map. Rockstar do open world games exactly to my tastes.

Think I'll hold on for Uncharted 4 in April, although my nephew did show me a trailer for a decent looking Tom Clancy game on the horizon, may see if thats any good.

^ I did try that but same results.

Now I dont know what is happening. Just had a fiddle with the cables, took them out put them back in again and the sound plays through both earphones now? Then after moving them again the sound reverted to one ear only. Now its back to both ears! Also it seems that the sound levels between the decks is way off i.e. one track will be playing at a decent level, and when I mix in the next track the new track is way quieter, even with the volume level way up?

It's a brand new mixer, less than a year old so it seems that I need to get the decks serviced


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^Yes on both counts. In fact every bloody advert on TV at the moment.

Has anyone ever been to a house party that was remotely like the one depicted in the advert above?

mobsta - thanks for that info. I will send him an email although as I'm in Luton he may not venture out that far from London (says he wont go outside the M25)

I don't have any speakers set up. Just the two decks and a mixer.

I use them really just to muck about on. But obviously if I can't hear out of one earphone it takes the fun out of it a bit.

I have tried 3 different headphones, with different headphone jacks plugged in, with the same results. I have tried plugging the red/white wires from the technics into each different socket on the mixer, but same results. So I am thinking it is actually a problem with the deck itself or the red/white leads that come from the deck.

Can anyone advise me on the most appropriate forum to get advice and guidance on repairing a technics 1210 deck?

When I play a record the sound is only coming through one earpiece. Have tried two different mixers and three different headphones but problem still persists, so I'm assuming it is the actual deck itself


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Finished my CIMA last summer and told myself no more studying and exams but I just know I'll end up doing something else at some point which will necessitate more exams. It's amazing that you put all that effort in and yet I can't recall one employer or boss asking to see proof that I have the qualification!


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I used to have a pair of Sony MDR-V700 headphones which lasted me a long time and gave off a great sound.

Seems they dont exist any more, can anybody tell me what they were replaced by - I'm assuming Sony discontinued the range and created a new line?


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Boring wrote:

Shame Chakrabarti resigning.  I feel less free already.

Glenn will be devastated - PM me if it all gets too much.

thanks for the good news this morning my old friend.

Chakrabati , As much use to society as my sweetcorn infused , heavily weighted , calcium deficient log in the shit pan. Can there ever have been, in the evolution of mankind, a less relevant entity to the  working class male going about his lawful business , going to work everyday to put food upon the table for his children, than this spacker sex dwarf ?. I think not. A 'job' lecturing diversity and human rights at Yale beckons.

Lol, superb! That has made my day, 'spacker sex dwarf' ha ha ha

steelydan wrote:

I was watching there will be blood the other night, and every hipster/twat dresses like an extra from the film.


Completely off topic, but what a film that is!


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ETC the BDO is essential viewing mate! If only to smirk at the constant references by the commentator to 'the magic of the BDO' and the amazing way that they never ever mention the PDC at all.

Plus the standard displayed by the ladies in the tournament, who can checkout in about 25 darts per leg lol!

I enjoyed Bioshock 1 and 2 a lot, and didnt really think they could do much more with it - but Bioshock Infinite was absolutely amazing. Enjoyed it so much.

Think Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us and GTA5 came out within 2 months of each other on the PS3 as well, great time for gamers

Enjoying this mix Homegrove, thanks for providing

I got two tickets for Underworld on 24th March this morning. Didnt realise it was the day before Good Friday so even better.

Have never seen them live yet, cannot wait!

I lasted an hour on both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and couldnt get on with them at all. I simply didnt really know what I had to do and got bored very quickly. Not my cup of tea really; apart from GTA I do prefer the more linear games such as Uncharted, Batman, Last of Us etc.

I also tried MGS5 this month (never played a MGS in my life) and again, lasted about an hour and gave up.

Barring Uncharted 4 I can't really see any other games I'm keen on at the moment; will play Black Ops 3 but only when my nephew has gotten bored with it.

Finished Batman Arkham Knight recently which was really enjoyable, absolutely loads to do in the game to keep me interested.

Gonna wait for Uncharted 4 to come out I think. Never been into the Metal Gear Solid games.

What is the next Rockstar game?