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Loads of more boring players than Hawkins IMO.

Ricky Walden, Stuart Carrington, Marco Fu, Ryan Day. When Ronnie quits the game could struggle

Never realised it got released on vinyl at the time?

I really enjoyed it last night. I don't think it was a sell out so there was room to dance, unlike previous nights I've been to. I was there between 12 and 6am - I preferred the first part of Digweed's set - some very unique tracks with great baselines. The 2nd half was a bit more heads down and perhaps 'ploddy' - but still enjoyable.

I only recognised one track and that was a remix of Donna Summer-I Feel Love (it certainly had the vocal anyway). Played about 5.30am.

One thing that slightly annoyed me - the amount of people on the dancefloor just on their phones, on Facebook, whatsapp, snapchat etc. People literally cannot go 2 minutes without these gadgets! I'd get it if they were at the bar but they were smack bang in the middle of the crowd - either dance or get off the dancefloor!

I originally purchased 4 standard tickets for tonight - my mates have now persuaded me to go VIP later so the original 4 tickets are up for grabs at face value (£20) if anybody is interested. We'll try and sell on the door if possible (if allowed), would be a shame to waste them.

If interested please PM me - cheers.

Firmly in Ed.

Looking forward to it. Not been to Bedrock since the Matter night 5 or 6 years back.

Currently sitting here wading through year end accounts and watching the clock!


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Thankfully no! Some places get strict about wearing smart shoes etc. Guessing MoS isn't one of those places but don't wanna come 40 miles to get turned away from the door


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Flew United 5 times last summer, didn't have an issue on either flight. Was actually impressed with their in flight entertainment options.


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Bedrock Thursday then recovering for the remainder of the weekend.

Haven't been to Ministry in years......any strange footwear rules to be aware of?


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Dunno why smallman gets so much grief on here?

The Ruede Hagelstein and Krankbrother tracks are top notch.

Really enjoyed this, on my second listen this week. Thanks for uploading.


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Nice to hear a mix of some of the 'lesser' tracks from that era, thanks for posting.

What GU was the first track from?

Which credible actor has done the most turkeys do you think? Caine has a lot but I'd go for De Niro. I don't think some of his films even go straight to DVD

Grant wrote:

I found out yesterday that Bioshock: The Collection gets the 4k and 60FPS treatment, so I've bought it, it's just landed on my desk.

I'm genuinely very excited to play the first one on my massive tele in 4k.  I won't harvest the Little Sisters this time mind.

Brilliant collection of games, especially Infinite.

Tickets booked for this. My first Bedrock since the one at Matter years ago with Danny Howells supporting (2011?)

Looking forward to it - only ever been to MoS once in early 2000 to see Dave Seaman launch his Awakenings mix CD - was impressed with the club (although the general area was a bit ropey!)

Would be nice to meet up with some fellow Bedrockers


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Why oh why did I not put my life savings on Leicester tonight? Surely one of the most obvious results in recent history. Liverpool cannot work out how to play lower half teams and will always, without fail, give the opposition a sniff of a few goals. Lucas at centre half? I'm a 36 year old pub player and I would fancy my chances against him!

No doubt we'll wallop Arsenal on Saturday now and things will be rosy again.


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Ordered. 5 discs delivered for £17.49. Amazing value


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About 3 hours into Mafia 3 and enjoying it. Reminds me a lot of GTA Vice City for some reason.

Well stoked for Red Dead 2 and The Last of Us 2 when they eventually come out!

Cheers Grant. I hadn't thought about just getting the cable out on an ad hoc basis. To be honest I don't play online that often but I suppose it's worth getting all of the game updates etc that come out.

Now to start looking for a 10m Ethernet cable. Thanks again.

Random PS4 techy question. I'm with virgin media and used to have a small blue ethernet cable running from the virgin wifi box into the PS4- allowing me to go online, get updates etc.

I've recently moved the lounge around so that the TV and PS4 are at the other end of the room, but the virgin box is still in the same place as its restricted by where the wifi cable comes into the room.

Can I simply buy an extra long ethernet cable and run it from the wifi box to the PS4 or is there a neater way I can do this without loads of cables running across the room?

As you can tell I'm not that tech savvy!

Dermatron wrote:

Is Klopp still bringing home the prem and the champions league along with Robert Lewandowski within 3 years? You know? Like he said he would. LOL

When and where did he say that?


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Quite a few hours into Tomb Raider on PS4. Really enjoying it, absolutely loads to do and amazing graphics to enjoy

seanc80 wrote:

Hopefully it will upset some people.

Sean - sent you a PM

^Just tried to pay for a subscription and there is a message on the main page saying they are having trouble taking debit/credit card payments. Tried to go for a 24 hour subscription as a taster - will try again another time.

seanc80 wrote:
GregWhelan wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

I bought a subscription for mystreams.tv mate.
All HD screens, any amount of channels, every conceivable sporting event live with perfect stream. Sky and all the yank channels etc.

70 lids for 6 months. Opens for membership once a year, not sure if its still open. I joined last month.

Is Sky Sports included? Registered with them but seems US-centred? I'm only really after Premier League games, not too fussed about other sports

all sky sports channels included mate

Thanks. Will give it a try.

Nick- thanks for the tip, will try a month subscription to mystreams first and see how it is.