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Going through that list, I have heard of 49 of those djs but of that 49 I have only heard 9 of them either live or radio mixes. Never heard a Dixon set yet!

The Last Of Us Part 2 announced yesterday. Unsure of release date but will prob be 12 months away.....what a fantastic game part 1 was.

This and Red Dead 2 next year will be enjoyable


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Dermatron wrote:

Special mention for Chris Sutton on MOTD. Comfortably the worst pundit ever. Sounds like Sasha on LNOE. Right up there with John Barnes.

When he first started commentating for the BBC last season I thought that too.....but kinda used to him now and he's not the worst. I like that he doesn't try and sugarcoat things like most of the other guys - clearly says that Alli conned the ref for the Spurs penalty. Danny Murphy or Jason Roberts would be sitting on the fence with that one probably.

I did watch the Barca Real match yesterday and had my first experience of Ray Hudson commentating. Wow. How anyone can stand that for an extended period of time is beyond me!

Looks like being yet another amazing game from Rockstar. Cannot wait.

Have never heard one of his sets. Any recommendations for a first time listener?

I don't watch too many movies, but did pick up some 2nd hand films recently which I enjoyed.

Gravity - visually stunning

Drive - very good IMO, helped by an excellent soundtrack

The Bourne Legacy - woeful. Didnt really know what the hell was going on in it? And I was a big fan of the first 3.

Do these guys actually do any stand up though? They just seem to rotate between TV panel shows. 8 out of 10 cats, mock the week, taskmaster, would I lie to you etc. These shows are on every night and I swear it's just the same 10 people on rotation.What a life!


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Just returned from Ibiza this morning after a 3 night stag do in Playa den Bossa.

We had a great time and a cracking laugh BUT there were some things that really got my goat.

Firstly, the prices.They really are taking the piss now. 80 euros for a ticket to Pacha to see David Guetta (I didnt go, just saw the tickets on sale). 26 euros for 2 beers at Ushuaia, where the only beer they sell is Heineken. Everything and anything is a minimum of 10 euros. Surely it's got to implode on itself soon?

Secondly, the commercialisation. It is so much more prominent than I've seen it before. Posters of DJ's on the roads, DJs advertising watches, after shave etc. Do me a favour

We visited Ocean Beach, Ushuaia and Amnesia. Ushuaia was a joke. Some bellend called K$Mir (or something equally tragic) prancing around acting like he was this amazing technical DJ, playing some absolutely rotten music. And 5,000 people going mad for it.

Had the 'privilege' of watching people following Wayne Lineker around Ocean Beach, posing for selfies and hugs.

However we had a great time at Amnesia last night, Fatboy Slim was in his usual party mode. Also heard some great tunes at our poolside bar, which was rivalling Bora Bora for atmosphere.

I'm back again in 2017 for another stag do, I'm starting the saving now!


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Doesnt matter what day it is. Coverage of it always seems so underwhelming, especially when considered against the hype that it generates.

I sat and watched about 5 minutes of Jeff Lynne's ELO. Dear God, thousands of people standing there as if the end was nigh. It looked and felt awful.


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Is it just the TV coverage or does it look like the audience are not enjoying themselves?

Every year I catch snippets of the festival on the BBC and when they pan to the audience it always looks like a bunch of people standing around chatting to each other. Not 'aving it, not dancing, not singing along. I'm talking about the main acts obviously.

CD8 is superb, the mix from Pig & Dan into BOg is brilliant.

On the whole, I wasnt a fan of disc 4 or 7 but the rest of them are very good. And to be honest, the whole 9 disc package is a great set from start to finish - its actually finding the time to listen to them in order!


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Glen Whelan - the definition of average (no relation I should add!)

I'll be supporting Ireland but like all Irish fans I know we'll just enjoy actually being there, and anything extra is a bonus.


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Can Slovakia please do us all a favour and thump Wales later. Getting sick of all the media drivel about how good they are, how they are not a one man team, how they have more pride than everyone else etc.


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^ Superb as always ETC - brilliant use of equations that

I'm getting married tomorrow so the weather in UK at the moment can get a gertcha

ETC - any sage advice for me as I enter married life?!


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I don't understand why the media at large and current players don't call him out in public for it? Why don't they get asked about it on live TV after the match? Instead you get commentators like Martin Keown saying 'He might have been caught there'.

Don't think I can beat the first story, but my best mate's ex was/is a lunatic.

They had split up some weeks before and I was visiting him for the weekend. Woken up by her throwing a brick through the window screaming to be let in, he managed to get her out, she then broke through another window and started to attack him - he chucked her out again but she was hammering the door etc. She eventually knocked over his garden wall (how she did that we have no idea) and then fucked off, but I couldnt get back to sleep that night, kept thinking she'd put a molotov through the letterbox or something.

Then in the morning he gets a text from her 'I do these things because I'm in love with you and I need you, lets get back together' LOL.

Later that day she went to his parents house and slapped his mum round the chops for no reason (his mum is a pensioner btw).


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My best man is my brother who only just installed whatsapp on his phone last month, has never had an e-mail address and has possibly never been on the internet in his life.

I have installed Spotify on my phone now and I have a 3.5mm jack so should be good to go smile

Thanks for the help lads - looking forward to the big day one week from now


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^Possibly yes. Can't see anyone wanting to give up their phone for 5-6 hours though. I may just use my own phone (Samsung) although I will ask my family if any of them have an iPod touch

Just got home from work to find this in the postbox, great news. Bank holiday listening sorted!


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Thanks for all the info lads, much appreciated.

The problem I have is that I am trying to get these tracks onto an old iPod 5th generation device (the first video iPod I think, about 10 years old now but still going strong).

The actual wedding is my own wedding and we wanted to have music playing throughout the day whilst people are mingling, eating dinner etc. The venue have the facility to play music either via CD or via iPod. As we have so many tracks we want to play it's not feasible to use CDs.

I paid for Spotify premium last night (the 0.99 per month deal) but as people have mentioned, when you download tracks you are only downloading them to the Spotify app, which you can then listen to offline if needed. My iPod is just an mp3 player.

Neither myself or my missus have a more up to date iPod unfortunately. Think I may end up just putting on 'Now That's What I Call Wedding Music Vol 25' LOL


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I need to put together a playlist for my iPod of approx. 100 songs for a wedding. I use Spotify but I don't subscribe (I put up with the adverts as I don't use it that often).

Anyway, I want to download some of the songs in my Spotify playlists onto my iPod. If you subscribe to the service, does it give you the right to download tracks onto your PC (and then subsequently move them to a device e.g. the iPod). Or does the subscription fee simply mean no adverts?

I'm trying to find the best, legal way of owning these tracks without paying 79 pence per track via iTunes?

(I should say that the wedding venue has no wifi and so I can't stream music - I have to put them on either a CD or an iPod)


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I'm there for 3 nights in early July, and must admit I'm not looking as forward to it as I would have been 10 years ago.

The guy organising the trip has pencilled in Ushuaia and Amnesia but I might bin Amnesia off. Not sure who's playing yet


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On chapter 7 of Uncharted 4 so far and it's as good as I expected it to be. Think it's a bit more like The Last of Us than the other Uncharted games. I'm still amazed at how these games get better and better, especially graphics wise. Some of the detail on the scenery is mind blowing


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Imagine Selby & Ding being around in the 90s. Hendry & White would have eaten them for breakfast I reckon. Lost count of how many times one of them is in and then can't finish the break.

Desperately hoping it's not John Virgo and/or Dennis Taylor commentating on the final session tonight

Here you go:

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=59090

(Hope that link works)