Not one mention of Luton which makes me wonder how it gets voted worst place in Britain?

The area around Anfield is the worst place I've been in in the UK. Had to walk about a mile to the ground and we were hassled by about eight 10 year olds threatening to stab us etc.


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I have had a PS4 for about a year now and have no complaints with it. It's a slick machine - starts quickly, easy to navigate round and has loads of apps for videos etc. Some great games are starting to come out now such as Batman and then Uncharted 4 next year.

I borrowed an Xbox One from my nephew for about a month earlier this year and was so underwhelmed with it. A lot slower than the PS4, especially for installing new games - always had to wait absolutely ages for them to install and load. I'm glad I never purchased one


im going to frinton on sea today .

can any other board members beat that ?

I think I can, I'm off to the Linslade canal boat festival later. Trembling with excitement already!


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Against my better judgement I viewed 'Benefits by the Sea' last night on ITV and was treated to the story of 'Disco Dave' who gets £140 per fortnight in benefit and spends every single penny on alcohol and fags.

In his earlier days he was a burglar and stole to fund his drinking.

Now at what point do we say enough is enough and stop giving out free cash to people like him?

One of the guys who posted on social media said he was in the middle of an 80 hour shift. Is that legal?

Agree with point above, I don't think doctors are the problem


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£6m for Schweinsteiger is superb business.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Can someone ban Greg please. He's brought the mood right down in here.

He's right about Slovenia though. That mix stunk of Ginsters Beef and Onion pasties.

Sorry guys, there's always one isnt there!

smallman1 wrote:

Is there anyone who doesn't like this?

If there is, they should be killed.

Hands up over here.

I can see that everybody is giving this a massive thumbs up but I just cannot get into it, and I've played it a good few times.

Whereas with London there were so many memorable tracks on each disc, I didn't get that vibe with South Beach.

Slovenia, Miami and South Beach are my least favourite of the series so far


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I wonder whose bright idea this was

i read about this yesterday - literally wtf

if Milner is the standard of player we are looking for to wear no.7 then might as well give up now

Never understood the fuss about wearing a shirt number that was previously inhabited by a club legend or not. Does it really matter? More media nonsense I reckon.

Inherent Vice - finally got round to watching this the other night. Trailer made it look really interesting but I found it hard going. Couldnt really tell what was going on for large parts of it.

I'm planning on watching The Master which also has Joaquin Phoenix in it - its been out a few years but I never had the chance to see it, and I've heard good reviews


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MattBlack wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Thinking about fucking it all off now and going to NOW TV, tbh i'd rather head to the boozer to watch the games i actually wanna watch.

Yep pretty much, 7 quid a month for Now TV rather than rather than whatever Sky are charging now, much better value

Arent the sports extra though? I have purchased the day pass for Sports for £6.99 but obviously thats just a 24 hour thing; is it £7 a month for the other stuff i.e. entertainment and movies?

I played a midweek night at my student union bar, was about a 4 hour set which was really tough at the time because I'd only previously ever played 'out' for about an hour at a time, and so a longer set was really challenging. I was almost running out of records by the end, and to be honest I can't magine it had much of a flow to it!


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Although to be fair, the BBC have chucked all of their resources at the FA Cup this season and given it so much coverage from day 1.

Still doesnt make me want to hear the thoughts of Phil Neville or Martin Keown though. Thank God Garth Crooks and Robbie Savage werent about!


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Presto wrote:

Could you imagine how insufferable the coverage would be today if Liverpool were in it?

We should get neutral's backing for that reason alone.

Any worse than some of the coverage the BBC churned out today for Villa? The montage of Villa supporters spouting nonsense such as 'Win today, and we can die happy'. Bigging up Jack Grealish as if he would single handedly win the cup on his own.


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The BBC sports page and its incessant coverage of all things to do with womens football. Does anyone care? It gets more coverage than other sports that probably have 10 times the fans and interest.

Today they had a 'Breaking news' on the homepage to reveal who had won the womens footballer of the year award!


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I was at Pacha, Ibiza in 1999 and Seb was playing the main room. Bizarrely he played the Three in One mix of Cafe del Mar but proceeded to mix it out before the breakdown, despite the crowd clearly loving the track!


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I was invited to a night last Friday  with him and Tall Paul playing, in a small town called Harpenden near Luton. Not exactly  noted  for its  club  nights!

Slightly veering from the original topic, but can anyone recommend any decent online resources that can help the average bedroom DJ in using equipment, what each of the functions does on a mixer, recording sets etc

I've had 1210s for about 15 years now but never really graduated beyond playing for fun. Never moved onto CDs or mp3s, and never actually recorded/uploaded a mix on the internet. I look at all the gear that djs use now and can't help wonder how it all works and how you learn how it works!

Just picked up a cheap Numark mixer and I am hoping to have a muck about and mix up some sets for home listening. Any resources available on how best to do this via laptop etc?

Thanks for all the suggestions btw lads. The reason I've plumped for Germany is that I had such a good time in Hamburg and was impressed by the country generally. It's looking like Munich is the front runner - been warned off Dortmund, lot of people saying its not all that bar the football

747man wrote:

Greg, I grew up not too far from Luton and can safely say the only way is up from there - having a stag in Stevenage would seem great compared to Luton.

The best stag party I went on was good ol 'Beefa.  Lads, booze, pills, total freedom, sunshine and clubs packed to the rafters with good time girls from all over.  Best time ever.  Second best time ever was Amsterdam and that was pure madness - the beer bike is great for a Saturday afternoon.

Gonna have to disagree there - although Luton is utterly woeful, Stevenage is beneath it marginally. Both are dying on their arses. I still can't believe that Oakenfold played Luton in 1996 (before my time)!

Beijing Dave wrote:

If the lads are "not really clubbers" then why Germany?

Amsterdam's probably a better shout for day time stuff, you can have a smoke, a drink-up and a red light district walk and it has always had excellent nightlife (eg Melkweg).

Well, I was just really impressed with Germany when I was there last. Great beer, good food and facilities and only really 2 hours away. We all live right on Luton Airports doorstep and so its not tough to organise.

I think Berlin will be vetoed as you are not the first to say it isnt the best!

I will be getting maried next year and I'm trying to work out where to go for my stag do.

A few years ago I went to Hamburg for a stag do and had a great time, but that was in part due to Euro 2008 being on and there were fan parks there and the city was buzzing.

I live in Luton and so the only 4 German cities that you can fly to from there are the cities above. In terms of nighttime I'm not too fussed as the lads I'll be with are not really clubbers and so if we end up in a decent bar each night it will be okay. What I'm trying to nail down is things to do in the day time - I'd like to have just one thing to do on one of the days - Hamburg ticked that box but only because of the footie being on.

I'll be going in March/April 2016 for a long weekend. German girl at work said to go to Munich (out of the 4 options) and that Dortmund isnt all that.

Any Bedrockers got any good/bad reviews of the cities above?


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ETC - cheer yourself up mate by watching the BDO darts final tonight; always worth a chuckle. Wonder what the winners missus will be wearing on live tv tonight - Donnay sweatshirt or Lonsdale?


smashdad wrote:
smashdad wrote:
GregWhelan wrote:

Random question, but does anyone know where I could pick up replacement jewel cases for these multi disc releases?

Toronto, Miami and Argentina all had damaged cases when I got them, think the parcel is getting chucked around at my work post room!

I couldnt find anywhere that sells them individually?

Like these? … cases.html

GregWhelan wrote:

Nah they are all single disc or 6-disc. I'm after the same ones that are used by Bedrock for these CDs basically

Bit like these?!

Yeah, the part that holds the CD in place is non-existent, so you open the case and one of the CDs will always fall out

Mickyd wrote:
GregWhelan wrote:

Random question, but does anyone know where I could pick up replacement jewel cases for these multi disc releases?

Toronto, Miami and Argentina all had damaged cases when I got them, think the parcel is getting chucked around at my work post room!

I couldnt find anywhere that sells them individually?

Same here again Greg with Toronto, was it the center spindle for you that was damaged?