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okay i had recieved a cd from the guys of greyarea and it was a recording of them playing live at transit, but being played on kiss 100. i wanted to give some feedback about this.

that was a great show i have to say. those guys are gifted and really love what they are doing. if you have not seen them play out live then you really need to go the next time they are around your area. i saw them doing a live p.a. in nashville, tenn usa, and they stole the show from oakenfold. if john does read this, or anyone that works at kiss 100, i just wanted to say i think you should have them on a little more often. good show, and keep up all the positive things you are doing...

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Re: greyarea live at transit

hell yeah man!

i saw them twice in miami this spring and they were hands down the best act there.

this url will take you to many other grayarea mixes (including the one from transit played on kiss):

it also has tracklistings, which can be very handy.


grayarea rocks! hope they come to DC soon!

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Re: greyarea live at transit

Im listening to the Grayarea Kiss 100 Mix 8-11-2002 and its simply amazing.