Topic: layered sound

I'm in the US which unfortunatley lacks a prominent progressive scene. I've been awaiting the realase of "Layered Sound" by bedrock quite some time now, and have looked around to find that it is now availible through one website. says it's not yet released, and nowhere else has it but the one. I cant even find anything about it on the bedrock website. Anybody have any idea about this?

here's the tracklist:

Disc: 1
1. Heavy Fluid [Dub Mix]       
2. Discotek [Original Mix]       
3. Lose Control       
4. Rumble Fish       
5. Beautiful Thang [Original Mix]       
6. O'Spectra - Eclectica 3       
7. Chilling Moments       
8. Let U Know       
9. Mystic Roya       
10. Dust [Fretwell Mix]       
11. Chutney [Original Mix]       
12. Emerald [Original Mix] - Bedrock       
13. Deported [Original Mix]       
Disc: 2
1. Beautiful Strange [Ambient Mix] - Bedrock       
2. O'Spectra [Deep Spcae Oraganisms Deeper Space Mix] - Eclectica       
3. Rumble Fish [5am Reprise Mix]       
4. Chilling Moments [Ambient Mix]       
5. Walking on Fire [Ambient Mix]       
6. Dust [Ambient Mix]       
7. Emerald [Ambient Mix] - Bedrock       
8. Postcards from the Edge [Ambient Mix 1]       
9. Mystic Roya [Ambient Mix]       
10. Herbal Infusion       
11. Imagine [the Operator Mix]       
12. Innerspace [Ambient Mix]

Re: layered sound

The project was shelved. However, I hear that it may be brought back to life, but I expect it to be updated from that tracklist and would be surprised if it remained the same as the promos that somehow slipped out.