Topic: I urge you all to listen...

... To my new "Choon". Its called Running and can be found here:-

http://www.simonpreston33.pwp.blueyonde … unning.mp3

Nice laid back track. Its a slowed down mix of a Melodic House (proper trance as quoted from BT) track I did last year. Happy for comments.

Re: I urge you all to listen...

Yeah, I like it, it's got a nice old school feel, no, not THAT old school!

What sequencer / studio you using ?

Re: I urge you all to listen...

All that track was made using MED Soundstudio. (Trackers? That is old school!)  smile

Before anyone starts squealing samples, the strings in that are single note samples so they were still arranged my me. Theres only two definite loops in there. Ones obvious (the breakdown drumloop and theres another drumloop inside all my other drums.)

Glad you like it tho.  big_smile

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im digging on your melodies, they remind me of home alone, in a good way

it seems to go on a bit though, but its pretty cool nonetheless, you're doin pretty good smile

Re: I urge you all to listen...

Home Alone??? In a good way?? Can the two ever be connected?

Thanks for the comments tho. Does mean a lot to me.