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just arrived back from this ..

top night out. got there in time to see Underworld, and they don't seem to be missing emerson at all. their live show is as sharp as ever. i highly recommend seeing them on their forthcoming tour!

then it was off to see steve lawler do his dirty percussive thing. he really rocked the GU tent.

next up was jimmy van m, who started off with some very nice deep tunes, then, surprisingly, lee burridge took to the decks for a couple of tunes - they were doing some kind of tag team thing, although this wasn't listed in the programme.

burridge was wired, he was jumping about like a lunatic and dropping massive banging tunes. a bit too banging for this time of the night, i was hoping for more subtle set from jvm.

things start to get a bit hazy from this point, but we wondered around checking various tents including x-press2, eric morillo (very busy). caught a bit of sasha (i think he played 'beauty never fades')

we then popped over to fairground for a bit before finishing the night off with deep dish. they played some good tunes, but were a bit repetitive - i think i prefer DD when they are more on a twisted house tip, this seemed more tribally.

apart from some brief showers at the start and end of the event, the weather was pretty good. big hello to mike, chris, lawrence, boris, masha, ali and jane.

tune of the day for me was bedrock 'emerald' - this had kind of passed me by on the radio, but sounds wicked on a big system.

the journey home was a nightmare. was thinking of getting a coach, but the first couple of these were full. got a train just after 9 - it was a hilarious sight - the entire thing was packed with wasted clubbers.

thing were going well until just after runcorn we hit a cow that had strayed onto the line(!) it exploded over the front of the train - there were bits of cow splattered over the carriages and the stench was awful. it also managed to destroy the train's braking system so we were stuck in the middle of nowhere for 4 hours whilst a cow removal rescue team came to save us.

works on the line meant i then had to get a bus for the next section of the journey. then there was a bomb scare at birmingham new street and the whole place had to be evacuated. when this was cleared, they couldn't find our driver so had to cancel the train.

so over 13 hours after beginning the journey i finally got home. next time i think i'll fly!

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Was there a shark chasing the cow?


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Nice one, mate! Had a great time reading this  !

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Hadders u have an unhealthy obsession with sharks!!!

" It must have been the brown jumper..."

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So the train wasn't MOOving much then. Sorry, it was the only cow joke I could think of.

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Wasn't it PlebHouse that's obsessed with cows?


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That's the funniest cow-related story ever. The horror of being in that first car on a comedown and seeing the windows go red with cow splatter....

Highlight for me was dancing outside Morillo's tent because we *couldn't fit in*. Damn fine, that. And all the great tunes one would expect.

Lowlight would have been the mixing in the GU tent. There must have been really severe problems with the cueing because I've never heard worse mixing than the last half hour (all I saw) of Sasha's set. Then Deep Dish was a little better, but not much. The track selection, especially for Deep Dish's set, was nice and huge, but I've never heard so many tracks brought in completely out, then yanked back into sync.

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heh - it was a real life "cow-xpander" ;-)

we danced outside for morillo for a bit, shame it was so busy - some good stuff being played (and a nice contrast to the GU tent).

some of the mixing was a bit iffy in the GU arena, but i don't think the sound system helped. we were at the back for sasha and the acoustics made it sound like every track had galloping beats. it definitely sounded a lot better when moving into the middle of tent.



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if ever i have a shite journey frought with complications, i will have to try and remember that one and think, well it could be worse...

feck me mate, i would've been one unhappy camper after that!  think i'm suddenyl glad i didn't go...

but bring on underworld at brixton 


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I had a great time at Creamfields (it was by far the best one ive been to since 98 ) . I wasnt originally going to go, even up to 6pm on saturday afternoon, but my willpower is non existant thesedays and I ended up there.   

The first Dj I saw was Sander K in the GU tent who was pretty good.. lots of big basslines and chunky stuff, then Steve Lawler came on and was just unbeliavable (he played quite a lot of stuff off Lights Out CD 2) and he looked like he was enjoying himself for once   We headed off to see a bit of Underworld who couldnt be faulted apart from the poor sound quality either side of the huge main stage. How good was it to hear Born Slippy, Push Upstairs and Moaner?   

We then went back to the GU tent to see Jimmy Van M and Lee Burridge back 2 back who were outstanding. JVM dropped all the driving more proggy stuff, and Burridge countered that with some filthy dirty house and breaks. They worked really well and had the crowd going (JVM even played a quality remix of an old phill collins track   ) Sasha came on and to be honest he was very very poor. I left after 30 mins of his set it was so boring, then went back in for the last 45 mins or so where he had picked it up a little, but it was the same old big tunes he has been playing for the last month or so. Deep Dish then came on and took it nice and deep. I just with we could have seen the Deep Dish of old (lots of filthy dirty chunky house music) instead of the more proggy stuff that they played which doesnt really get me going at 3am.

We left GU around 3am and wandered around, taking in the delights of scallie central in the fairground   Then we headed off to the Bugged Out tent where we stayed till 5. Umek was unbeliavable and it was probably the set of Creamfields for me.    It was hard but incredibly funky. We decided to leave at 5 so as to avoid the crush from the car park. We then spent 30 mins looking for my car as I forgot where I parked it   

I was supposed to be in work at 6.30am, but halfway through the night decided I wasnt going to be in any fit state to go in so I tried to find a spot at Creamfields where the music wasnt so loud and I rang work saying I was ill and in bed   That was all going well until some guy on a microphone in one of the arenas shouted 'welcome to creamfields!!' really loud. I made my excuses and put the phone down quickly     


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Leon - True enough about the sound in that arena. I heard the galloping too, and, almost par for the course, the big, ultra-low basslines that made up most of the Deep Dish set were coming out distorted. Just before we left there for the final time at 5:20 I did a quick run around the entire arena for the first time and, sure enough, the sound was fantastic in the little 5x5 foot square patch of grass in the middle of the tent. And nowhere else.

Two months ago I would have thought the sound was fine, probably, but since hearing the main room at Amnesia I'm forever spoiled.

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GU - Surely they would have sound tested it before?

Whenever a DJ says what does it sound like on the floor... I always give the same answer:

  okay/bad/good... but most importantly:

"Go out there and walk about and see what you think"

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They probably tested it to make sure it was all working correctly, but I doubt they got a professional acoustician to test it all out once it was up and running and make changes where needed, since that's expensive. And, with all due respect, most live sound engineers I know who have been doing it for long enough to be good have also been doing it for long enough to be deaf.


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Sound was more balanced for Zabiela (his scratching is UNBELIEVEABLE!) and Warren... right up to the point when the demon frizbies took over the world.

Quite a few were hitting their mark on the stage...  have a vague memory of 1 flying past Nick Warren's ear swiftly followed by another hitting the decks (although it might have been the same 1... my vision wasn't exactly 20:20...     )

Revenge was swiftly taken..   

Oh, and hello from 1 of the 2203!

Am doing the double for the first time next week


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the sound was fine for a long time but i guess it depends where you were standing.  i noticed no problems at all until lawler dropped "sapphirecut - free your mind."  a great tune, lawler was clearly a bit confused as to why everyone was standing around or danceing strangely to it... the answer was that it didn't sound right down on the floor.  the mix was spotless but the beat was well out with the rest of the sounds and that spoiled it a bit for me.  from then on it seemed to get better then get worse blah blah...

burridge seemed to have no problems but i remember some of van m's mixes galloping... again, probably the sound.

still a fu'ckin great night.


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Creamfields was Wicked once again   those who rocked it were

Nick Warren

Lee Burridge (Twice) 

Sander K




Lee Burridge was wicked b2b wiv JvM.....

Baldone-I Was backstage in the Gu tent u were standing next to me on the stage and were takin photos.Did u hav a white tshirt on ??





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that was me in a white t-shirt yes...   

who were you?

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I had a crackin time but there was a nasty atmosphere around the place as it went into the early hours I thought. I saw one poor lad during Sasha getting absolutely panned by a few Ben Sherman scumbags and I saw at least four or five spot searches around the place.  Anyone else see trouble??

All in all though I though I thought it was the best laid out and organised festival I've been to this summer.  Umek was amazing in the Bugged out tent as mentioned above as well as Lawler, Zabiela and Kleinenberg.  Also thought Stantons were outstanding and I even went to watch a bit of Paul van Dyke for crying out loud.......oh yeh, and I loved it as well!!  Ah well when in Rome.........