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I wouldn't usually post something like this but, having been given a copy of it for my birthday yesterday, I feel compelled to say that after a couple of dodgy releases, in my humble obviously, the Cafe Del Mar series has just released possibly its best EVER album.

There are some f#cking absolute TOP quality tunes on this CD - wonderful wonderful wonderful stuff in a sunset style and fashion. Obviously.

Stand out tracks for me after half a dozen plays are Miro's 'The Cure', 'Troya' by Rue Du Soleil and 'Time Is The enemy' by Quantic - but honestly there ain't a bad tune on here.  Apparently the last tune also does interactive stuff if you play it on a PC - which I've yet to do.  Even the packet it comes in is a result.

Go on - treat yourselves .....................

8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)

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Ok! I,m convinced. I,ve not bought any of these since #5 but you have just sold it to me!

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i think ive been sold too tongue

not bought after 5 ???? 7 is one of my favs..
Lux - Northern Lights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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to be honest, i thought nothing could top volume 8. i absolutely fell in love with it. that cd made me go out and buy every single cafe del mar i could find. when i got a copy of volume nine i was very excited. and i havent been able to stop listening to it. of course i also grabbed MMII and Bedrock 3 and jammed them out, but i always went back to Cafe Del Mar Vol 9. I highly recommend it to all u chillhouse lovers out there.

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volumen siete, 7, whatever is what does it for me

soooooooo nice, bush remix, aromabar, bedrock - beautiful strange ambient mix

its allllllllll good  8)