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Firstly, think the board looks really good.
Secondly, the 'internal' messaging is wicked, Tania's been talking filth for hours.
Thirdly, a minor grumble, signing in is taking patience at the moment. Sometimes it lets me, sometimes it doesn't.

Oh and a request, if possible, can you bring back the old skool winking dude?

Ps. I'm sending this  :shock:  into Viz's 'Up Your Arse Corner'.
It'll definitely go in.

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Hey Gecko~  I'm experiencing technical difficulties myself.  This new board logs me out automatically at random intervals...  and it's rather annoying.  Is there a cookie set to expire after x minutes or am I experiencing a firewall issue?  I dunno, but big time grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Also, another very silly and piddily thing... I'm not sure I like the capital A at the front of my name.  I'm so used to seeing it with a small 'a' and it throws me off.  Is it possible to change this in your database entry?

To quote Thackers, 'thanks for your attention to this matter'.

Sioux smile

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when I 1st login it shows that there is 'x' amount of new message, but after I view the 1st one and return to the forum it shows none, unless I use the back button

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I know what you mean Sioux, I currently prefer lower case letters, being a typographer you have to be 'with it', you understand me?
Late isn't it over there?
Saw that Road to Perdition the other week.
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lower case is the way of the future big_smile


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damn right.

lower-case fu<king rules.


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It's 2:20 in the AM over yonder.  I'm too hyper to sleep I guess.

So, is this your subtle way of requesting a lowercase letter yourself then? wink

I've been avoiding the Road to Perdition... Hanks is on my 'NOT' list as of late.  I haven't been in movie mode for a while (mainly music mode smile), but I need to see "One Hour Photo", as I highly respect the work of one Mr. Mark Romanek (and I think you will too!).

Sioux smile
PS - My apologies Gecko, I know how sensitive you are to thread hi-jacks :laugh, but Hadders started it :tongue

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One Hour Photo is the new Robin Williams film, my mate who goes to the screenings has said it's fantastic. I cannot stand Robin Williams, nor can he, but he say's he grand in this (he's meant to be alright in Insomnia as well, which I still haven't got round to seeing).
Romanek is another 'pop-video graduate', am I right?
I have heard good things about him.

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I think this is my 50th time re-logging in - in the span of an hours time.  Sheeeesh, this place takes dedication.  grrrrrrrrrrrrr again.  Not to mention how many times I've lost what I've typed.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I've learned... cut and copy before hitting the send button. 

Anyways, Romanek has a rather impressive anthology - NIN, Madonna, REM, Michael + Janet Jackson, Fiona Apple... he runs in the Fincher crowd and footsteps wink.  Immaculate stuff and all over the map.

Sioux :evil
PS - I'm starting to feel like Gecko is the Wizard in the Emerald City... behind his computer constantly logging me out :laugh

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I think ticking the checkbox on the login page seems to resolve this problem. At least it works for me, as due to the firewall at work I used to get logged out when I entered the General forum.

I like these emoticons...  :twisted:

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I keep on having to re-enter my details even though I have ticked the box to stay logged in. What's even worse is after i've typed a stupidly long comment and hit submit, I have to re-enter my details and type it all out again. :twisted:  :twisted:

(I have cut'n'paste this just in case!)  wink

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The auto-login problems that you lot are suffering from... I am not seeing.  Basically auto-login works for me.

I would check the security settings/profiles of your 'work-place' computers.  The ability for storing cookies/whatever may be turned off.

If you log-off your work computers... are your profiles sychronised/copied back to the network?

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he's meant to be alright in Insomnia as well, which I still haven't got round to seeing.

Matt, hollywood has finally learnt to make realistic films without the sugar sweet happy endings haven't they.

Insomnia is stunning to look at (filmed in Alaska so has that 'Snow falling on Cedars quality) but bleak/dreary as hell (i.e. realistic), brilliantly acted but f*cking depressing.

Took my nan to see it satuday as she's an Al Pacino fan (can't wait to show her 'scarface' and she loved 'devils advocate') and she loved the movie. I thought it was good - just take some happy pills first  lol

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Im sorry you guys are having problems, but it seems these login/logout problems are caused by slightly overzealous firewalls. The login details are kept in a cookie, so do make sure your cookies are turned on, and your explorer security levels are not whacked up to maximum. Anyway, I am looking into the problem further.

I am sure you all are doing this already, but make sure you click the 'Log me on automatically each visit' tickbox.

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Hey Gecko~  The cookie/firewall problem seems to be sorted and thanks a bunch for the little 'a'.  I'm rather pleased now... all is good in the world wink.

Sioux smile