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Every issue, DJ mag does a small item called 'playing the field with...' and asks some muso people to diary their week. The Unabombers in this issue is one of the funniest things I have read recently...

"Thursday 29/8/02
Luke:Make a mix cd called 'Rare as fvck you w@nkers, ive got more records than you volume one' at 9.30am. The mix itself could be best described as a stunning, seminal, seamless, spiritual, modern classic, a journey from Norwich, Batacudas through to speed cabbage, smash house, spunk jazz and broken beatings. Already done 25,000 pre-sales and the cover is a picture of me at the Loft."`

Sunday 1/9/02
Luke: I ask my girlfriend Kelly to listen to my new journey mix CD. She says it breaks barriers and is challenging and is almost too seminal and that shes never been happier and that everyone thinks the same. I come again on my vestax mixer as I scream 'I LOVE BEING A DJ'

Genius  lol

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