Topic: Sound Alliance-From Home (JAMES TALK breaks mix)

F#CKING WICKED breaks remix of the excellent Sound Alliance by James Talk.

Really well produced with every sound in the right 'place' especially the snares...well done Mr Talk.. alot of demos I get sent let themselves down on the snares but you didnt!

A really catchy but cool riff and a wicked mood. Enough slightly sinister undertones to keep me happy but enough melodies to make it a pretty special track. Lovely warm bass as well..

Nice one James. I loved the breaks mix of Cosmos you did but this is takes things to a new level for you mate. Well done and keep making more breakbeat tracks like this. You've got it so make the most of it...



Re: Sound Alliance-From Home (JAMES TALK breaks mix)

:shock:  4 f0cks sake Jonathan, you've already got superstar DJ status on the message board, r u trying to go for the webmaster of the message board by squeezing on those extra posts?!?!?


Re: Sound Alliance-From Home (JAMES TALK breaks mix)


Thank you so much for your support, new tracks coming your way soon:)

Take Care