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Where can I get a copy? lol  lol

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:laugh :laugh

That is class...

wouldn`t worry, probably start appearing on file sharers soon

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I have a copy.

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PLEASE! PLEASE! can someone sort something out so that I could d/load that.


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Its crap
Its a bunch of white rich american kids with too much spare time, not enough brain cells and too much of their parents money who try to fight each other, cant fight for shit so then go and pay homeless people to fight.
Sure its sick but not too bad if its consented but they only do it once or twice.
The rest of the time they torture sleeping homeless people, binding thier legs with zip-ties and gagging them with duct tape. These guys are asleep when they are first attacked and you can see in their eyes that they think their about to be killed.
If the movie stuck to what they said it was about then fine but in the end its a load of shit

About the only decent thing is Bling Bling the crack head who smokes crack on camera.

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We got it in work of WinMX, I wasn't that impressed, although that one guy tatooing his forehead for a blow job off a crack whore did make me laugh....

and bling bling is not cool, him taking that shit has disturbed me deeply and I think I'm gonna need therapy...

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They are facing criminal charges now.  Bout time.

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The kids that did those things should be fvcking shot.