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As leon's review covered most thing I will just list my highs and lows:


Underworld - who needs darren emerson !

Steve Lawler - you can't play that dirty at 10pm !

Lee Burridge - I love you but don't you think you are taking the tag team thing a bit far ?

Sasha - was that a   on your face ?

Deep Dish - just because.

X-Press2 - see above

Leon,Chris,Boris,Masha,Jane,Ali,Lawrence - thanks for adding to a great evening.

Little Bazza & Hadfield - thanks for the tickets


Outdoor Stage Sound- my daugthers' toy cd player is better

Faithless - Take 5 years off please

Scallies - you are not that funny !

Fairground Rides - Why do I put myself through it ? 

Taxi Fares - you money grabbing buggers - booked your holiday with my fare yet ?

No Beer - How can they run out fo Beer at 1.30 

and finally the 100 monkies that Boris lost on the way in (YES 100  ) I just hope that whoever found them had a good time.


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Re: Creamfields

That's tragic.


Re: Creamfields

..thats historic......i did meet a gal who had lost 1000 at The X one night...and did'nt believe her, later spoke to some of her pals who were supremely pissed off...and she had!

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