Topic: Bedrock London - 3rd October

Rumour has it, John Digweed is playing a 4 hr set mind blowin set??? Does this mean he'll still have a VERY special guest?

Ameri Khi

Re: Bedrock London - 3rd October

Be amazed if John did play 4 hours on Thursday, deffo gonna be a quest or 2 imo

Re: Bedrock London - 3rd October

Dj mag said that, and as they also said Zabiela was playing when hes not I think their information is shoddy at best.

They always go on about Bedrock being full of coked up wannabe's (in the vip room anyway) so maybe thats what THEY do hence them not being able to get it right...

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Re: Bedrock London - 3rd October

yeah john is playin a 4hr set....its broadcast again on the essential mix on sat. great stuff


Re: Bedrock London - 3rd October

Now I am confused...

One minute it is DTenaglia playing... the next minute it is not...

Oh well DT seems to have no plans to travel... but he could be playing with our minds instead.

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