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I arrived around 12:30-ish and waited in line for a while.  As I was buying some entrance drinks in the front room, the Dj dropped 'you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round'.  I don't think I've heard Dead or Alive in a club for about 15+ years - talk about flashbacks :eek.

I listened to John Debo for about 45 minutes.  I thought he played some good, interesting tracks.  He started to get me moving... 

Then Sasha came on around 1:45.  He started off pretty well and I liked his first few records.  Then he took it down a notch or 12 and started playing really deep and dark.  He started to build it up and then took it back down again.   The whole night was UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN, never truly reaching a crescendo in my book.  To his credit, he looked as though he was trying really hard and in deep concentration mode.   Perhaps for him he was in a 'zone', but it precluded him from interacting with the crowd.  The sound system was only pushed to a different level on a few rare occasions, almost as if he was keeping the demons at bay only to unleash them in a whirlwind fury at some point in the future.  The fury never did arrive. 

So, lots of new records to be heard... none were really standouts for me.  When I last saw Sasha at 1015 (with Diggers @ the afterhours a la Delta Heavy), he played a ton of new tracks - almost all of which had me begging for more.  Last night/this morning that wasn't the case.  I couldn't help but compare these new tracks with all of the unheard tracks Galen played the weekend before at the Sunset crew's Fall Equinox party at Willits - whose record box was absolutely smokin'.  So I continually wandered around 1015, hoping that I would find my place to settle in for the night.  I never did find it.  Perhaps the Boat Party/Ruby Skye experience spoiled me because I thought that night was off the hook.

I was thinking he'd play until at least 6AM as he usually pushes the closing time beyond what it's supposed to be.  The night ended a little after 5AM with a few tracks off ADD which I enjoyed.  I did like his last encore track as well, something with a female vocal that I don't think I've heard before. 

Oh well, better luck next time I guess.  It's not like I haven't had my Sasha fill for the year.  There is something to be said about over-saturation of the marketplace and Dj exhaustion too, but I'll save that diatribe for a later date.  wink

For now, I'll sit back patiently and await one or more of the following big nights:  Diggers in LA @ the Mayan the night before Halloween, the rumoured Tenaglia @ 1015 Halloween night, the also rumoured Diggers SF boat party extravaganza~!, and my first visit to Bedrock London and the Beach in December. smile smile smile

Over and out,

Sioux smile

Re: Sasha @ 1015.

I'm sory to hear Sasha didn't do it for ya.  *pouts*  I'm hopin he tears us down come 10/12...I've seen him n Diggers twice during the DH tour.  I was moving ALL NITE LONG.  I truly pray it won't be any different that nite.

Cheers! big_smile


love never fails.

Re: Sasha @ 1015.

Sioux - Sorry to hear that it didnt quite hit the high spots but was interested to hear he played a lot of new stuff.

yeah roll on early december as that will be a lot of fun  big_smile

Re: Sasha @ 1015.

Sioux...Thanks hunni for the PM, have been having a few pooter probs so wasnt able to reply to you properly.Im sooo sorry.Was a wicked thought though..Fank Q  big_smile

Those who were dancing looked quite insane to those who could not hear the music!!

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