Topic: ENVY

I simply cant believe what this week holds for London clubbers! Taking on from Thursday with Bedrock's 4th Anniversary party and grooving along till Friday with a fantastic line-up @ Fabric, what more could you ask for considering the talent involved as well the lowest of entry fees?

I live in Athens, Greece and until last year I had to pay 20-25 pounds just to attend a one man gig, @ lousy venues with the worst of sound systems! Talk about being jealous...


U know its not until you read posts like this that you actually stop n think about how lucky(??) we actually are! Not being able to attend the last 2 Bedrocks has been bad enough, but....well that not coz it wasnt around!

Those who were dancing looked quite insane to those who could not hear the music!!

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside,thoroughly used up, burnt out and loudly proclaiming, Wooo Hoo, what a ride!!!


Heavens sound system is nothing to be jealous of!  sad


Dont think so, considering what I;ve been exposed to...


Fabric's sound system is something to be jealous of!!!  big_smile

Does anyone know when they are actually going to install the promised new line array sound system? Gecko?