Hi everyone,

Just wondered what people's thoughts are on this guy? He's an absolute genius in my book, is truly unpredictable (in a good way!), SO underground it hurts and can mix it up like a bitch!

Not wanting to compare the likes of Diggers and Richards as they have different styles but if anyone likes it deep, dark and minimal with a healthy dose of breaks then you cannot fail to love the man (Richards).

I've seen him at Fabric millions of times, and he makes the night consistently fantastic, but would love to see him somewhere else just to see him with a different vibe. Any ideas where? I know he very occasionally plays at Stompaphunk in Brighton, but anywhere else?

I'm interested in what you progsters out there think to the housier/techier sounds of Fabric on a saturday now they seem to have well and truly ditched prog for a truly underground (and awesome if you ask me) theme. What do you reckon to Terry Francis/Lee Burridge/Craig Richards (of course!)/Swayzak/Hipp-E and Halo/Doc Martin/Tyler Stadius etc. etc.

Seems to me these have a lot in common with prog but, maybe down to snobbish reasons, there's no crossover between them.

Will we ever see Sasha and Diggers at Fabric again...

Cheers people. :?:


big_smile    Agreed!  I saw the Tyrant boys at Fabric recently, and they were awesome!  I think it was Terry Francis in Room 2 - and if so, he was very good as well - just didn't see much of him, as Room 1 was so good!  Really want to see them play again - soon!

In answer to your other question - yes, I like Fabric on a Sat night cos I like all sorts of dance music - not just prog, but tribal, tech house, breaks, some funky stuff and even trance!   :shock: