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Does anybody know some details about the upcoming "Layered Sounds" album? I saw a tracklist somewhere with a 2cd list (second one is ambient mixes), but I'm not sure that it is correct.

Is it a mixed CD?


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It is indeed a 2CD. Released the end of this month. Not sure if it's mixed or unmixed yet though.

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layered sound 2 cd will be mixed by John Digweed and Nick Muir
So a little birdy tells me
has anyone got the tracklistings???



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Judging by the number of tracks on each cd it does look like it's mixed...
I really hope there is going to be an unmixed version! I loved Granite and Foundations specifically because they were unmixed, there are way too many mix cd's out there nowadays and they are all starting to sound the same to me.

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I have been bugging everyone about the layered sound release. is being mighty butchy bout it. You say end of july? That would be great. I gotta hear those tracks, cause i'll never own vinyl.


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Project was shelved for now..