Topic: Reviews - Bedrock 03/Oct/2002


Reviews - Bedrock 03/Oct/2002

I thought it was going to be road blocked... but it was just about right.

Good bedrock message board crowd... which makes it even more pleasant.

Griffin pub rocked... excellent again... it was very dynamic behind the decks.  Full of loads of deaf people... so after an hour I finally got the courage to try out the BSL I have been learning during the last 3 weeks. Very limited sucess... at least they put me in contact with a BSL teacher... so that was a good result.

JLisle rocked as did Paolo Mojo and Steve Gerrad (Security only allowed SGerrad 20 mins... but it was an excellent 20 mins).

It was nice to see so many 'informed' people trying to get into the Dakota bar and massively support the 'up and coming' talent... (not meant to sound patronising at all).  As we all know JL, PJ and SG are well above 'up and coming'... they are skilled practioners.

PThompson was his usual excellent self...

JDigweed was excellent in the last hour... I did not see anything before that as I was in the Dakota Bar... plus Digweed is playing Leeds next weekend... so I am saving up for that.

Some issues with rudeness of security staff... will be sorting them out in the next few days.

Did anyone get given JLisle CDs?  I did not... but I heard about it later from the people I drive down!  (Grrrrr).

A good night... with a lot of old tunes.

Sureal moment after the finish... heading down to Savoy hotel... in the street having natters to people are JLisle and Demi... slight further down there is Ashley Casselle.  Only needed Sasha to be seen skateboarding down the pavement to complete the picture.

Ajos1 (Non-DJ Punter)

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Stonkingly fun nite...

one of the best of the year, for crowd, tunes, and just fun times....

Great to catch up the all the regular's..
Special mention to Pickles for her short, drunken cameo :shock:

Stayed upstairs all night pretty much...
J.Lisle, Paolo and Gerrard were fvckin great.
Slam were top notch as usual...
I was straight for once....strange things are afoot....

Too bad Ajos1 was soo grumpy...pretty
much ruined my entire night in the end :twisted:

Got some tres nice pics of the boys upstairs....

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Was a good night. Excellent set by Jonathan Lisle. Atmospheric, but with loads of energy! Good set by Diggers, but didn't stay to the end. As with Ajos, I was pissed off with security. they wern't letting me on the stage or the steps to the stage to take the photos for xpander. Was not amused!

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Emerald - there was me thinking the crowd was about 50 times the size it actually was and in fact it was just that tune fucking with my head.

Not enough sleep - but I made it in today at least

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OK. Running the risk of being unpopular due to some of my points would have to comment on my night as follows.

Personally, I was very disappointed with the Dakota Bar last night. Its the one of the main reasons I go to Bedrock and have to say it wasn't the best night I've had in there. After arriving at 11pm, thus missing all the warm-ups in the Griffin et al, I was pleased yet gutted that the Dakota wasn't open yet (Surprise, surprise!), meaning that I'd get the chance to hear Jon Lisle for an extended period for the first time.

Believe it or not I haven't managed to hear a proper set or even any of Jonathan's infamous mixes. So my anticipation was high after all the rave reviews I've heard. Unfortunately for me, he didn't do it for me last night. Excellently mixed though and some awesome tunes, but I just felt it lacked flow at times. There was a 20 minute period about 40 minutes in to his set that I thought was wicked but my attention wasn't held after that.

Paolo followed and again was disappointed. I've heard Paolo play loads of times and would say that that was the worst set I've heard from him and I told him so later on. Didn't catch any of Steve's set so I cant comment.

Overall the crowd in the Dakota was pretty good all night and the atmosphere was up to its usual high standard but maybe I just wasn't feeling it in there for some reason.

Slam in the Star Bar was good. Caught about 30 mins or so and was quite surprised when they dropped the King Unique mix of Two Months Off, other notable tracks included Lifetimes and Diabla which always go down well with me.

As for the main room, apart from the chug chug of the warm-up and the overly busy main floor before they opened the Dakota I'd say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The last hour of Diggers set was pure quality. Dropping Emerald last track was obvious but well received and put me on a high as I departed the club. That hour reminded me of the Digweed of old. Quality rocking dance music. Dare I say that we are entering a period where melody returns to the fore.

All in all, a night of contrasts for me. Some parts were good, some not so. The crowd and the atmosphere were excellent and the music was brilliant in places.

Good to see a huge turnout of people. I must have known at least 60-70 people in there. I feeling a bit hung-over. Mind you I'm sure Pickles is feeling worse then I am.

Prog God

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my review:   :shock:

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could someone confirm well i was tween the hours of 10pm-4am please :?:

personally - i havent a frigging clue :twisted:

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I wasn't that bad was i ???

I hope I didn't annoy anyone.


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from what little i saw of you, i'd say that yes you were, but no you didn't.


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i have to say last night was missing something for me too...

Thought Jon Lisles set was fooking wicked... started very melodic... some beautiful tunes in there smile  then cranked it up notch by notch till he was banging it out at the end big_smile  that last tune jon?!?  fuuuuuuuck yeah!!!!

first half hour of mojo's set was wicked... but the atmosphere up there was severly lacking... when its not bursting at the seams the dakota just doesn't get me going sad

slam were very good... but i didn't feel they really went anywhere.  Would've loved to see that set somewhere like The End in the wee small hours but i just didn't have the energy for it then sad

main room?  sad  couldnt deal with the wall of hot and humid air that struck as you neared... tried once, but never really made it in there at all sad  caught 2 months off on my way out... but that was it...

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'then cranked it up notch by notch till he was banging it out at the end'

Thanks Xeb. Exactly what I thought until I read Dan's 'lacked flow' comment which totally baffled me.

I thought the atmosphere in Dakota Bar was incredible during my set. I loved every second of it. If only every crowd reacted like that.. I thought i'd take some CDs down to give out to people who looked like they were relly into what I was playing. We ran out after 30 mins cos we only took 80 cds...

Mojo and Digweed were excellent in my opinion. Best tune for me was KLF's What Time is Love. 13 years old and still sounds amazing.

The only downer for me was Steve's set being cut short.

Big thanks to JD for putting me on, to the crowd for giving me such a good buzz and to all the people who said so many nice things to me about my set. Its nights like that which make it all worth it.

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Mojo and Digweed were excellent in my opinion. Best tune for me was KLF's What Time is Love. 13 years old and still sounds amazing.

Last Train to Transcentral still hits the spot for me... big_smile

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woo woo! woo woo! lush.

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Jon, I guess I was just expecting something more after all the hype people have given you of late. Maybe I wasnt hearing it. Sometimes that happens. I am but one of many people who were there last night and the general consensus is that all was good.

I'm sure you'd prefer someone to tell you if they didnt enjoy it, instead of saying you were good regardless. As I said I did really enjoy that 20 min spell about 40 mins in, it just didnt keep me after. Sorry mate.

As for Mojo, I've seen him so many times now that I automatically expect him to be superb all the time. Its not that he was bad, it was just that, for me, he wasnt up to his usual standard.

Oh well, you can please some of the people some of the time but you cant please all of the people all of the time.

I'm looking forward to listening to 'Autobiography' over the weekend though.

Prog God

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Autiobiography is fukking mustard - it gets as many spins in my c.d player as the likes of the NE's and Renaissance 2 - which says a lot smile

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This may be a stupid question but why do they never open the Dakota bar till hours after the 'advertised' time?

I think it is disrespectful to the guys due to play and frustrating for us punters. I have not heard much of Lisle, Mojo or Gerrard and was looking forward to getting in there at 9.30 and having a good listen.  Instead we have to wait around by the bar in the heat but no music options.  It is also out of order in my view that Steve Gerrard only got 20 mins or so as a direct consequence of opening it 2 hours late

Bedrock is supposed to be a 9-3am club but with not opening the Dakota till late it seems to be more of 11-3 place with everyone staying in the Griffen till late.

Please open the other rooms up when advertised and give people the choice

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Missed out on a CD JOn, but my housemate got one thank fvck!!! smile

will be giving it a listen this weekend

I enjoyed your set quite a lot

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This may be a stupid question but why do they never open the Dakota bar till hours after the 'advertised' time?

because the security and management can be complete cants  :evil:

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I agree, Autobiography, and JLs Bedrock 3rd Birthday set are definately up there with the best Sasha & Digweed mix CDs.  smile

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Is Autobiography a CD JL was giving out himself? If so, is there anyone who can give me a copy?? Never heard him play so would really love a listen. big_smile

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last night was a foooking blast !!!

Dance with abandon.

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How good was last nite!

Was the first time i've been to the Griffin for Wire and sounded good for the short time i was there.

Got in about 10.30 hoping to catch Jon Lisle but finding out the Dakota wasn't even open   roll
Then when he came on he sounded really good. First time i'd seen him and was impressed (also happy to be one of the lucky few to be given one of his cds)  big_smile

Then it was Diggers all the way from there!

That must be one of the best sets i've heard him play and great that he played on for an extra  hour. Some real quality tuneage and perfect tune to end the night with (Emerald)

Feeling the effects from last nite but it was definately worth it!

Good to see some familiar faces and to meet many new ones.  smile

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Hey everyone: Seeing as I've never been to that club before, could you be so kind as to tell me how many people it holds?  And is it so packed in there that you're usually shoulder to shoulder?  Just trying to get a visual.  thanx   smile

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Heaven holds between roughly 1,500 - 2,500 depending on how much of the club they open up. There's 4 rooms in total and on a normal night maybe 2/3 of the rooms would be open.

The Main Dance floor probably holds 800 with another couple of hundred on the sides and in the bar area. Its sort of underground in what must have been an old warehouse of some description. Its an arch tunnel type venue. And if you ever went to the Tunnel Club in New York you'll have a fair idea as to its shape, only its probably 2/3rds of the length of that venue.

It has a balcony running along one side of the room and a bar thru the arches along the other side and a bar at the back. The DJ booth used to be up high on one end of the room above the back bar area. It has now be moved to the stage opposite which is a lot easily viewed then before.

When it gets really really busy, you literally cannot walk in the room, it really is shoulder to shoulder and very uncomfortable too. Probably cram well over a thousand on that dancefloor at times. As there's no real way of crowd control due to the shape of the room.

Hope that gives you a good picture.

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this should help paint the picture liquidgirl...

main room:

Dakota bar

curtosey of ajos and sloppy