Topic: Those Out Of Stock Downloads!!

Hiya all,

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else across the board - I couldnt find it if it has!

I noticed that some of the Bedrock tracks on the download service are 'out of stock' like the Tigerhook Pathwork EP ones and the Ives Tamas dub of Mystic Roya. Whats the situation with this, will they ever be available for download again? I really want these as 320kbps MP3 downloads.

Cheers for all your advice Bedrockers!  big_smile

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Re: Those Out Of Stock Downloads!!

Isn't digital distribution supposed to end the problem of out-of-print and out-of-stock? 

It is just unacceptable.

The whole point is to have everything available always. Right?

If I've got the wrong idea let me know where my logic has failed me, but I'm pretty sure I've got the right idea on this one.

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Re: Those Out Of Stock Downloads!!

I am sure that someone in the know will be able to help you guys out.

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