Topic: Donnie Darko.

Good film, don't ask me to describe what it's about...
Although it might be about a school kid who's visited by a very scary looking rabbit and who's convinced the world is about to end.

The soundtrack was the best thing about the film for me. Tears for Fears never sounded so good.

Did anyone else see it?
Does anyone know who did the cover of 'Mad World' near the end of the film?

Re: Donnie Darko.

Saw it yesterday....

Really enjoyed it...truly original little film.
Yes, agreed Matt, hard to explain....
but that's what made it so good IMHO.

Go see it if you are as disenchanted with Hollywood as I have been for quite some time.... restored my faith in film makers somewhat.

that final song was perfectly placed...

Re: Donnie Darko.

When did you see it Matt ?

When in doubt, 'ave a Stella !

Re: Donnie Darko.

Saturday afternoon avec mon fat bro.


Re: Donnie Darko.

saw it last night after civil disobedience.

absolutely amazingly beautiful... i might call it life-affirming if it was quite so disturbing.

*can't stop thinking about it, and i can't get Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart out of my head*

*which isn't necessarily a bad thing*


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Sparky, send me a PM with your address and I'll send you a copy of the soundtrack.


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