Topic: Opinions of Creamer & K Album?

Has anyone heard the new mix album by Creamer & K? Whats the overall mood of the CD like?- If you could compare the mix to any other CD mixes knocking about, what would that be? I've not got it yet and im a bit strapped for cash, so i was hoping u trusted bedrockers would have good taste for music and give me a valued opinion of it in order to help me in my decision on whether or not i should get it.

Ive never heard JC & SK play a live DJ set, and ive only been exposed to their artist and remix work. I do have a mix cd by the pair that was issued free with a past ministry magazine - and that was brilliant.

Any opinons would be much appreciated.

Also...............I know that the new GU album is gonna be out soon by James Lavelle, but im not into the drum n bass/breakbeat kinda thing really, so definately wont get that. But nick warren - reyjakik on global underground should be a smash! Im really looking forward to that. Anyone know of any future releases in terms of the prog/tech house kinda stuff????


Re: Opinions of Creamer & K Album?

Dont buy Lavelle's GU, instead go for his album to be released later on...

JC & K did a fine job, better than Tomiie did anyway!