Topic: Bedrock, Pioneer, FFRR, and Warner - what's the connection?

I'm trying to sort out the relationship between Bedrock, Pioneer, FFRR, and Warner Strategic Marketing in order to better organize Bedrock and Pioneer releases on

Some things are a little strange. For example, John Digweed's MMII CD was released on Bedrock in the UK with the catalog number BEDCD14. It was also released in the USA on Warner Strategic Marketing with the catalog number R2 78185, although the number BEDCD14 is still all over the disc and packaging, most likely by accident. And the CD was also released on "Bedrock Pioneer" -- actually Pioneer Entertainment (USA) -- with the catalog number PEA-CD-3166-2. This latter disc seems to have been more widely available in the UK and Europe than the original BEDCD14 release.

It's hard for me to tell from this situation what label the PEA-CD-3166-2 release is "on" - around the Net, people want to file it under "Bedrock" or "Bedrock/Pioneer" or "Pioneer Entertainment"... it seems to be basically just a Pioneer release that was licensed from Bedrock directly. Pioneer Entertainment (USA) is a US-based company, but why then was the CD seemingly so common and cheap in the UK and Europe? (or is that a mistaken impression?) says that Pioneer Entertainment is the parent of Bedrock, but I am skeptical, because I was under the impression Bedrock is more closely related to FFRR (but how closely? is it a sublabel or fully independent?), and also it looks more like a pretty typical licensing situation to me.

That is, I'm thinking Bedrock is its own company, and Pioneer licenses some of its titles for release in the USA, and although Pioneer heavily pushes the Bedrock brand, the UK has its own separate releases on Bedrock proper, and thus Pioneer Entertainment is the only label that these PEA-CD-* releases are "on".

As for Warner Strategic Marketing, I think they were just licensing selected titles from the Essential series (on FFRR). Although this leads to the question: what does FFRR have to do with the MMII album?

So, can someone give me some more definitive info about the relationship between these labels? Many thanks for whatever info you can provide.

Re: Bedrock, Pioneer, FFRR, and Warner - what's the connection?

john owns the bedrock label. and all material signed to.

pioneer has the rights to the bedrock band original material and associated remixes of bedrock songs. which is better, they have a better company and cheaper pressing rates. you will notice that remixes done by john and nick as bedrock arent always on pioneer. its their original material they get rights to from what i can see.

the marketing firm is just that.

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