Topic: Zurich Peace Police - March Chart.

Zurich Peace Police - March Chart.

1. Miel- Future waits (Logic B Mix)
Can only imagine Diggers is all over this like hes playin the soggy buiscuit game.
Super sweet prog belter etc. Woohooo!

2. Angel Moon- Irregular Peace
Its like its 97/98 all over again. Proper molodic building prog.
Love it!

3. Atlantic - Dandelion Crush (both mixes)
Both sides are ace. Well done the kings.

4. Livio & Roby - Heads On
Quality head nodder, booty shaker, spinny thingy.

5. Stu Hirst - The Floor
Solid, interesting tune you could play in any set. The flip is proper summery uplifting stuff too!
(stu, have a word with whoevers cutting your vinyl, they couldnt hit the side of a bus with banjo)

6. Prince Quick Mix - Over the Edge
The breaks mix on here is lusherty.

7. Believers - Youll Never Change (Koletzki Mix)
Chunky moodyness, love it.Dave Seamans mix on the flip starts great and just gets
proper gaih at the end.

8. Francesco Farfa - Acidazzo
The name says it all but doesnt hint at the stunningly dirty breakdown in the middle.

9. Smith n Selway - Work It (Deetron Mix)
Love the Smith n Selway stuff and this is no exception.
Proged up techno with a nose bag of funk thrown at it. Bouncey!

10. Bart Van Wissen - In Da House
'Downstairs' is a propper growler with sachrin sweet bleeps over the top.
Going down? Show us your growler!


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