Topic: Free mix CD! - The Zurich Peace Police

Zurich Peace Police - Lost in the Bubble Gun Factory

New CD, looks a bit like this:

more progy than the last one. Free, non profit, full artwork, will post to anywhere in the world, just send us a pm or email.

All feedback, good or bad is most appreciated.

contains trax on: Black Moon, Alternative Route, Fantastic House, Saw, Bug Eyed Records and a few more.

Any music or cake to:

The Zurich Peace Police
Po Box 76
CH28 9AJ


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New techy mix and visuals:

Re: Free mix CD! - The Zurich Peace Police

Tracklist -

1. Martini Bros - SID
2. Slok - Lonely Child (Satoshi Tommie)
3. Livio & Roby - Heads On
4. West London Deep - Tongue Tied
5. Mashtronic - Different Feeling
6. Chris Lake - Changes
7. Atlantic - Dandelion Crush (Bush2Bush)
8. Anton Neumark - Bang and Coke
9. Angel Moon - Irregular Peace
10. Mirabeau - Lazerbeam


New techy mix and visuals: