Topic: Neil Young "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy" 4-cd box set

Hi, In the year 2000 I was given as a gift by my mother a 4-CD box set by Neil Young titled "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy". I recently ran into some financial straights and put the box set up for sale at eBay. The item was removed and I believe that they think that the release is not a legitimate copy or release.

I know that it is a legitimate (not burned or ripped) copy since I have owned it since it has been unwrapped. It has four CDs and a cool booklet enclosed. However, I can't find this CD listed anywhere when I search for Bedrock releases.

Can someone help me figure out what is going on here?



Re: Neil Young "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy" 4-cd box set

This is indeed a bootleg, and a good one too. I had my copy stolen a few years ago. If you are really interested in selling it, drop me a line.