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Is there something wrong with your head, judge jules in 1st place and dave pearce in 5th. The cheese must be dripping of ye.

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Took a while to notice...

I was in fact being SARCASTIC!!! 

God, as if I`d let them bunch of cants go near the top of my list. For my REAL listing

1. Diggers

2. Danny Howells

3. Sander K

4. Parks and Wilson

5. Lee Burridge
Simon Preston -


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1) Danny Tenaglia (as always)

2) John Digweed

3) Chris Fortier

4) Danny Krivit

5) Sasha

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1. The Ginger Ninja

2. Steve 'Peruvian Flake' Lawler

3. Chris Fortier

And although I haven't either play this year, they always deliver...

4. Danny Howells

5. Deep Dish

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In no order

Danny Tenaglia - Outstanding

John Digweed - Consistently amazing

Sander K - Rocked bedrock in June and set the standard for post 3am bedrocks

Randal Jones - Loved his set and his hat

James Zabelia - What the feck is that guy doing to make it sound like that?!?!

Not on my list:

Sasha - getting too far up his own arse again. Don't really like the album that much, is unable to turn up on time, and causes bedrock to be too full.

Creamer - been singing his praises all year and then he does thursday to me. How embaressing.

Me - I can mix cement, but that's about it!



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I hate giving top 5 djs, too many randoms would turn up, id start naming grooverider or andy c, and this is the bedrock listing. so here are some djs that do it for me.

Sasha - for all the beating he takes on this board, he played a great set in new york, a lot less plodding than he plays in the UK. PS benson - I see your point about him filling Bedrock, but are you suggesting BANNING him from playing? or making it members only?

Tenaglia - when he plays 'God made my phunky' in the middle of a tribal set, and then goes on the mike and has a 'name that tune' competition and  starts naming people he hates for ripping off other peoples tracks - well, i dont think thats the sign of anything but an extraordinary dj. And his favorite record to peak a night with? Celeda - Be Yourselffffff.....

Garnier, Coxy, Oakenfold, Billy Nasty, Darren Emmerson etc. - Havnt heard any of that lot in YEARS but Garnier was on form last night.

The DJs in the Griffin - for daring to play there, knowing every other @#%$ in that room has decks and is analysing the truck out of it.

B Yourself



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Thanks for your votes