Topic: Bombis004 "The CuCkLeD EP" Out April 7th

Already gaining reviews in Traffic Magazine and the "Da Electron Cuckoo" is on the new edition of CD Pool Underground! ! !

Releasing 7th April in all good stores comes . . . . .
Dave Brennan & Paul Donton

"The CuCkLeD EP"

A: Mentaloid (Bombled in your Mind)
B: Da Electron Cuckoo

Look who comes out of their dark creepy spooky studio and return with another Bombis Release?
You guessed it....

The 2 crazy Bombis Masteros of course....

After their Trips to Mangloid and the emotional Bombasm Bubble comes 2 more electronic tracks representing even more elements of "Bombliss" than before.
It surely does look like these two are on fire at the moment creating such variety.
Deep with different interpretations making the journey to the darker realms of another Bomble moment which is  a different route unimaginable.
Another Bomblistic moment for sure is your reward......

Just some of the Reactions and those who are being Cuckoooooooood! ! ! !

Mr C, Dave Mothersole, Corrie as well as a whole host of others are big fans of this...... Here's what some have had to say about it.

DJ Aldrin "Mentaloid is really dark and mindf**king!, and Da electron Cuckoo is just as dark with nice percussion Nice one!"

Paul Stubbs (Swag) "Twisted, Tough Tech House with bells, effects and  the madness of that Crazy Cuckoo.

Colin Dale "Both wicked tracks already in the box"

Tyler Stadius "DaElectronCukoo" is a bit of a monster. Kind of dark but slams. Love all the cowbells & rhythms.

Murray Richardson - "like the sound of the DA ELECTRON CUKKOO track,,,mad track that will work the floor well..."

Chloe Harris - da electron cuckoo is wicked,i'll play it defo groovy funky techy and weird all in one.


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