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Anyone know anything about the fabeled Virtua Trancer?  The one that is from the soundtrack of the movie groove?  I am able to download it, but I can't even find any info on it to see if it exists as vinyl.  Is it really a digweed track?  Or is it the group virtua trancer?  If so whats the track name?  Thanks for any help.  Happy Holidays.   smile

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after searching long and hard I have found all your answers....

in the actual movie the, record that is on the turntable says "virtua trancer- deep fear/third sight on XTC recordings" but the track that is being played over it is actually "POD featuring DJ Patrick Reid- Blue bottle' and I belive that it is out on platipus"

so there you go- that should be all you need, if its not let me know and maybe I'll search a little never know

untill next time.....

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Hmm can you share where you got this info?  I have been able to download other virtua trancer stuff and the production sounds similar to the song.  Thanks for the tips though.  smile

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You don't mean POD the band?  Maybe POB?  POB is a major producer on platipus, and he also did the mix of heaven scent that is the movie.  Baked?  smile

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actually  that  is the  original  mix  of heaven scent in the movie, not  the pob mix,  which was released on the original unmixed bedrock cd with all the older bedrock releases.

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POB- thats what I meant!  :oops: