Topic: Tonight = Launch night

I'm off to check this out tonight, anyone else out in Soho tonight??


Sugar @ Waikiki: 28 Frith Street, Soho - Every Friday


5 pm till 12pm (Food is available for those who didn't have time - Thai/Oriental)

Music Supplied @ Waikiki by Sugar DJ:

James Jackson(Sugar)

Sugar @ Waikiki is on Every Friday and is creating the best pre-club venues in the West End and Soho


Re: Tonight = Launch night

i'm off to 'Livewire' on Upper St

-launch of the old Marquee club

no idea what it'll be like but Norman "D'you know what makes this club special? ...You!" Jay is on for a set which should be a right laugh! 

useful to have sthg like that in Soho tho - noted thanks!




Re: Tonight = Launch night

I know, don't often to get out in Soho, normally get stuck in the city, this should be good.

Re: Tonight = Launch night

yeah - easy to get stuck near work

-working out in Docklands generally have to get off my arse to do anything which is prob a good thing!

d'you get up to Shoreditch much?

finding more and more stuff there good for a cheeky mid-weeker or pre-club

saw marshall jefferson at medicine a few weeks ago and at the pool on wed and a cracking little night downstairs with some funky house dj playing