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Pre WMC promo set!A big thanks to-JKAr,Matt&Lu for the hook ups,Mark Young, Lee Pennington, Ronan S.,Terry, Dibby,Thee-O, Xaric, Norman,Jakt,Ant Brooks and Joe Sweeney! … -73987.mp3

JKar-"White Night"(Luallan Cardona&Matt Balzan)
Mark Young-"Without  A Trace"
Mark Young-"A Deeper Hole"
Andy Chatter-"Jets"
Ronan S.-"Womanimal"(Terry Brookshire)
Danny-"Is A Quaser"(Lee Pennington)
Curious George-"No Ones Going To Hear This"
Ant Brooks-"Control"
Ant Brooks-"Vice"
Thee-O&Huggie-"Don't Fake"
Thee-O-"Losing My Mind"
Jakt-"Big Ballin"
Boombatcha-"Bring It On"(Daniel Mehers)

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thx a lot my friend !! smile

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No, thanks you sir!! You are very welcome! Keep em coming!


The new Bedrock shirts make me dizzy when looking at the B!

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nice work Jesse