Topic: M&D Substance 'Organist' support: Dubfire, Eelke Kleijn- out now

M&D Substance - 'Organist' (Kris B v Nosmo, Camilo, Jason Killgore, Channel Surfer mixes) - Nightshade Limited
Featured release: exclusively at Beaport  (available worldwide April 10th)
support: Dubfire, Sean Tyas, Joop, Dumb Dan, Mashtronic, Flash Brothers, Matt Rowan, Martin Garcia, Fred Numf

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audio clips:
M&D Substance - Organist (Kris B v Nosmo remix)
M&D Substance - Organist (original mix)
M&D Substance - Organist (Camilo remix)
M&D Substance - Organist (Jason Killgore remix)
M&D Substance - Organist (Channel surfer Trance mix)

Next on Nightshade Limited, we bring you a fine piece of melodic progressive from Lithuania's M&D Substance. The original mix is housey beats and pumpin progressive bass, layered with driving chords spacy harmonics and dissonent bells for a superb melodic structure. Kris B v Nosmo (Global Underground, Armada) took a melodic techno approach, taking inspiration from Tiger Stripes & Sasha, big techy beats flow into a deep hypnotic triplet melody, and come to a halt once the bass drops big. hints of the original bells bend and swirl over huge dynamics throughout. Camilo took a more stripped down, techy progressive approach, highlighting the original melodies, adding lush strings to the break. Channel Surfer (Armada) capitalized on the dramatic progression of the original, and took it a few steps further with his trance remix, builds, rushes, and even and old school 303 in this peak time trance mix. Jason Killgore rounds out this package, with a glitchy, bass driven progressive mix, adding an extra layer of snarl and grit.

"10/10" - Dubfire

"Excellent" - Sean Tyas

"really enjoying the Kris B and Nosmo mix here. Just a great mix of housey beats but lot's deepness in the background. Love it!"
- Matt Rowan (Australia)[/b]

"Original mix is top quality progressive track, in our bag!"
- Flash Brothers[/b]

"wicked original! will play!"
- Daniel Lindeberg (Dumb Dan)

"Great remix from Kris B v Nosmo. Also digging the original one."
- Cid Inc (Mashtronic) (Finland)

"LOVE the M&D Substance - Organist- Nightshade Music!!!! Cool shit!  Also Kris B v Nosmo remix, good one:)  Good release!"

"kris b & nosmo mix is wicked once again smile"
- Eelke Kleijn

"Original is dark with just enough warmth to keep it interesting, great build in the break as well. K&N funk it up a notch while keeping the feel of the original."
- Medway (UK)

"Original is a bomb, full support."
- Fred Numf

"Cool sounds and production"
- Mike Hiratzka (USA)

"Charted the Kris B v Nosmo remix for February, will be supporting this during warmup sets. Channel Surfer mix is not my style but you can tell a lot of time and effort went into it."
- Darin Epsilon (USA)

"very good music here. each song is interesting but i like kris b and nosmos's. very deep groover and camillos has a nice old school kasey taylor vibe but updated."
- Chloe Harris (USA)

"Kris B & Nosmo is the one here, nice deep techy hypnotic sound"
- Sasha Le Monnier (UK)

"Great release, Like it alot"
- Andy Newland (UK)

"Thanks for the promo. Full support for these!!!"
- Virus J aka Justin C (Pro-duce Records, Pacha Vilnius, ZIP FM, Lithuania)

"Loving the Original Mix here...and of course, what would I do without Kris B and Nosmo's remixes...serious I dont think they do anything wrong."
- Dj Samer (Evrydaydowners)

"Kris B & Nosmo remix is ace. I love the atmospheric mood it builds into and the groove is so hypnotic. Amazing remix."
- Luke Porter

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coming soon:
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also available free at itunes (search for Kris B or Nosmo)

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