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Dopefish 'Big Bad Wolf EP'

Label: Y4K Rec. (uk) Y4K022
Release date: 23 MARCH 09
Vinyl / Digital

01. Dopefish "Big Bad Wolf" (original mix)
02. Dopefish "Swim Swim Hungry"
03. Dopefish "Big Bad Wolf" (Scott Cooper remix)
04. Dopefish "Big Bad Wolf" (Juttla remix)

Listen the whole EP here :

[i]"Dopefish lets rip with sets that incorporate everything from breaks, house and electro to baile funk, hip-hop, Miami bass and grime/dubstep . - This, his UK debut ep for Y4K combines kick ass bass pressure with anarchic art rave sensibilities, plundering his vinyl collection old and new for bite size chunks of classic hardcore, funk and rap, tying it all together with slamming 4/4 rhythms and system shredding bass lines.