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Human8 - Monument EP (Available from now @ Beatport, Juno, Track It Down)

This release can be interresting for those who like the melodic tech house. Monument is a real techy tune with a funky grooves and a very nice breakdown. The Retroid Remix turned out in much more progressive way with nice pads and straight beats. Parrket made a very different mix from the original. His remix is also techy and chunky. Finally you can find another original track on this EP, with some nice and well known melodies at the breakdown, its called Take On Me.

DJ support from Micah, Stefan Anion, Joel Armstrong, Kenneth Thomas, Suzy Solar, Rex and many more.


01 Human8 - Monument (Original Mix)
02 Human8 - Monument (Retroid 7th Wonder Mix)
03 Human8 - Monument (Parrket Clustechord Mix)
04 Human8 & Dawe - Take On Me (Original Mix)


Kenneth Thomas "Original is nice, Parrket remix is SICK. This release sounds great thus far! "
Stefan Anion "Parrket Chlusterchord Mix is the business. "
Joel Armstrong "Digging the Human8 Originals best"
Micah "Both originals are cool, I don't know if I'll play take on me, but Monument for sure! "
Luke Porter "Really nice release, especially Take On Me."
Suzy Solar "The original mix is my absolute favourite here, amazing progressive breaks!"
Darin Epsilon "My favourite is Retroid remix, nice progbreaks track!"
Shane "for me the 03 Human8 - Monument (Parrket Clustechord Mix)!! Will play at the WMC on Thursday in Miami"
Dave Horne "Brilliant! Love the Retroid 7th Wonder Mix of Monument "
Hyline "Take on me is the hot pick here for me"
James Warren "Retroid remix is the best for me. A polished affair with nice use of the original melody. Good drive and energy"
Jacco@Work "All tracks are ace. Especially the Retroid Remix and Parrket Clusterchord Remix of Monument."
Style Clash "The Retroid remix is my fav, will test it out in my sets"
Sasha Le Monnier "super stuff and charting in March charts"
DJ Slang "Parrket and Retroid did a great remixes! Will support both."


MORPH033 Parrket - Use The Fuckin Crystal
(Incl. Lank, Ogi Gee Cash & Dimiz, Retroid)

MORPH034 Kamakura ENV - Bounce EP
(Incl. DJ Shinobi, Zolend)


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