Topic: prog vs techno special....

hello people, thought i'd put this wee 1hr mix on the board for you all to enjoy..

it builds up nicely and also starts with a shorty cheeky sample... wink


    Applescal - Immensely Beautiful Laugh ( Original Mix ).. Traum Records

2. Itamar Sagi - One Million Oaks ( Funk D'Void Remix ).. Soma Recordings

3. Milton Jackson - Crash ( Lovebirds Remix ).. Freerange Records

4. Soundexile feat. Jorge + Maria Pensi - Calling You ( Baudelaire Remix )..
    Noizen Records

5. Dop - The Genius Of The Crowd ( Guy Gerber's Hemlock Remix )..
    Supplement Facts

6. Glimpse - Drifting ( C2 Deep Mix ).. Planet E Communications

7. Cesaria Evora - Angola ( Carl Craig Remix ).. Lusafrica Records

8. DJ. T + Thomas Schumacher - Lower Instincts ( Original Mix )..
    Get Physical Music

9. Telefon Tel Aviv - The Worst Thing In The World
    ( Gaiser's Possibly The Universe Remix ).. Bpitch Records

10. Gavin Herlihy - Watch Ya Feet ( Ewan Pearson Remix ).. Leftroom Limited

11. Pete Heller - Sabotage ( Original Mix ).. Bedrock Records

the mix can be streamed or downloaded at 320kbps and comes in at just under 1hr!!

hope you all enjoy it and i'd love to hear some serious feedback etc etc.. … _vs_techno


Re: prog vs techno special....

lol @ sample.....nice one, enjoyed the mix.

Re: prog vs techno special....

jackdaniels wrote:

lol @ sample.....nice one, enjoyed the mix.

glad you liked it ( mix and sample ).. smile