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Parrket - Fuckin Use The Crystal (Available from now @ Beatport, Juno)

Mladen Glavinic aka Parrket is a very talented producer and dj from Croatia. He made recently a remix for the rising star Cid Inc and you could have met with his work on our previous release. Fuckin Use The Crystal is a very energetic prog / electro house with powerfull synth chords and chunky beats. The first remix come from Lank, who is a Hungarian rising star and i think no needed to introduce him. His remix is very different from the original. Deeper and darker, it can be nice in a warmup set. Ogi Gee Cash and Dimiz's remix turned out more trancier and it is similar to the original. Retroid programmed some very nice beats and synths in his progbreaks remix. It is very energetic and definitely for the dancefloor. This release is also highly recommend to cause some heavy damage in the clubs

DJ support from Matt Darey, Greg Benz, Miss Nine, Luke Porter, Suzy Solar, Stefan Anion and many more.

Genre: Progressive House, Breaks
Release Date: 04-06-2009
Format: Digital

01 Parrket - Fuckin Use The Crystal (Original Mix)
02 Parrket - Fuckin Use The Crystal (Lank Remix)
03 Parrket - Fuckin Use The Crystal (Ogi Gee Cash & Dimiz Remix)
04 Parrket - Fuckin Use The Crystal (Retroid Remix)


Greg Benz "Loving the Lank Remix! wicked groove "
Sasha Stepanov "Good for Nocturnal radio show with Matt Darey"
Stefan Anion "Fuckin Dope! Lovin the original and Lank Remix "
Micah Lukasewich "original is wicked for the club, but I like Lank's subtle yet funky mix the best"
Miss Nine "Great Release. Support. Original & Retroid rmx for me"
Luke Porter "Love the Lank mix, hypnotic bassline"
Suzy Solar "Great track, lots of energy! I will be supporting the Original Mix"
Wavewhore "Nice release"
Darin Epsilon "The Lank Remix is definitely my favorite.  Really digging that steady groove."
Mr No Hands "awesome release, top stuff, fav is lank remix."
Kenny Substance "Retroid + Lank mixes for me. Both of these mixes rocks!"
Hyline "Lank Remix is a good groover & Retroid kicks me "
James Warren "Top stuff. Really digging this release "
Embliss "Phat stuff. All mixes are really solid, but the Lank remix really does it for me! "
Jacco@Work "OMG. Fingerlicking superb stuff."
Steve Graham "another great bangin release, loving what Lank is putting out lately and the original absolutely rocks!"
Sasha Le Monnier "Loving the solid vibe to the Oiginal, also the lank remix is tasty and fat as always! then Ogi Gee & Dimiz pull of the tough sound...great package!"
DJ Slang "Lank is the man! Another outstanding work from this great producer. Glad to see and hear him on Morphosis!"


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