Topic: [Out Now] DEE KEEPERS - Round 1 EP [Low Pressings]

A. All Night
B. The Killer
C. Nova Disco … round_1_ep


Anthony Pappa: All 3 tracks are very cool and l like them. My favourite track is "The Killer".
Hernan Cattaneo:All nite sounds good.
DJCHUS:Very nice EP, welcome back LP!
Pablo Ceballos (Chus & Ceballos):I Love All Nite! It will be one of my Miami tracks this year.
Nick Warren:Great house music as always from Low Pressings.
Matt Rowan:All nite is awesome. Really cool tune and I look forward to playing it.
Dan Mangan:Three absolute burners - great ep. killer is my fave at a glance but this may change. thanx.
Ricky Ryan:The killer is wicked!! twisted and hipnotic, proper funk! Nova Disco sounds nice, powerful and melodic & All Nite is very cool stuff!! full support on this release smile) always class from hc and ld.
Lucas Abadi:Great debut EP guys! Solid productions, loving the sound of all three of them.
Festa Bros:Hey thanks for the promo!! I support all EP..."other good Low

Hernan Cerbello
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