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Robosapiens - Robots / Digital Base - White Line (Robosapiens Re-Write) [DF15]
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Don't call it a comeback.

Originally worked out as a trade off between Dead Famous and iBreaks, Dead Famous label head honchos, the Robosapiens took the daunting task of re-writing Digital Base's "White Line". The original is absolute Digital Base tech-funkery, and the 'Sapiens have taken that vibe, and completely run it through their own personal acid grinder.  Driven by a dark and dirty vibe, White Line takes the listener on a journey that is 100% pure Dead Famous - twisted, mental, and more acid than done at a festival in Summer. This is definitely something for those that like their vibe mangled.

The flip sees the Robosapiens deliver their first new original tune in quite a while. Robots, while very typical of the quality and vibe that you would expect from Jamie and Steve, dwelves into a thicker territory than you would normally expect. A completely fat bassline drives this monster,  taking twists and turns down the dark alleyways from your mind to your feet.  This is one of those tunes that when you hear on a big system, will blow your mind. Literally.

We are excited to kick off 2009 with a bang, and think this release will do just that. Watch this space for new and exciting slabs of techfunkery from loads of artists you might not expect from Dead Famous. Next month's release - Fisso & Spark - You are Right, with remixes from Andrea Lai, Eshericks, Luqas, Wasabi, and Hyx.

Cheers all, and yes, I know it's mislabled on beatport, and will be fixed today.


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