Topic: Eelke Kleijn - That Night [PROTON0087]
01:Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
02:Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Add2Basket Remix) [Proton Music]
03:Eelke Kleijn - The Night (KiloWatts Day Mix) [Proton Music]
04:Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Pablo Bolivar Atom Remake) [Proton Music]
05:Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Jimmy Hill Remix) [Proton Music]
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The new single on Proton Music is the first from Eelke Kleijn on the label. Eelke, who needs no introduction, helms Outside The Box Music and is one of the few producers deemed worthy enough to release a full artist album on GU Music. He has firmly put down roots in the progressive house scene where he's become a leader in a short amount of time, thanks to his great taste in music as a DJ and excellent production & song writing skills in the studio.

"The Night" includes the well-known Eelke Kleijn atmospheric synth stabs,  funky grooves, and a lovely bassline that makes this track a great opener for a single which has 4 different remixers on board.

The first might sound familiar to you and Proton Radio's listeners; it's Add2Basket who also runs his own progressive house label under the same name. A cool themed riff and great background sine melodies are the highlights of this remix, which also is a little more minimal percussion wise.

KiloWatts from the US, who also works with the Thoughtless and Harmonious Discord labels, quickly sets the mood in his remix with amazing synth work, and the overall atmosphere is maintained by various melodies and heavy beats.

Spanish Pablo Bolivar delivers a thrilling "Atom Remake" with a good deal of various melody layers that unite beautifully; this is something deep house fans will appreciate.

Finally, Jimmy Hill, who does a lot of production work with Steve Lawler, provides a dirty remix with more rough elements; both synth and beat wise.

"The Night" is released exclusively on Beatport May 6th.