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We are proud to present another of our "homegrown" releases, this time from label honcho and studio rat extraordinaire, John Dalagelis. Not content with being one of the main creative forces and brains behind the Dieb "opearation", John has found time to drop an absolute bomb of debut on the label here with an intricate, intelligent and very funky piece of modern electronic house that is sure to cause commotion on many a dancefloor, for wide variety of DJ.

In true Dieb fashion, we've gone all out on our selection of remixers once again, and first up is the inimitable Nacho Marco who brings his impeccable and renowned production skills on board to create an awesome deep house interpretation by layering the original chord stabs over an infectious bass groove.

Next up we've drafted in another of our German buddies, Harald Aufmuth, whom most will know as the always on form minimal/tech house hero Harada. His reputation for high quality studio productions (both original and remixed) has been well documented on a variety of many of the industry's top labels and they have been heavily supported by the world's top DJ's. In this instance, he creates a repetitive and hooky groove around the chord pattern, while engineering one of his signature, sparse-yet-functional rhythm arrangements.

Last, but not least by any stretch of the imagination, we have delivered a knockout of sorts, and polished off this release with a stunning, slightly more peaktime mix courtesy of legendary house hero, Ananda project. Having produced and remixed classic records, and having conquered underground dancefloors to mainstream airwaves Chris Brann (as he's less commonly known), joins the Dieb fold with a top notch house workout of the highest order.

A top quality package all in all, if we do say so ourselves. We are extremely lucky and happy to have attracted such a wide variety of talent to work on this release and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed crafting it.



* Sasha: Ananda Project mix is ace!

* Josh Wink: Deep & chuggy. Like the nacho remix the best in the ep. thanks

* Carl Cox: Great funky house for the now generation, all mixes are very very cool. Love it.

* Laurent Garnier: I like the original mix best will play for sure

* Mark Knight: Ananda Project and Nacho Marco mixes hit the spot baby!!!!!

* Gabriel Ananda: Really nice music!

* Hernan Cattaneo: Really good stuff original mix for me nacho and harada mixes too

* Dubfire: Original mix 10/10

* Deepchild (Get Physical): The originals FAR outshine the remixes, hands- down! Damn fine stuff, A-Grade shizzle. Originals are just so finessed and thoughtful; exciting to hear something really head-turning again. BAM!

* DJ Sender (Send Rec., DJmag UA): Great release! supporting track in all my sets!

* Sven Joger (Raveline): to be reviewed

* Claude Von Stroke: i like the harada remix

* Nick Warren: Fantastic selection of mixes with Ananda projects mix just coming out on top

* DJ Yellow: Nacho is on fire ... love all is doing .. my man from spain ... big support... great pack

* Pig and Dan: Loving the Asio Harada DUB mix. Sweet as a nut

* Osamu M: Nacho marco remix is the one, full support

* D Ramirez: This is really nice tekky deep house. I love the rolling feel to the groove of the original mixes. Great package

* Funk D Void: Great Ananda remix. Huge sound!!

* Gomez (Werd / San Fransisco): great nacho marco mix. top stuff, harada mix is the runner up, pretty close too!

* Patch Park: Original Mix and Alternate Mix are both so goood! Really nice!

* Sander Kleinenberg: nice release smile

* Nacho Marco: So happy to be aboard this project. Dieb Audio is becoming one of my top labels at the moment, wheter house or techno, all releases are good to me. Loving original and remixes, specially the one by Ananda Project.

* Nils Nurnberg (8bit / Dieb Audio): this is definitely a WOW-package! both original versions are awesome, nacho marco rmx and harada remix right up my street! thx for sending this! great release!

* Luke Fair: Love the Ananda Project mix!

* Omar Neri (Presslaboys): Dalagelis is a real talent!! First of all i think is a really complete release under all point of view genres talking. Alternate mix is very good, But Ananda for our gig is the best

* Christopher Colak (Dinamo 103.8 FM Istanbul): Dieb is going tough! This release is fantastic and the remixes are form really good artists. I dig this EP.

* Remy: The Alternate mix for me :-)

* Matthew Hoag: Hello people, great new release on Dieb, love the original of it, also the alternate mix kicks asses.

* Kreon: Thnx for the promos...Nacho marco's rmx stands out for me,will play!!!

* Chris Fortier: original mixes my favs

* Florian Kruse (Dieb Audio / Urban Torque / Om Records): An Absolutely MASSIVE package!!! Playable on every dancefloor. John - Your Original is ACE and I would say: PERFECT ...but the other guys did a good job as well!

* Steve Parry (The Red Zone - Juice 107.6 FM): Some cool mixes, all are playable

* Liubo Ursiny (Sky Room - Radio Nova 101.7): Strong package with the whole tracks! Original and Ananda and Nacho Marco and Harada! They all have great groove! Full support, all favorites!

* Dennis Ruyer (Dance Dept. Holland): nice package, love the original mix! will play this in Dance Department and out there..

* Oliver Moldan: very into this one...harada remix is my winner

* Mike Callander: Loving John's original and alternate mix. Will play, and play, and play. Thanks again.

* Gary Beck (Soma): haradas dub edit is my fav here, thanks

* Sandrino (Lemon Popsicle): great package you sent! i like the harada and nacho marco remix, but the one i love is the alternate remix. will play this out..thanx!

* Mick Newman: Fucking SOLID release. Great!!! Harada does it for me.


* Markantonio: hello love the two remix of Hadra full support markantonio

* Chus (Chus & Ceballos): good Work!! I like the Harada mixes. thanks for the promo

* Kazell: All the mixes are solid, my favorite being the original. Its nice to See Chris Brann on here giving a different spin on things. Top stuff as usual

* Einmusik: the harada remix

* Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul): good to see that great ananda project is back in business. but is nacho marco who is in the lead here. big remix, nacho! also like harada mixes.

* Parham (Unfokused): Cool release, Ananda Project gives the original the little extra. Summer vibes.

* Aldrin: Really liking the original , nice deep phat groove! Harada remixes are also great minimal groove and hook.

* Slacker: liking the ananda mix

* James Talk: harada mixes are nice!

* Jamie McHugh: Harada Dub for me - thanks for sending :-)

* Scope: Nice release.. Ananda Project & Nacho mixes for me!!

* The Scumfrog: Love the Harada mixes! Ace!!!

* Peter (16 Bit Lolitas): Like the Harada Dub.

* Will (Dancetripping TV): original and ananda mixes doing it for me

* TG (Tim Green): love the original and nacho marco remix. Great chunkyness to them!!

* Gel Abril: ananda project mix is reallyt cool melodic track will play out tnx!

* Jeff Samuel (Trapez): solid release, i like the original and alternate mixes.

* Omid 16B: love all mixes and all covering slight shades of house ...good release !!!

* Satoshi Fumi: thanks for sending.i love Nacho is fit my set:)CLASS!

* Estroe: I think the Harada remix is the deepest track of the release and it appeals to me the most. Will try it out in my sets, Goodluck with the release!

* Scott Bradford (Lexicon Avenue): will play original and nacho marco mix

* Simon (Simon and Shaker): Original's for me. Great job! Also diggin' the Nacho's mix.

* Russ (IDJ Mag): A nice range of mixes... liking the Original, Harada AND Nacho Marco!

* Phil K: thanks for the links!!Johns alternate mix ang harada are faves!

* Davide Squillace: thumbs up for asio original

* Simon (Progressive Sounds): Dieb continues a solid run of releases with this latest offering from one of the Dalagelis brothers. The original version of Asio is a subliminal piece of electronic house, complimented by an incredible Ananda Project version and contributions from the ever reliable Harada and Nacho Marco.

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Re: John Dalagelis - Asio - Dieb Audio (Ananda Project, Nacho Marco rmxs)

love the harada dub edit mix. nice and deep.

seems all the remixes are strong on this though

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Re: John Dalagelis - Asio - Dieb Audio (Ananda Project, Nacho Marco rmxs)

great choice of mixes....loving the ananda project mix for it's feel good vibe

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Re: John Dalagelis - Asio - Dieb Audio (Ananda Project, Nacho Marco rmxs)

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