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Tonight we welcome the one and only Joey Beltram to headline proceedings. With heavyweight support from Gallery main man Tall Paul and one of our favourite sons of techno Fergie as well as Gallery residents Gavyn Mytchel and The Viceroy this is set to be another trademark Gallery experience. Fusing several genres with our usual progression across the night the utterly amazing Box at Ministry of Sound will be transformed into a typical Gallery sonic journey. With the ever welcome Berwick Street Sessions and headliner Spooky and resident boy wonder Timo Garcia playing an extended 4 hour set this one is going to be a goodie!!! 
Joey Beltram is a dj hard to describe in soundbytes and genres. He of course gave the world

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Fergie provides 60 mins of his biggest and best Excentric stuff for The Gallery Podcast ahead of this Friday




1. Morning Mr Garcia, how does The Gallery find you today?
In an great mood thanks mate... had a weekend in the studio working some amazing new vocals from Amber Jolene over one of the tracks off my album ready for it's single release this summer.

2. You are playing this coming Friday at The Gallery at Ministry of Sound for your very own Berwick Street Sessions party in the bar. For those who may not know tell us a bit about it?
We've been throwing label parties since our first release and launch party almost four years ago back in the summer of 2005. Having moved around a few of London's key venues we finally found an amazing home for our nights last year when the Gallery moved from Turnmills to Ministry of Sound. Hosting the Bar at Ministry for you guys is always a pleasure and a great opportunity to showcase Berwick Street artists. Over the last year we've had the likes of Lutzenkirchen, Swen Weber, Kenny Hawkes, Ricky Stone, Eric Kupper and Smokin Jo's TRNSSTR project all come down and perform and promote their releases on the label. This weekend we'll be celebrating the release of my rather long awaited debut artist album and the exciting thing is that Joey Beltram who used my 'Ground Control' track on his latest CD compilation album is headlining the Box on the night too!

3. You are also launching your debut artist album, give us the lowdown on it?
It took a while but i finally got around to it! After so many collaborations i thought it was about time i locked myself up in the studio on my own to try and hone my sound and come up with my first solo album Wonderlust Bug. I wanted also to explore some deeper sounds in the studio too and concentrate less on the dancefloor but more on textures and melody. Which i hope means people can enjoy the album from start to finish on headphones, in the car, living room or even the bath tub... as well as a few tracks in the club! So the album which is blended to make it a more interesting listen goes from around 120 bpm deep house through some faster techy sounds all the way to the penultimate track with is a 128bpm big room club track. With the final track being a full on downtempo chillout song with Amber Jolene singing about hangovers, love and regret... So pretty much like a DJ set and night out should progress from start to finish!

4. What else have you got planned in the coming months?
Im working on a remix album project for the Wonderlust Bug LP. Some massive remixes coming back at the moment from DJ Pierre, Onionz, Eric Kupper, Justin Harris, Shifter & Carvell, Ruben Keeney, Kid Blue, Timmy Steward, Akashik 11 and quite a few more names.
Plus we've got a follow up EP from Smokin Jo's TRNSSTR project coming up soon.

5. Which three tunes are currently doing it for you in your dj sets?
Louis Vega vs DJ Pierre - Da Jungle is massive for me at the moment.. remixes are about to from Gene Farris, Pierre Deutschmann and yours truely!
Smokin Jo presents TRNSSTR - Not a Poem / Ravedigger (Coming soon)
Yousef - Birthday Thoughts (Yankee Zulu remix) OUT NOW!

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