Topic: echomen 14/06/02

Can anyone help me id the second track on this mix.

On the site it has it as shuffle inc - remember new york. I just wanted to check which mix of this tune it is, or whether its the original? I would really like to get a copy on mp3 cos its a mint tune. The only version I can find on soulseek is the lexicon avenue mix which isnt as good.

Can anyone help?


Re: echomen 14/06/02

I think there are two Lexicon Avenue mixes of Shuffle Inc - Remember New York. At a rough guess it's one of them as I think that Lexicon Ave and Echomen are one and the same...


Re: echomen 14/06/02

wouldn't mind a full track listing if anyone knows.... roll

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Re: echomen 14/06/02

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Re: echomen 14/06/02

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Re: echomen 14/06/02

If you get the idea and tracked it down do let us know about your findings.