Topic: Dirty Mongrel - Ring Decay EP :: OUT NOW ::
Dirty Mongrel is the production pseudonym of globally recognized producer, Glenn Morrison. Not content with hitting the heights of achieving number one spot at Beatpor, remixing The Pet Shop Boys and signing singles to labels including Armada, Positiva, Perfecto and Poker Flat, Glenn has set up the Dirty Mongrel project to provide an alternative outlet for his plentiful productions

Ring Decay is a captivating record. From the signature deep, throbbing bass to the melodic refrains that stretch out through its length this is an epic track packed with tense atmosphere and hypnotic qualities perfect built for long-haul sets.

Flight To Melbourne carries on the epic theme of the EP but chooses to go down a minimised, darker path. With a tougher edge and padding out a subtle tech house rhythm the cut is laced jittery stabs and subtle, dynamic effects.

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