Topic: Proton GT 01 [PROTON0091]

01:Chris Nemmo - Randomizer (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
02:Cid Inc - Shake Before Use (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
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Proton presents a new series called "Proton GT" that will feature only the most talented and best-selling producers on the label. The first release comes from two well-known progressive artists: Chris Nemmo and Cid Inc, who are both Beatport Progressive House top 100 best-sellers. Greece & UK resident Chris Nemmo's tracks have been released on labels such as Klik, Restart, Tilth, and Vapourise, and DJ support includes Kosmas Epsilon, Miss Nine, and Roger Martinez among others. Finnish Cid Inc's tracks have also had great DJ support, including Francesco Pico, Paul Keeley, Derek Howell, and Jaytech, and his tracks have been released on labels including Balkan Connection (a Proton sublabel), Dyami, Global Underground, and Inkfish.

Chris Nemmo's "Randomizer" features an incredibly funky bassline that works really well with the just as funky and groovy beat. Distinct and mesmerizing synth lines with cool melodies along with deep stabs constitute a unique, melodic groove with great hit potential; perfect to get the dance floor moving.

"Shake Before Use" from Cid Inc is a little more deep and pounding; the beat is incredibly strong, and the rolling bassline underneath evolves into a techy monster that adds a great amount of energy to the track. The sidechained pads and various euphoric synth layers are just as energetic and goose bump generating, and new layers just keep appearing. With this energy, this is great as a peak-hour track.

Here's what some DJs have been saying about the first Proton GT:

"Love the Cid Inc number." Nick Warren (Global Underground, Hope)
"The Chris Nemmo track is amazing, will definitely be playing it." Royal Sapien (Fade, Frisky)
"Cid Inc track is the best." Miss Nine (Armada, Harem, Yoshitoshi)
"Cool tracks, pure energy here!" Lank (Boz Boz)
"Cid Inc is the one for me, good job." Magitman (Twisted Frequency, Tribal Vision)
"Nice ones." Soliquid (Baroque)
"Both tracks are quality and I'll be supporting for sure." Matt Rowan (Hope, Curvve)
"Good drive, good give. Enjoyable dancefloor stuff." C-Jay (The Sessions)
"Randomizer gets me with it's melody and groove. Great vibe!" Rhythm Code
"Both tracks are really great!" Mango (Mango Alley)
"Sounds great." Jaytech (Armada)
"Nice tracks, good production." Stel (Audiotherapy, Dieb Audio)

Look for Proton GT 01 on Beatportstarting July 01.